Berlin, New For DesignaVenture Stag Dos in 2012

This week sees DesignaVenture venture (get it) into Germany, and the best place to start is Berlin a stag do mecca.

The capital of this amazing beer drinking and sausage loving nation has some pretty full on and unique stag do activities day and night.

Try out the Berlin Bangers stag do package in typical Top Gear style, driving the unpretentious 2-stroke iconic Trabant cars around the streets of Berlin in true comical style.

Other popular Berlin stag do packages include pistol shooting, segway tours or the brilliant Beer Bike Tour.

All the DesignaVenture Berlin stag do packages include at least one night time activity, such as lap dancing clubs, nightclub entry with unlimited drinks, bar crawls and club tours.

Berlin is a great place to celebrate your stag weekend, that’s a fact.

The Secret To A Successful Stag Do

If you are ever in the position of arranging a stag do then the next few paragraphs are going to hopefully help the cause.

Communication is key, in order to keep your stag house in order you need people to know how much, what they are doing, where they are going and what date and time.

Now, this may seem obvious but we did hear of one stag group turn up in Gloucestershire instead of Oxfordshire and this was down the the best man not giving out enough information.

We are living in the age of communication people, you can Tweet, write something on your facebook wall, text, email, fax and if you are still living in a 1990’s American sitcom, pager.

Most people these days have a smart phone, it’s big news, so use them to the best of their abilities. And if your mate is better in technology then you are let him help you out.

This will help you have the most fluid stag do ever.

Olympic Charges Next Year In London!

Next year if you are planning a stag do in London in June, July or August you better get your wallet out, hotel prices are coming in and they are extortionate.

I fully understand that hotels need to make hay while the sun shines to cover high capital prices however, some of these prices are eye watering.

My opinion is to give the capital a miss in 2012, that’s unless you have tickets for the Olympics and try some of our other great UK cities such as a fantastic stag do in Bristol or a brilliant stag weekend in Bournemouth.

With lively nightlife, amazing activities and a little less traffic you are guaranteed a memorable stag do.

Stag Night At Home, Investigated

Staying in your local town or city on your stag do can feel a little claustrophobic, especially when everyone knows your face.

But hey if you are tied to a tight budget, what can you do?

Well, there are plenty of stag packages out there which includes at least one activity, nightclub entry and accommodation for one night in a town, city or rural setting for under £60.00.

Let’s face it, once you have gone out, drank in your local, paid to get into a club, munched on a doner kebab and taxi fare home your are talking a hundred knicker no problem.

So think outside the box people, DesignaVenture has many stag do packages which includes 1 activity, 1 night in a city centre hotel (saving on taxi fares) and nightclub entry all for under £60.00 per person.

Spread your stag do wings wisely my friends, try something new.

Shrewsbury Skipper Breaks His Neck On Stag Do

Simon Evitts, Shrewsbury Rugby Club skipper has been sidelined after a suspected broken neck whilst on his stag do to Gran Canaria.

According to the Shropshire Star Simon broke his neck on the Friday and was back in training on Tuesday not knowing the damage he had done, just shows you how hard rugby players are!

He told a reporter “I did it diving into the Swimming Pool, I didn’t realise it was the shallow end and I landed on my head”, said a sheepish Evitts.

“I thought I was OK though, and I did some running on Tuesday at training and was down to be starting the next match” he added.

As now he has been sidelined on medical grounds but still wants to go and watch the next match and give some support, no doubt the lads from the team who went on the stag do will be wanting to see him there to give him some gip.

Stag Do Reunions

The big news this week is that the Stone Roses are getting back together for 2 gigs in Manchester, followed by a world tour.

Reunions in my mind have always been a bad thing and I am glad The Beatles didn’t reunite as I feel it would have spoiled a legacy, and boy, what a legacy.

But things are changing, Take That have proved that a reunion can work, although I am not a fan of Take That’s music, I do admire what they have achieved.

What about a stag do reunion? Most groups of friends get together as a whole unit for the stag do, and then disband forever.

I think if you had a great stag weekend and everyone got on, then make it a yearly stag do, there are lots of places in the world to explore and what better way then with your mates.

Right I’m off to get my Stones Roses tickets, Mani for God sake take your inhaler.

Stag Do In Nottingham Is A Real Steal

As winter is drawing in, UK inflation is on the rise again as are the gas and electricity prices despite what the government say!

However, you can alway rely on DesignaVenture to pull it out of the bag and produce a stag do at a fantastic inflation buster price.

Take a stag weekend in Nottingham between October 2011 and February 2012, stay for 2 nights in a 3 star city centre hotel with breakfast, your stag do activities include indoor karting, paintball and dance all night at Oceana nightclub, all for just £127.00 per person (as of October, 2011 price).

The usual price of this amazing Nottingham stag do is £164.00 per person, so get on the phone, website or email and get it booked.

Hi Tech Stag Do

I am not talking about a trip to Silicon Valley for your next stag event or everyone branded in the sportswear.

I am wanting to bring to your attention that in this hi tech age, where every man and and his dog has a smart phone, lap top and ipad why not use them to make your life easier when arranging a stag do.

Create a Facebook page or create a Twitter account to keep everyone up to date with the plans and details.

Get people to pay you by Paypal, or direct debit through internet banking.

And after every drink has been drunk, every paintball has been spent and every dance has been danced, create a picture album on Google’s Picasa or a video on YouTube just to remind you and your mates about the best stag do ever.

There is a lot of free tech out their, use it.

Stag Do Shame For Fox

Liam Fox has recently been hitting the headlines all for the wrong reasons and the latest story according to the Guardian is he went to Dubai on tax payers money and combined it with a stag do, some of it no doubt funded by us, the tax payers.

Now I am all for going on a stag parties but one thing I am not for, is paying for it using tax payers money.

If this is true I am ashamed and angry not just with Liam Fox but with the whole of the governmental system.

Corruption should not be happening in the UK.

What is the difference between this and the looters of August, the principles are the same.

Sorry to get all political on your ass, but Government Ministers should not be spending our money on their stag dos, this is called stealing.

Rant over.

Carl Ablett Cancels His Stag Do For England Call Up

Rugby League star Carl Ablett has had to cancel his up and coming stag do to Las Vegas due to a surprise call up to the England’s four nations squad which is due to be played at the end of October and throughout November.

The Leeds Rhino player will be totally out of pocket the England boss Mcnamara comented, however he will be delighted.

How far are you willing to go for your country or job?

Would you be willing to cancel your stag do if your job needs you?

I am sure not many people would, so well done Carl, your country needs you!