Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie

This Nottingham stag do package has now become infamous as one of the best value for money weekend the Great British pound can buy.

Two nights in a 3 -4 star hotel, DesignaVenture give you the choice if both are available, it’s obvious which one most stag groups book.

Race Rage Buggies around a purpose built race track, hack across rough terrain in quad bikes and then finish off with a shooting competition with laser guided clay shooting rifles.

And if there has got you salivating you then have gust-list entry into either Oceana, Nottingham’s biggest clubs or Gatecrasher Nottingham’s most famous nightclub.

All this for a stag do busting, stag kitty hugging and Lap dance loving £139 per person.

This has to be the best valued stag do in the country, let me know if you know of a better valued stag weekend and I will eat my mouse!

White Water Rafting in Winter, ARE YOU CRAZY!

Actually no, I am not crazy, a little dumb but definitely not crazy.

I have just had a brief chat with the sales manager of DesignaVenture and he has informed me that this year, they have had an unprecedented amount of stag do bookings for white water rafting in the UK for January, February and March.

Why are stag parties becoming more tolerant of the cold weather and doing activities where they know they are going to have to fight the elements?

Well, first things first, modern technical clothing will keep you more warmer, drier and less sweaty then ever before and some items actually looks good. Also, wet suits these days are well clever, and will keep your stag party nice and toastie even on the colder days and when the water temperature is near freezing.

However, I also think the plucky British stag do is becoming more adventurous, up for the chilling challenges, they want the adrenaline and are not scared of danger.

Also these days, stag dos have loads of opportunities with fantastic stag do ideas in the UK available all year round.

After all it’s not the weather that will make you cold or get you wet, it’s your clothing.

JLS Stag Do News Starting To Hot Up

The news and rumour mill of Marvin Hume’s (from the boy band JLS) stag do is starting to create loads of interest and headlines from the press and fans.

The Daily Star recently covered a story of his fellow band mates wanting to kidnap him and jet him off to a secret location blindfolded!

According to the star, Aston apprently told a reporter that Marvin will only know the dates, and everything else will be kept a secret in a military style operation.

There was also promise the stag do will be a Hangover 3!

Wow, if you have seen hangover 1 & 2, if this JLS stag do is going to be a sequel you better lock up all animals and close all local zoos!!

The press love a stag do, last year they went nuts for Prince William’s stag party, so I expect more of the same for Marvin, good luck mate.

An Olympic Struggle

From the 27th July to 12th August the London Olympics will be hitting our TV screens and no doubt will unite the country into total euphoria, well that’s what our political counterparts are leading us to believe.

But hey! The Last weekend in July and the first 2 weekends in August are always humongously busy with hen parties and stag dos alike, what does the humble stag wanting his last days as a single man to do whilst this massive sporting event is going on?

London and it’s surrounding cities and towns will be choca block with Olympic tourists and every company including hotels will be cashing in.

So here’s the thing, if you intend to go on your stag weekend in those three weeks either keep away from from the South East (that includes Brighton), book early and / or expect to pay a much higher rate for your accommodation.

My advice is go on your stag do to the South West (Cardiff, Bristol, Bournemouth, Newquay) or head up North to Nottingham, Wales, Newcastle or Edinburgh.

At least you won’t get bogged down in traffic and hit by Olympic prices (pardon the pun).

Newquay Stag Dos Rock

It’s January and everyone in the UK are planning their holidays and breaks for twenty 12, stag dos and hen parties included.

So where do you go for your last nights out as a single man or woman?

I went to Newquay on my stag do and boy what a weekend. We hit Newquay by about 3pm on the Friday afternoon, checked in to our hotel before running down the steps into the sea!

Now that is the beauty about Newquay, most of the hotels are within 5 minutes walk of the beach and loads of the bars and clubs have stunning sea views.

The atmosphere in Newquay at night is amazing, bars pump out music all night long with some bars serving cocktails others with outside seating areas overlooking the beaches or in the bustling square.

If you are looking for stag activities not necessarily available in other top stag destinations, Newquay takes the crown with full on activities such as Coasteering, Surfing, Beach Volley ball, Zip Wire to name but a few.

Newquay is also a place to chill, the beaches are clean with crystal clear waters ideal for taking a dip or messing around in.

Stag parties wanting to play 5 a side football, the beaches are perfect, there is ample of space and the playing surface is ideal for sliding tackles and diving fanatic goal keepers.

Popular stag activities in Newquay are also some of the best in the UK. Newquay boasts one of the best Quad Bike racing circuits in the UK, with over 30 bikes, even the biggest stag parties can all have a go at the same time.

You then have the outdoor karting, with twin engines, flyovers and fly-unders this racing track is nuts, furiously fast and immense fun.

Newquay is quite a distance to drive if you live up North, however there is an answer; fly, Newquay Airport is extremely busy, with daily flights from most UK airports including London.

So, nothing should keep you from have a fantastic stag do to Newquay.

An Edinburgh Stag Do

A stag do in Edinburgh has so much going for it, this why this fantastic Capital is the most popular stag destination in Scotland.

The Highlands are nearby, giving you massive stag activity choices, from the best white water rafting in the UK to quad biking and pistol shooting.

And if the adrenalin style stag activities don’t tickle your snifter, then how about a whisky tasting tour or cocktail making in one of Edinburgh’s best cocktail bars, well you are in Scotland!

The nightlife is good, the nightlife is very good, judging from the DesignaVenture customer comments, hens and stags love this city’s clubs and bars.

From the Royal Mile, down to the Grassmarkets and then taking in the West End, you’ll need 3 nights at least.

So if you are pondering on a top stag destination, Edinburgh should be at the top of your list.

No Interruptions Please We Are On A Stag Do

Are you sick of going on a stag do with your mates and half the time they are on their phones yapping away and sucking all the atmosphere out of your stag night?

There is a game becoming popular with stag parties up and down the country and it’s called ‘Phone Bar-d’.

On your stag night out if you are caught making or taking a phone call it’s you are sent straight to the bar to buy a round of drinks.

This will stop the lads who cannot put their work or life down for 1 day just so the groom can have a relaxing stag night out with his best mates.

It doesn’t have to be for the whole stag weekend, it can be for just the main night out, this will stop people leaving the group and taking the atmosphere with them.

Get ‘Phone Bar-d’ for your next stag do, it cost nothing unless you are caught talking on your phone!

Why Go To Reading For Your Stag Do?

Reading does not spring to mind when you name top stag do destinations, but let me educate you a little (not a lot, because I am not that bright) Reading is a great stag do destination.

With a small city centre it is easy to go from bar to bar or club to club and all walkable from DesignaVenture’s high quality city centre stag friendly four star hotels.

Reading is also extremely easy to get to where ever you are in the UK, by road or rail and only 20 – 30 minutes drive from Heathrow.

Then there’s the stag activities from Hovercrafts to Rage Buggies, Jet skiing to Paintball Reading has a multitude of daytime activities.

Prefer to have a flutter? Ascot is only 25 minutes away and Newbury is even closer giving you an ideal base for a fantastic horse racing weekend.

At night, Reading has a top comedy club, a tasteful and brand new gentleman’s club and not forgetting the Oracle for a great bar and restaurant scene.

DesignaVenture offers extremely competitively priced stag packages to Reading, all based on 4 star hotels starting from £58.00 per person!!*

See, what did I say, Reading is a great stag destination, now go and book yourself a package and let your hair down, you deserve it!

*Price correct on the 16th January 2012.

Marvin From JLS Has Had his Stag Do Already Mapped Out

According to the Sun’s website Marvin Humes from the boy-band JLS got engaged to Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays on New Year’s Eve and already the other lads from JLS have mapped out his stag do.

I say mapped out, you will need an atlas for this stag do as the JLS boys intend to hire a private jet and fly Marvin around the US on a eight day stag do extravaganza, visiting their favourite clubs along the way.

Destinations include Las Vegas and Miami, with a ‘no expense spared cavalier attitude’ to their best mate’s last trip as a free man, and who can blame them!

Apparently they have already started competing to get the best beach body by jokingly saying ‘No Carbs before Marvs’ stag do.

This is taken from the BAFTA award winning show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, when the most of the cast went on a stag do to Marbella in Spain and coined the saying no ‘Carbs before Marbs’.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world for the future.

Make Your Stag Do A Legacy

The press and government are banging on about the Olympics and how it’s going to make a lasting legacy for London and Great Britain as a whole, that sort of speak should be used in conjunction with your up and coming stag do.

A legacy basically means information passed down to generations to come for them to be proud of, wouldn’t that be great if your stag do stories became a legacy not only down the pub but also through your family tree.

The story gets passed down to your kids and then their kids and so on.

What would you have to do to achieve such a feat?

I couldn’t possibly tell you as that is the best man or groom’s domain, if it was my idea it wouldnt be such a legacy!

If you have kids and one or more of them are boys their first questions to you when they book their stag do is what you got up to on yours, so make sure you have some good clean stories.

Just make sure your stag do is in good hands by booking it through a desirable and trustworthy stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture, and everything else will fall into place.