Rage Buggies Are Still The Mutts Nuts

Rage Buggies and stag dos go together like Jack and Jill, custard and crumble, Stoke and Trent and G strings and lap dancing clubs, however I look awful in a G string even though I frequent a lot of gentleman clubs.

These amazing karts can get up to speeds of 60mph and the acceleration will sit you back in your seat and wake you up with a pure dose of adrenalin.

Slide these Rage Buggies round corners and you will see why these machines are made to race. Take on straights, chicanes and chambers and possibly have the best racing experience outside of formula one.

So for a fantastic stag do idea book Rage Buggies and get your stag party rocking.

Play Pub Golf On Your Stag Do

With more and more stag dos enjoying dressing up and playing pub games, let me introduce you to the fantastic Pub Golf.

Basic rules are, you visit a set number of pubs 9 or 18 ,depending on how thirsty you are.

Each pub will be given a par, usually 3,4 or 5 – which means you have to down your drink in three, four or five sips, drinks or gulps.

The idea is to stay under par however, if you spill your drink, go to the toilet, fall down, cheat or refused a drink by the barman these will result in extra strokes being added to your scorecard.

This is a great stag do game and you can add extra scope to it by dressing up as golfers, bravo boys.

Stag Dos Are Purely Medicinal

With all this news about the numbers of people being diagnosed with high blood pressure, we wondered what we could do to help.

What people need more of is letting go of their stressful lifestyles and partaking in a bit more activity.

They need to kick back, laugh a little, and get out of their usual environment every now and then.

In fact, a stag night getaway now seems practically essential on medical grounds.

A mixture of healthy daytime activities will exercise your body, relieve tensions, stretch your competitive edge and focus your mind, while an evening of socializing with like-minded people will help you get that all important deep sleep without the stress of a looming working day.

If only we’d known before that our stag dos were so therapeutic – well, everyone on them seems to be smiling!

Is The Stag Do The New Black?

Riding on the wave of the films The Hangover, and The Hangover 2 comes many spin offs, comedy nights, films and books all featuring the good old infamous stag do.

These epic films that have generated huge interest in the bachelor party theme see the stag members waking up in the morning after the mammoth night out and not remembering a thing.

They then have to piece the puzzle back together to remember their nights out in order to find the lost member of the stag party. This involves some unbelievable and comical incidents including Mike Tyson’s tiger, these films are a must see.

Dan Hoy’s Stag Do at the Edinburgh Fringe this year was a new take on this much celebrated night out.

Dan Hoy became a stand-up comedian five years ago. His stag do themed show was a precursor to his marriage making it a very blokey night, perfect for err…. well a stag do!

I wonder how long it will be before the West End picks up the current trend and produces a play or a musical about a stag do?

Have A Wicked Welsh Stag Do

Out of the mist of the Bristol Channel rises a capital city, which is the perfect location for your stag do.

Cardiff over the past decade has had a major face-lift and it looks better then Simon Cowell and that is saying something.

The city centre to Cardiff Bay has plenty of bars and clubs to keep even the craziest stag parties happy.

Hooters will keep you fed and the comedy clubs will keep you giggling before hitting Oceana for your big stag night out.

In the day you have a list longer then the Black Mountains including gorge scrambling, white water rafting, karting, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting to name but a few.

You can even walk to the indoor karts from your hotel, how’s that for a convenient stag do activity?

So for a wicked Welsh stag do head to Cardiff and party on.

Andy Murray’s Mum Becomes Best Man

Andy Murray’s mum did something out of the ordinary and become a best man for tennis coach Louis Cayer.

Judy Murray aged 50, wrote on Twitter the night before the wedding “It’s midnight ‘n’ I’m still up writing my best man’s speech for tomorrow.”

“Yes, that’s right. Best man. No, I’m not joking. First time for everything.”

“Best man for Louis Cayer… wedding tomorrow in Marlow.”

“Louis Cayer. One of the best tennis coaches in the world. And a great guy too.”

“It’s not totally abnormal for a female to be a best man” a spokesman from DesignaVenture told me.

“Once in a while a woman will ring up and book a stag do and lets us know she is a best man, she even bunks in with the boys” he added.

Judy Murray was asked if she went on the stag do, and she tweeted “No stag do…. Otherwise I would of insisted, well, I was told no stag do…”

Stag Do to North Wales Is The Great Get Away

After last week when some of the large cities in England saw rare scenes of riots and looting, does it make a lot of sense to book your stag do to North Wales and get way from the big cities?

Well, if you are looking for full on stag do activities such as White Water Rafting, Gorge Walking, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and Paintball, North Wales has the lot and more.

What your stag weekend in North Wales lacks in nightlife it makes up in a laid back atmosphere, fantastic daytime activities, stunning scenery and friendly locals.

If you want a bar and pub crawl there are plenty of market towns with enough pubs to cater for your needs and remember Chester is only 45 minutes away if you yearn for a big nightclub.

If I was to marry again, North Wales would be my stag do destination of choice, followed closely by Las Vegas, Thailand and then onto Sydney, Australia*.

*Providing money was no object and my future wife didn’t mind me taking a month to six weeks off for my stag do.

Where is the Best Place to go on a Stag Do

A question always asked by people up and down the UK, “where is the best place to go on a stag do”?

Well, I reply it depends on what you want to do. If you want to go white water rafting I wouldn’t recommend Brighton, however Edinburgh, Chester, North Wales or maybe Manchester if you don’t mind the drive.

If you want the best Quad Biking in the UK, then Newquay is the best place for your stag do to go to, the nightlife is pretty hot too.

If you you are looking for Rage Buggies then Bristol, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bournemouth and Reading will cater for your stag do needs adequately.

If however you are looking for serious nightlife, full on lap dancing clubs, late night clubs and bars then Prague, Riga or Bratislava will feed you needs for parting hard.

If you want a quiet sleepy away from it all stag do, then North Wales is your destination of dreams.

Winter Stag Do Sale Now On

Just like DFS, DesignaVenture has a sale on, book your winter stag do to Reading, Bournemouth and Bristol for the coming winter months.

For a stag do in Reading and for just £89 per person, you get 1 night in a 4 star hotel, paintball, hovercrafts and nightclub entry.

If Reading isn’t your bag, try Bournemouth for your stag weekend as this includes 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, quad biking, blindfold driving, clay pigeon shooting, human table football and nightclub entry.

Then there’s Bristol which has been extremely busy in 2011 for hen and stag dos, the Bristol Bargain package includes 1 night 4 star hotel with breakfast, paintball, hovercrafts, clay pigeon shooting and nightclub entry.

So for a wicked stag do or weekend get yourselves to the DesignaVenture website.

Yeovil Round Table Wants to Help Best Men

Yeovil Round Table is creating a guide to help all budding best men to perform their duties to the best of their abilities including the stag do.

They are asking people in the Somerset area for video clips of excellent best men speeches and stories.

These can be emailed to them at bestman@roundtable.rg.uk

“Our aim is to use the responses we receive from people in Somerset and those from Round Table’s network of more than 500 tables, to produce a simple, but authoritative guide to delivering the perfect best man’s speech, created by those who know best – the men who’ve been there” a spokesman from the Yeovil Round Table told the Yeovil Express.

The Yeovil Round Table has always looked to provide help 18 to 45 year olds since 1927, so they have plenty of experience.

As well as the best man’s speech, they also want to help the best man with his personal development skills, public speaking and of course the very important stag do!