Hotels Fit For A King

Here at DesignaVenture, we know exactly how important it is to have a good hotel to stay at on your stag do.

Just because you are on a stag weekend it doesn’t mean you have to slum it!

So, we visit, eat, sleep in these hotels to make sure they are up to scratch, and they are!

Take our stag dos in Bristol or Reading, we only deal with 4 star hotels. Your stay will include a full English breakfast, a late residents bar, most have leisure facilities and all in the very centre of each city.

We also offer group accommodation above pubs if you choose one of our popular stag weekends in North Wales. However, just because they are under the group accommodation banner it doesn’t mean it dirty and dingy, on the contrary. All bedrooms are en-suite and you can expect clean and comfortable rooms, you also have the added benefit of a very late bar downstairs and a full hearty breakfast each morning.

Don’t expect the Ritz however, DO NOT EXPECT THE PITS.

So when you pick a stag package with DesignaVenture you are always quality assured, guaranteed.

Lap Dancing Vs Strippers

Its that age old question should the stag do involve a stripper or should the whole group make their way to a Lap dancing club, or should we just not bother at all?

First of all, this is stag party dependant, if you think that some of the party will turn their noses up at such an activity then it’s a good idea not to include it at all. However some best men say that lap dancing on a stag weekend go hand in hand.

Also your chosen stag destination may not have a lap dancing club, so your destination may decide for you.

If you are in the situation where you can either arrange a stripper for the stag do or a trip to a lap dancing club, then the choice is yours.

You may want to really embarrass the stag with a roly poly stripper or “have him arrested” by a Sexy Police Constable or get him a stripper older than his Nan!

Alternatively, the lap dancing club is stag do haven, where everyone in the group has a good time, and you can either spoil the stag or spoil yourself!!

I know which choice I would go for, having had a Roly Poly stripper for my stag do, I am still reliving the nightmare now, so a lap dancing club any day!!

At DesignaVenture we can organise a trip to a Lap Dancing Club for you however we do not arrange strip o grams.

Stay In A Pub On Your Stag Do

Stag Parties are renown for the odd visit to the pub, actually most stag weekends are based around the pub, but why not go one better and actually stay in a pub.

DesignaVenture offer superb stag packages in North Wales / Shropshire borders all based on staying above a pub in en-suite accommodation fit for, well a stag do.

This stag friendly accommodation is very clean and comfortable and serves huge breakfasts every morning and hearty evening meals (most of the DesignaVenture stag packages include an evening meal).

The bar is open until the last man sinks, gauranteed, and the Ale is cheap and plentiful.

You are then well placed for fantastic stag activities which include White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Quad Biking, Dirt Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Hovercrafts there are too many to name.

Once your warn out bodies need to sit down and relax after the amazing stag activities on offer this very special stag friendly accommodation will open it’s arms and welcome you in for a well earned pint and some bed rest.

The Hardest Stag Do In The World, Completed

A couple of months ago I wrote about Michael Dicks’ stag do which has been named as the hardest stag do in the world.

It has now been completed with the guys rasing thousands of pounds for the NSPCC.

The hardest stag do in the world equates to 19 friends competing in a 31 mile off road mountain bike race followed by a 8 mile kayak race and then ending with a 24 km trek across the Brecon Beacons with 20Kg backpacks.

This stag do has SAS selection written all over it!

Stag Dos have a certain stigma of partying and booze, some stag dos are just not like that and this stag do goes to the extreme to prove that fact.

Crazy Berlin Stag Dos

Berlin is a fantastic stag destination packed full of wild activities and full on nightlife, it’s no wonder stag dos flock here for a bit of schnitzel shenanigans.

Crazy stag activities available in Berlin include The Beer Bike, The Trabant Driving Experience, shooting handguns and Oil wrestling with topless waitresses.

Other activities which are true German stag do style activities include sexy maid wake up service which is a stripper waking up the stag and dominatrix show with special pain treatment for the stag, so you may want to keep that one quiet.

The city itself is clean, lively and packed full of restaurants and bars which will keep the stag parties looking for total nightlife happy.

So if you are looking for a top stag destination in Europe, Berlin will not let you down.

Best Men Watch Out For Football Manager Syndrome

The majority of Premier League football managers have a very short shelf life and some don’t even make it to the end of the season, so Best Men Be Aware and don’t get sacked before the stag do.

It’s a huge honour being asked to be a best man and organising the stag do should be the highlight, so do a decent job or you might get the sack.

First things first, I would suggest you use a professional stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture, they will make your job 90% easier.

Secondly, make sure he has a great stag weekend, be his wing man, if he wants a drink make sure he gets one, if he needs food urgently, get yourself to Macdonalds and feed him, if he needs to make a phone call ask which make of smart phone he would like to use, you get me drift.

Thirdly, what goes on tour, stays on tour – make sure no stories gets back to the bride about the stag do, I am not talking about unfaithful behaviour, I am talking about other stories which may freak her out, 99% of stags stay faithful so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Daily Mail readers.

Fourthly, as Best man your job is more then just arranging the stag do, namely looking after the Bridesmaids, enough said.

2012 Sees The Stag Do Man Up!

Well it’s very clear that we Brits are a nation of action men. Jason Statham, Daniel Craig and Bear Grylls move over, the real heroes are clear to see from our latest stag do research here at DesignaVenture.

They have seen an incredible 20% increase for stag parties wanting daredevil activities that send them scaling heights, leaping off cliffs, navigating wild water and honing their survival techniques. What’s going on? Do some of you know of some global disaster that is going to strike when you might need to know these skills? Well, some do say that the world will end in 2012, so even if it’s just ticking off amazing things to do before you die, you’re certainly giving the SAS a run for their money.

Stag activities in these hard man categories include Canyoning; where you might trapeze across a river, traverse rock walls, dip behind waterfalls and discover dark caves and deep deep water pools. Obviously this is not a city centric pastime, you’ll be in rugged countryside like Wales, Scotland or even Valencia in Spain.

Coasteering will take your stag do down south to the Cornish Riviera, better known as Newquay. Recklessly throwing yourselves off cliffs, scaling rock walls at sea level and generally doing anything that makes you scream inside – and sometimes out!

Cliff jumping – need we say more. If your stag do is lacking a bit of hyperventilation, this will send you wild. Think Canyoning but a bit higher. Will you have the guts to actually jump? With the water below you to break your fall, we guarantee your next words will be ‘AGAIN, AGAIN!!’ or possibly, ‘Anyone got a clean wet suit?’

If you prefer to be in a vessel when you’re doing something wet and wild, then White Water Rafting will still give you that danger factor, but at least there’s something extra to keep you afloat and to hang on to. And the object of this is to stay out of the water, not jump in. Roaring along the UK’s, or alternatively the Baltic states’, most exciting river runs, your stag do will have a very bumpy ride that will make you ignore the log flume at the theme park forever more.

Back on terra firma, a Bushcraft session in South Wales can easily expand your stag night into a whole weekend. If you can’t boil an egg at home, you’ll soon be able to do way more, including man’s greatest ever achievement, making fire. If you see your night getting a bit Blair Witch, at least you’ll have learned some survival skills to get you through.

Yes gentlemen, non of this mamby-pamby lightweight stag partying for you. It’s balls out, heart stopping, air punching activities all the way.

Nottingham Stag Do, Are You Feeling Lucky!

Nottingham is a great place to hold your stag do with fantastic nightlife, amazing stag activities and top notch city centre hotels, loads of stag parties flock here each year.

Now, Nottingham has somehting more to shout about then just a great place for a stag do, it has just become the luckiest place in the UK to buy a lottery ticket.

In the last month it has had two huge jackpot winners with a winning combination jackpot of over £90m.

So when you are on your next stag do to Nottingham, buy as many lottery tickets as you can, because you never know…..It Could Be You!


The Stag Do has become something of a necessity, an integral part of a wedding. To most of the groom’s party (and maybe a couple of the grooms) it is the most important part of the whole wedding!

DesignaVenture understand that with all the stress of arranging a wedding, you simply want to turn up and have fantastically memorable time.

Whether you decide to go abroad or stay in the UK this is your chance to get away with the lads and have a stag weekend to remember without bumping into people you know. It is also your chance to have a private weekend with just you and your closest friends so make sure that you have a blast, remember what goes on tour, stays on tour.


To have a stag night or stag weekend away is certainly the best way to go out with a bang. Remember, your new life awaits for you on the other side of the wedding so say goodbye to your old life in style.

When possible, let your friends pull together and fund the stag do as you have enough to pay for with the up and coming wedding.

Once you and the best man have decided on what and where, turn to DesignaVenture who are extremely experience in arranging stress free stag dos.

They can organise everything from stag friendly hotels, popular stag activities and nightclubs to gentleman’s clubs, transport and even an evening meal before hitting the bars and clubs on your big night out. It is a one stop stag shop (try and say that after a few flaming Sambuca’s)!


From the moment you got the chance to be part of the wedding let’s be honest, all that was on your mind was arranging a kick-ass stag do.

Now this could bring a chill down your spine and a sweat on you brow but stop – there is no need to panic DesignaVenture is there to rescue you.

All you have to do is decide, communicate and enjoy. Round up the troops to see how many want in and then sit back and let DesignaVenture take the strain.

There are so many stag packages and top stag destinations to visit so pick wisely. You have to make sure your man, the stag, has the best weekend as a single fella, as it won’t be repeated.

Bristol Stag Weekends May Need A Different Currency

Soon Stag Weekends to Bristol will be needing to take a trip to the foreign exchange before travelling to this West Country city due to Bristol getting it’s own currency.

Over 100 traders have signed up to the Bristol pound, from bakeries to more importantly restaurants and bars. Luckily they will also be excepting the good old Bristish pound so stag groups needn’t panick!

The Bristol pound exchange rate is fairly simple and you won’t need Carol Vauderman to work it out as it’s; one Bristol pound is worth exactly one Bristish pound.

According to the BBC Website “the Bristol Pound will be printed in notes, and also traded electronicly”.

So, the next time you book a stag do to Bristol see if you can fill up your stag kitty with Bristol Pounds, as it may help their local economy and it’s also a bit of fun too.