Popular Stag Destinations, This Time Edinburgh

No matter how you get up or down to Edinburgh you are assured of a fantastic stag weekend.

The nightlife in Edinburgh is certainly a massive attraction. Explore the Grassmarkets for great bars and restaurants, the West End for amazing clubs and around The Royal Mile for fantastic pubs.

Head to the highlands for the best white water rafting in the UK, or try out Cliff Jumping to get a true adrenalin rush.

Also available in and around Edinburgh are Whisky Distillery Tours, Honda Pilots, Rage Buggies, Paintball, Quad Biking and the unique Highland Games.

In my opinion Edinburgh is an amazing stag destination and whilst you and your mates are all getting married make sure one stag weekend is in Edinburgh.

Another Stag Do For Charity

We love good news stag do stories and love to spread the word on how amazing most of the British stags really are.

Andy Bond of High Green had no ordinary stag do, he drove with three of his pals in an old banger from Sheffield to Benidorm dressed as characters from Starsky and Hutch.

The amazing bit is they managed to raise more than £2k for the Macmillan and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston.

Andy, a production engineer married bride Kate Miller advised a local newspaper reporter “I do enjoy a good night out but I wanted to do something different”.

“It’s something I have always wanted to do and getting married is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I thought this could be another” he added.

The three pals who accompanied him to Benidorm in a 16 year old Vauxhall Astra included his brother Richard Bond, Paul Haresign and David Neil.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish Andy and Katie all the luck in the world and to the other three guys, we applaud you.

Indoor Karting A Perfect Stag Activity For Any Weather

All you have to do is look outside your window and it feels like it’s been raining for months, it’s only been weeks, I promised.

However, if you don’t like getting wet on your stag do then indoor karting is the perfect stag activity.

Depending on which track you go to you usually find over 10 karts racing head to head with onboard computers giving fastest lap, average speed and number of laps data – so there’s no cheating!

Most tracks also run heats, with semi finals and a final for winners and losers so you’ll get the full podium finish with bubbly and possibly a load of banter from the other stag party members.

Indoor karting is a great stag activity whatever the weather, a stag do is also a great place for competitive soles to get their competition fix.

Popular Stag Destinations – Bristol

We are now heading West Country in our Popular / Top Stag Destinations series to the Capital, Bristol, a very popular stag destination with awesome nightlife.

It also has some fantastic unique stag activities including Cider Tasting and the very popular West Country Games.

Where else in the world would sports like Welly Wanging, Pitchfork Duel and Wurzel Knockout be so at home?

Bristol also has a fantastic activity site approximately 20 minutes drive from the centre offering stag favourites such as Rage Buggies, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Quad Biking etc.

Then there’s the nightlife; amazing bars, banging clubs and really cool restaurants are all at your disposal if you choose Bristol for your next stag do destination.

Try the Bristol Bierkeller for some tongue in cheek fun or head to Oceana for 3 floors of disco action.

With so much on offer you can see why Bristol has become such an extremely popular stag destination.

Rugby Star On Barcelona Stag Do

Ben Foden, an English rugby star has been pictured in a strip club by a daily tabloid on a stag do in Barcelona, in less clothes then he walked in with.

Even though he didn’t do anything wrong or illegal this has made big news.

I agree that he is an inspiration and possibly a role model to the youth but I also think that this is his one and only stag do, and should be both kept away from the press and public eye.

I don’t think he will be in any trouble with the England boss or his future wife as according to this tabloid it was all just a bit of fun.

Ben Foden is due to marry Una Healy from the girl band The Saturdays in the next couple of weeks.

We would like to wish Ben and Una all the best for the future.

Popular Stag Destinations – Bournemouth

This time we head down to the South West of England to the popular Dorset stag destination of Bournemouth.

It’s easy to see why this destination is so popular with hen and stag parties, from the seven miles of glorious sandy beaches, thumping nightlife and a huge selection of stag activities.

Bournemouth also has a warm micro-climate which means you get more sunshine down there then you do in most towns and cities across the UK.

If stag activities you love then Bournemouth is home to some of the best including Rage Buggies, Coasteering, Paintball, Mini Racing and even surfing to name just a few.

At night this seaside town comes alive with fantastic clubs, bars and tasty restaurants, head to Old Christchurch Road for a great pub and bar crawl finishing off in Chilli Whites or Lava & Ignite.

Most venues close at around 4am, so you can really make the most of your time on your Bournemouth Stag do.

Bournemouth over the years is increasingly getting more and more popular so booking early (if you can) is a must.

Stand Up On Your Stag Do

Stag dos love a bit of comedy, and what better way to spend your big stag night out then at a comedy club.

This isn’t something new, a trip to the comedy club on one night of the stag weekend is extremely popular.

Either include food or just entry either way you will get 3 hours of comedy and then a late bar and disco to finish.

Visiting a comedy club on your stag weekend has many pluses including keeping all the boys together in one venue all night long, elevating the chances of loosing people throughout the night.

It is also popular with the fathers and uncles of the Bride or Groom.

So if you are looking for a great stag do idea, a visit to a comedy club is definitely a great move.

Nail Your Best Man’s Speech

Being a best man is more than just the stag do, you have another important role to fulfill, the dreaded best man’s speech.

Here are a few tips on how to nail yours:

Don’t just stick to your speech – show flexibility and if you can bring a story from the day, this will show fresh content and also show you haven’t just downloaded the speech from the net.

Keep Calm and Carry On – Take in a deep breath to calm the nerves and go through the speech slowly and surely, making damn sure you bang those jokes / stories out clearly in order to maximize laughter. Once you get the crowd on your side you’ve made it.

Stories from the stag do should be funny and clean, remember the old saying what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Short is Sweet – give yourself 5 minutes as any longer people get fidgety and want to get to the bar.

Finally – you are the best man so make sure you live up to your name, be on hand so you can help if things stray from the master-plan.

Top Stag Destinations – Newquay

This time we will be taking a slightly in-depth look into the top stag destination of Newquay.

Newquay has so much going for it, if you haven’t been you need to be taken outside and given a stern talking to.

Stag activities galore are available to you and your party in Newquay including the unique activities such as Coasteering, Body Boarding and surfing.

It is also home to one of the best quad biking sites in the UK, with just under a mile long track and over 30 quad bikes your party will be well catered for.

The nightlife in Newquay is full on fantastic and on midsummer nights you could be mistaken to be in Ibiza or Ayia Napa with the electric atmosphere and cracking clubs.

So this summer get your swimwear and head down to Newquay for full on days and fun filled stag nights.

Top Stag Destinations – Nottingham

Back in the nineties Nottingham became one of the first popular stag destinations in the uk where every best man was looking to book their stag party into.

Now there are many popular stag destinations however Nottingham is still holding it’s own as one of the most popular locations.

So let’s see why people flock here; Nottingham is right in the middle of the UK and just off the M1 so becoming a central hub to meet.

Secondly, the stag activities on offer are full on and extremely varied from White Water Rafting to Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting to It’s a knockout naming just a few of what’s on offer.

Did I mention how friendly Nottingham people are, if I didn’t I should have as they are extremely welcoming and will call you a duck as an affectionate name, ‘alright me duck’!

Nottingham has a huge range of hotels situated right in the centre of the city from 1 and 2 star hotels to 4 star properties offering stags a little luxury on their weekend.

My final case I bring to you ‘of why your next stag do should be in Nottingham’ is it’s nightlife, lively bars, banging clubs, fantastic restaurants will all welcome stag parties with open arms giving you peace of mind that you won’t be wandering around a city centre looking for a venue to get into.