Thank You For A Great Year

Christmas starts officially today for the DesignaVenture office, and boy what a year!Christmas Card

Thousands and thousands of stag dos booked through DesignaVenture which means a lot of happy customers, and just to show you I am not pulling your Christmas cracker check out our customer comments for 2011.

As we stick our stockings out for Santa, we wonder how many couples will get engaged this Christmas, after all it’s a very popular time to pop the question. Other popular days to get engaged are News Years Eve, Valentines Day and the 29th February, which we have one in 2012 would you believe.

Christmas is also a great time to get back together with your old buddies and reminisce on stag dos of old and discuss new ideas for when your other single buddies decide to tie the knot (I don’t mean to each other, but whatever floats their boat and all that).

New Year is one of the biggest nights to party either with a loved one or with loads of your mates. It is also the night where nightclubs charge an absolute fortune to get in and your local has security on the door charging entry to even the regulars.

However, the best New Year’s Eve nights for me is; sat round a big table with all your friends chatting laughing and playing games, but doesn’t it get annoying when Big Ben clangs his big bell and you have to go around 15 people kissing and wishing them a Happy New Year, it’s hard work!

Whatever you get up to this Christmas just remember to enjoy it and don’t put to much pressure on yourself for that one day, Merry Christmas to you all from the DesignaVenture team.

Adventurous Stag Do Ideas

If your groom is a bit of an adrenalin junkie and likes to live on the edge, then below is a rough guide for adventurous stag do activity ideas I am sure he would like to get his teeth into.


Just Jump

First of all Coasteering, this is a wild activity with bells on, jumping into deep water pools obviously on the coast, hence the name. All the specialised equipment such as wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are included, all you need to bring is an old pair of trainers and balls of steel as the jumps get higher and higher.

Staying with water based stag activities; get yourselves to Wales or Scotland for some Gorge Scrambling action. Also known as Canyoning, this adventurous stag do activity includes walking behind waterfalls, jumping into deep pools, traversing sheer rock faces and in some locations exploring a cave or two. Again all your specialised equipment is included.

White Water Rafting finishes off the water based activity list in style, frothing water and a thrashing river awaits your group’s raft so get your paddles ready and prepare for a dunking. Most of the white water river sites are grade 2 – 4 however; there are some man made sites, which are also popular with the newest in Cardiff Bay.

Abseiling may not be the first activity on the stag do essential list but the one in North Wales is pretty special. SAS style abseiling from 80ft bridges will certainly get the blood pumping and the adventurous hungry stag happy.

Talking of the SAS, try out the mega assault course in Hereford with a high ropes course that will curl your toes, fly down a zip line and walking the Jacobs ladder.

To finish off without a snifter of motorised stag do activities in sight why not try Mountain biking in the Scottish highlands near Edinburgh or in North Wales. Cycle along stunning mountain paths with some high narrow ledges and some great down hill action.

All these adventurous stag do ideas can be done by themselves or in a DesignaVenture bullet-proof stag package, call us for details.

A Christmas Party To End All Christmas Parties

I recently went on a Christmas Party which was just what can only be described as madness and mayhem.

95% of the group were drunk as skunks (I’ve never seen a drunk skunk, but heyho) and there was no orginisation or structure for the night whatsoever, so people were leaving with no memory of what they got up to and by 9pm it was just me and my mate!!!

Now, this must be like a stag do which meets up in the pub on a Saturday afternoon with nothing planned then a boozy afternoon / night.

I would hate my stag night to end like this, now I like a tipple like most British people, however I would prefer it to be a part of the celebration and not the main focus.

Stag dos to me are for catching up and laughing with mates, doing something memorable and having a ball.

So when you are 3 years down the line knee deep in nappies, you can remember that special night or weekend and laugh, and maybe one day do it all again on a reunion style stag do, I know I will and do.

MP Get’s Sacked For Stag Do Behaviour

The Conservative MP for Cannock Chase has been sacked from his Ministerial aide post for his stag do antics in the French ski resort of Val Thorens.

As reported in a daily newspaper’s website, he was pictured with the groom Mark Fournier who was dressed up in a Nazi SS style uniform making a Nazi salute (the groom not the MP).

This was not enough for Downing Street to take action.

However, further information coming from this stag weekend was reported that the MP Aidan Burley was actually responsible for hiring the uniforms.

This act not only lost him his ministerial aide post but also he may be up for charges in France where it is an offence to wear a Nazi uniform except in the certain circumstances, so a stag do wouldn’t be covered in this, I wonder what would?

Karting Rocks

Karting has always been an extremely popular stag do activity, even way way back in the 90’s.A Rage Buggy

In the 90’s possibly the top stag do activity along with Paintball was karting, stags loved it then and love it today.

The indoor and outdoor karts have moved on quite a bit, becoming faster, more fuel efficient, and a lot safer.

There are even now tree hugging electric karts which have a fantastic acceleration and top speed, however I am not recommending to get too close to trees in these karts, they cost a lot of money!

Rally karts on the 90’s were slow and dare I say it, a bit boring.

However, there are a new breed of karts in town which have moved on from the slow and dull Grass karts of the 90’s, they are called Rage Buggies, Dune Buggies or dirt karts.

These beasts can reach speeds of up to 90mph depending on where you go and have acceleration which will sit you back into your racing seat and to remind you of whose the boss.

So if you want something competitive with full on exhilarating on your next stag do, then doing a bit of karting in the day is totally recommended.


The MP And The Stag Do Fancy Dress Prank

We are here again; a stag do, a black SS uniform and this time a British MP.

Aidan Burley, MP for Cannock Chase was seen in a photograph on a stag do in the French Alps with one of the stag party dressed in a German style SS uniform.

Apparently and according to a British Newspaper he was also caught on Video with the stag group which some of whom were chanting “Hitler, Hitler” and other Nazi style words.

Mr Burley after this story got out tweeted his apology saying he deeply regretted the behaviour by some of the guests on the stag party.

Two things really, first of all I do not condone this sort of behaviour at all but when some one else in your group starts misbehaving should you get the blame?

Secondly, why is it now fashionable to apologise on Twitter?

Sometimes, Stag Parties can be unruly , it’s the nature of the beast and has been for hundreds of years, but as we become more politely correct, they stand out more!

Winter Stag Do Budget Busters

There’s always that period pre and post Christmas when money is tight and if your stag do is coming up and you’re humming and hahing about where to go on a limited budget, then check out some of our special offers.Stag in the snow

There’s no need to compromise your activities or enjoyment as we’ve got plenty of locations that offer excellent packages without breaking the bank. For this we recommend Britain, so travel costs aren’t hiking your prices up so much, plus, at this time of year, there’s no need to go abroad as the weather is the same everywhere in Europe.

So what do we have? Generally doing your own thing during the day and saving your blow-out for the evening works out cheapest.

Somewhere like Blackpool is probably our lowest stag do deal at only £49. Incredibly this includes hotel, breakfast, VIP lap dancing and club entries. But if you want to build in some day time adventure too, stag nights in Nottingham start from just £59, yes they include accommodation, breakfast, an activity like paintballing, plus guest list nightclub entry. It’s staggering isn’t it (ouch, pardon the pun!).

A stag do in Hereford is just £89, with good quality central accommodation, breakfast, try raft building or bonkers treasure hunting in the day and hit the town at night.
For just a few quid more, at £99 your Edinburgh stag package will give you an additional night’s stay, and Bournemouth and Brighton’s £99 two night winter season packages focus on the hardened stag night traditions with bar passes, VIP lap dancing entry and guest list club passes. Phenomenal value.

If boozing all night is a bit predictable, what about a stag night at the dogs in Manchester with an overnight deal at just £72?

Bristol ramps the quality and quantity up a bit more, with special overnight offers in four star hotels with breakfast, rage buggies or quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and guest list club entry all at only £110, or cut out the activities and build in an evening meal bringing your stag night down to just £81.

What we’re trying to say is that you can have a legendary time, staying overnight or two, with meals, activities and nightlife, all organised for you and spend as little or as much on your stag do as you want. The point is choice and flexibility. With many more locations across the UK and Europe DesignaVenture will make it happen in an area to suit you.

Is This The End Of The Cheap European Stag Do?

If more and more European countries take on the Euro this may have a big effect on which destinations stag dos from the UK will party in.

The European countries that use the Euro tend to be more expensive than their counterparts that use their own currency such as Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

One of the many reasons why stag parties go to Europe to celebrate is for the cheap beer, food and accommodation; however this has changed.

You may find long-haul stag do destinations becoming popular such as Thailand, America or even India. These countries are cheaper than Europe for accommodation, beer and food and a round of drinks won’t leave you needing to talk to your accountant.

However, as the UK looks like they will never join the European single currency this may mean the UK’s pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels will become better value for money compared to other European stag do destinations.

This is great news for our own economy as more and more hen and stag parties will stay in the UK.

This is just one way of looking at it, on the flip side if more countries join the Euro this may have a negative effect on the currency making the it cheaper to buy, which could mean cheaper European stag do destinations – it’s certainly a head scratcher – phew I need to sit down!

Our Christmas Party

This year the DesignaVenture team has decided to go to their local outdoor karting track to find out once and for all who is the Lewis Hamilton of the office.

They are then booked into a great Thai restaurant before hitting the the town, so watch out people, garlic smelling cackling girls heading your way!

They put loads of Christmas Party Ideas ideas on to the conference table including a comedy night, clay shooting, river cruise, bar crawl, champagne night etc. (luckily this is our domain so have loads to choose from) before coming up with the 2011 masterplan.

They also have the added benefit of booking other companies Christmas Parties which include the above and Murder Mystery Dinners, Rage Buggying, Indoor karting, paintball, cocktail tours of the West End on Rickshaws to mention but a few.

So if you have left it to last minute for your Christmas Party give us a call we can give you loads of Christmas Party Ideas.

Stag Do Ideas For January & February

The New Year is coming round quicker then Lewis Hamilton driving his Mercedes in Australia.

So what’s on offer to the best man or chief stag do organiser looking to bag a bargain for January, February 2012.

On the DesignaVenture home page we have four stag do offers finishing at the end of February which could help save you up to wallet wrenching £49.00 per person.

These UK stag do special offers are based in either Bristol, Reading, Bournemouth or Nottingham where you can fill your boots with great daytime activities and stay in plush three or four star hotels.

So bag yourself a bargain and book your stag do for early next year and save yourself some hard earned cash.