Hen Parties Hit The Tea

The afternoon tea seems to be a big hitter in the hen party world this year.

Afternoon Tea in London seems to be the destination of choice with salmon and cucumber sandwiches, finger sized cakes and scones and as much tea as you can possibly drink is the order of the day.

Champagne afternoon teas are also available but don’t seem to be as popular for hen parties.

Is the hen party loosing it’s image of a boozy affair or is just plainly down to keeping the day alcohol free with plenty of time in the evening for partying.

I think it’s the latter.

Water Away To Make Your Stag Do Hangover Cure

A stag do without daytime activities can sometimes feel like something is missing, like Laurel without Hardy, Ant without Dec and Jordan without her 32FF’s.

Come Summer, Winter Spring or Fall (Autumn for non American readers), water activities on a stag do are full on and will give your stag weekend a natural cure to the inevitable hangover.

Wet and wild stag activities include white water rafting in Wales or Scotland, surfing in Bournemouth or the world famous Newquay or take on a gorge in Wales or Scotland.

Jet Ski-ing near Reading, the Zap Cat experience near Bournemouth of even the water parks in Spain will all help with that pounding head.

So whatever activity you feel will keep the group happy, a wet and wild stag activity is simply a great natural hangover cure, just call me the Chemist O naturel.

Stag Do Ideas For The Braveheart

Edinburgh is one of the top stag do destinations in the UK, with so much going on day and night you will wonder why you haven’t been before.

Full on adrenaline fuelled stag do activities await you when you get there including the best white water rafting site in the UK, a Rage Buggies and quad biking site which will knock your socks off and some of the best paintballing money can buy.

But hey, if you would prefer something a bit more chilled then a brewery tour around some of Scotland’s finest distilleries should be on your itinerary, learn how to taste whisky, I have and haven’t looked back (that’s because I can’t remember too much).

At night, this capital stag party city comes into it’s own with great clubs, fantastic lap dancing venues and pubs that close at 6am and then reopen and 7am, what do they do for that hour?

Whatever floats your boat I am pretty sure a stag do in Edinburgh will keep you from capsizing.

Paintball Is Not Everyones Cup Of Tea

Paintball may not be everyones cup of tea but have you actually had a go?

What is there not to like? Especially as a stag do activity.

Sorry to ask so many questions at the start but I am shocked people turn their noses up at such a brilliant activity, it may seem old hat ‘not trendy’ but let me tell you something, it sure does blow the cobwebs out of your every day mundane life.

Running through ambushes, gun in hand, shooting at anything that moves and succeeding in winning your team the game, this is as exciting as it gets.

The whole of the stag party can get involved, no standing around waiting for your go, become an integral part of the plan to win.

Strategically place small fragments of your stag party on different missions giving you the space to take or one or two people out before stealing their base, a little planning goes a long way.

The Art of Getting The Stag Do Right

Take 12 lads from Liverpool, a stag weekend in Prague with flights, transfers, accommodation and guides what could possibly go wrong.

Well, if you have all the essentials booked then things are looking up, you don’t have worry to much about logistics and not knowing where to go at night, the guides will take care of that.

However, take 12 lads from Hartlepool, flights and accommodation booked and every thing else is left to chance, “let’s play by ear” the best man said.

Everything starts well, get to the airport a few beers and board, once at Prague airport, “how come our cab cost eighty euros and every one else’s cost forty?” the best man asks.

“Right to the night life” the best man shouts, “where is it then?”

Moral of the story is, with a stag do, don’t leave anything to chance, get things booked and sorted, especially in a foreign city, also get a guide, you’ll be lost without one.

Try Something Different On Your Stag Do

Most stag dos tend to include one or two activities to keep the boys entertained.

Now these activities can be from stag drinking games to thrashing round a course on a rage buggy or quad bike.

Whatever your stag wants to do make sure he has a truely unique experience.

Something he hasn’t done before which he will remember for the rest of his days, so when his grand kids ask “what did you do on your stag do grandpa” he doesnt reply “just say went down the local boozer”.

What he should reply is “I had a fantastic stag weekend, we went white water rafting, paintballing and then went to see a comedy club and nightclub, I remember it well!”

The Only Way Is Dorset

This year a huge number of stag dos have taken place in Bournemouth.

They have enjoyed the fantastic micro climate, the amazing daytime activities and the immense night life.

And don’t forget that 7 miles of golden beach, even though this year has been the coldest for 20 years, Bournemouth has enjoyed more sunshine then 99% of the UK.

Some of the daytime activities you can get on include Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Mini Racing, Zorbing and the ever popular paintball.

Then at night expect banging clubs, pumping bars and a wild atmosphere perfect for a stag do Dorset style.

Looking for a UK destination for your stag do in 2012, look South to Bournemouth.

Stag Dos Going Cheap

DesignaVenture are into value for money and there is no better way to show this then to whack on a load of cheap stag do packages for the up and coming winter months.

Arrive between November and February and expect to pay thirty percent less then you would normally.

Thirty percent is a huge saving, for examply; The Riga Party On Stag Package you are saving twenty pounds a man, so if there was ten in the group that’s two hundred quid!

With two hundred quid you can:

  • Get the stag really drunk every night whilst on his stag do
  • Buy the stag a mankini to wear on his weekend
  • Pay for the stag’s weekend from start to finish
  • Get all the wives and girlfriends guilt presents
  • Buy two hundred items from a pound shop
  • So don’t just sit around and ponder what to do on your winter stag do, get on the DesignaVenture website and get yourself booked in before they get booked up.

    Rage Against The Quads

    You are in a ponder, “which motorised stag do activity to do?” After all one motorised activity is enough as you also want to do clay pigeon shooting, paintball and lap dancing, well we are in a recession.

    Out of all the top motorised activities two have come out on top this year, Rage Buggies and Quad Biking.

    Rage Buggies are fast, very fast and their exhilaration will sit you back in your seat, not even your Vauxhall Nova will do that! Race these amazing machines around a specially designed hard core circuit and see why they are so popular.

    Quad Biking is equally exciting with many sites giving you either a white knuckle ride on extreme terrain or racing head to head on fast tracks. These bikes are also really versatile giving you chance to motor through places you wouldn’t even send a tank through.

    These are both excellent stag do activities, if I had to choose I would really struggle as I love the speed and exhilaration of the Rage Buggies and find the quads excellent machines to thrash through mud, rivers and woods.

    So I can decide and will leave it up to you and your stag party to make the decision.

    Get Your Bristols Out For The Stags

    If you take offence from blogs talking about lap dancing clubs then what are you doing reading stag do news and possibly it’s best not to read on.

    A Bristol stag do is spoilt for choice if lap dancing is firmly on the itinerary as it houses some of the best fully nude lap dancing clubs in England.

    And if that is not enough, Hooters has set up shop ready for stag parties with open arms and low top crops.

    Walking around Bristol on a Saturday night wanting to get your stag a lap dance you will have a pick of 4 lap dancing clubs all within easy walking distance of each other, so if you don’t think too much about one of the clubs move on, they’re all open until 4 / 5am so there’s plenty of time.

    And if lap dancing is not your thing you can easily avoid these clubs and get down to some serious partying in one of Bristol’s many banging nightclubs.

    So with or without a gentleman’s club you are definitely guaranteed a banging time on your Bristol stag do.