Two Stag Dos Are Now Choice

Most grooms these days have a lot of friends and family to consider when arranging a stag do, so celebrating on more than one occasion is now becoming the norm.

Take Jamie Hince, the lead guitarist from The Kills who is getting married to Kate Moss tomorrow. He had a stag do in London with band members and friends, then on a seperate occasion took some of his other friends off by private helicopter to St Tropez.

If family members or close friends can’t make the luxury stag do to a distant city or country then, usually the groom will arrange a get together for them around their local boozer or city centre.

It shows that social circles are getting bigger and also grooms are wanting more than just the one stag do celebration.

Bournemouth Stag Do

A Bournemouth Stag Do if you ask me is a weekend well spent.

Gone are the days of the blue rinse brigade hitting the beaches of Bournemouth and then playing bridge in the hotel lobby whilst getting excited about the hotel entertainment featuring Gordon Bennett in the evening.

These days Bournemouth is a party town full of restaurants, bars and clubs catering for every type of occasion.

If you don’t want to just sit on the beach all day there is a magnitude of activities to tempt you, from the obvious paintball and karting to the zany Zorbing, mini racing madness and the calamity clay pigeon shooting (apologies for all the terrible expressive words).

There are also some fantastic activities sites where you can play with loads of boys toys at a great price, including a site where you can have a go at Rage Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Blindfold Driving and Human Table Football all in one morning or afternoon.

If you fancy hitting the surf, Bournemouth is the first place in the world to create it’s very own artificial reef perfect for stag dos wanting surf lessons without having to travel all the way to Newquay.

However, the beauty about a Bournemouth stag do is that if you don’t have to do any of the above you can just kick back, relax and watch the world go by whilst sunbathing on one of the 7 miles of clean and glorious sandy beaches.

A Nottingham Stag Weekend

A Nottingham stag weekend can consist of so many unforgettable moments you’ll need a head-cam to record them all and then show them off at the wedding, umm maybe not, WGOTSOT.

I have spoken to one of the sales team members of DesignaVenture and she told me that “Nottingham has always been a fantastic place to celebrate your stag do however, this year has seen a bit of a revival in groups wanting to party here”.

“One of our most popular packages has been in Nottingham, Rage Buggies, Bikes and Boogie weekend” she added.

“This package is so popular because it includes 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, Rage Buggies (obviously), Quad Biking, Laser Clays and entry into Nottingham’s biggest and best nightclubs, Oceana”, she also advised me..

Nottingham does not just offer fantastic daytime activities, at night this vibrant city has loads going on including comedy clubs, Hooters Party Meal, Medieval Banquets, Lap Dancing Clubs, tons of bars, great restaurants covering a multitude of cuisines and much much more.

Situated right in the centre of the UK mainland, Nottingham is also a good place to party if your stag group is scattered all over the UK.

By the way WGOTSOT means what goes on tour stays on tour.

So for an unforgettable stag weekend head to Nottingham, see, no mention of Robin Hood, damn I’ve just said it.

Mark Wright From TOWIE Planning Stag Do

The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright is apparently planning a massive stag do on the Algarve in Portugal.

According to a daily tabloid he has invited quite a few members of the TOWIE cast including some of the ladies but not his fiancé Lauren Goodger.

The stag do is apparently going to take place next month and according to this tabloid he hasn’t even fixed the date for the wedding, how very modern.

Can you do that, go on your stag weekend before you fix your wedding date? Or is it just another excuse to go on holiday with your mates?

Stag Do Ideas for the hopelessly lost

Are you in a conundrum searching for stag do ideas and only finding ones that just don’t float your groom’s boat?

For some of the best stag dos you can do within the UK stop clicking your mouse for a moment and read the text below.

Horse racing may not be for everyone but it is a hugely popular daytime activity perfect for the activity phobic groom.

The buzz of watching your horse race along with getting togged-up and having a flutter with your mates whilst watching the girls in hats walk by is a British institution.

If you want to get wet then gorge walking in South Wales before sampling the excellent nightlife in Bristol or Cardiff is another favourite.

Walk behind waterfalls, scramble over slippery rocks, jump into deep pools from as high as 40 foot ledges, traverse sheer rock faces and shoot down mother natures slides is all part of this challenging and energetic experience.

Motorised activities have always been the number one choice since the early 90’s, but thank the heavens they have moved up a gear!

No more racing around grass courses made up of cones with the acceleration of a gnat, these days you will be strapped into rage karts which are capable of 50 – 60 mph and with acceleration that will take the skin off your face!

Why not go bang up to the minute and try out Segways or turn the clock back to the 80’s and have a go at It’s a knockout but without Stuart Hall and the Royals.

At night there is masses of entertainment to suit the even the most savvy socialites. The majority of DesignaVenture’s top stag do destinations offer comedy clubs, gentleman’s clubs, bar crawls, super-clubs, casino nights, greyhound racing and themed nights.

If you are looking for more of a laid back stag do, they also offer rural locations with pubs accommodation and also 4 star country retreats.

Why are stag activities so popular?

These days stag dos with some sort of activity in the day is the norm.

Why have we gone from just getting lashed down the local boozer to this more celebratory style event?

Most grooms / stags actually want to remember their weekend or night away, so drinking all day is not an option.

So what do most men do together if drink is not involved? They want to bond over some sort of activity or event, show off, get muddy and let their hair down its simple really.

Hence why the stag activity weekend was created and activities such as Canyoning / Gorge walking, Paintball, Quad Biking, Rage Buggies etc. have become extremely popular.

This is not every grooms cup of tea, you don’t have to get muddy and smelling of petrol to stay out the pub – however this is the most popular way of keeping all the boys entertained and off the licker.

Luxury Stag Do For Jamie Hince

According to a few on line tabloids Kate Moss treated her fiancé Jamie Hince, to a luxury stag do to France.

Kate had her mammoth hen party at the Isle of Wight festival whilst Kills guitarist Jamie Hince went to Paris by Private Jet, relaxed in luxury hotels with his mates.

The Private Jet first of all took the party to Paris and then on to Nice. They then took a Private Helicopter to St Tropez and then onto Monaco for a bit of casino fun.

Now if all this is true, what a fantastic luxury stag do, well if you got it, spend it, or give it to charity, either way you cannot spend it in your next life!

Mike Tindall’s Right Royal Stag P*** Up

Future Royal’s hubby Mike Tindall one of England international rugby players was papped on his alcohol-fuelled stag weekend in Miami, sunny Florida. Mike and ten of his friends managed to rack up a mega bar bill of £12k.

In the mean time Mike’s down to earth wife to be, Zara Phillips was attending her grandfather Prince Phillip’s 90th birthday celebrations with the rest of the royal family.

Mike was spotted during the day drinking cans of beer by the pool at the trendy W hotel where the group where reported to be staying. At dinner he downed a carafe of red wine, perhaps a stag do prank?

Just after midnight they were partying it up at LIV nightclub at the fashionable Fontainebleau hotel where they racked up the now infamous $20K bar bill. Drinks on the bill included Dom Perignon Rose 1996 at just £508 per bottle, Sambuca, Vodka, Red Bull and Tequila.

He also enjoyed chatting and dancing with to some female party goers, and taking a Tutu from a waitress to wear.

There are already a lot opinion out there about Mike’s stag do, but as far as we can tell he didn’t do anything wrong just had a laugh and enjoyed a stag night with the boys, who can blame him?

We’d like to wish Mike and Zara all the best for their wedding in July.

2011 The Year of The celebrity Stag Do

2011 Has been massive for celebrity weddings, and where there’s a celebrity wedding there’s a celebrity stag do!

Tying the knot this year seems to be a craze especially for our friends in front of the press.

Famous people that have or will get married this year include Mike Tindall & Zara Phillips (to each other), Noel Gallagher, Lily Allen, Ed Miliband, Earl Spencer, Kate Moss and not forgetting Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Do you think people got married because it’s the year of the Royal Wedding, or it currently a trend to get married?
Actually I think it’s simply because there are a lot more celebrities in our lives, you can’t get away from them.

Whatever the reason, it still makes a good read to find out what they did on their stag do.

Lily Allen’s Hen Party

Lily Allen had her Hen Party last weekend in London, she is due to get married this weekend in Gloucestershire.

First of all she was taken by her bridesmaids for a cookery lesson with Gordon Ramsey, her twitter feed read ‘he was brilliant. Had no idea, I am a very lucky girl’.

According to a daily newspaper, she then headed for The Savoy Grill at Claridge’s hotel for a meal before heading to Soho’s Lucky Voice Karaoke Bar for well, karaoke.

Apparently the group downed bottles of rose Champagne and Lily belted out classics such as ‘Like A Virgin’ by Madonna and ‘Moment For Life’ by Nicki Minaj.

She also tweeted pictures of her hen night including pictures of penis shaped straw and wearing stripper shoes.

We would like to wish Lily and her ‘husband to be’ Sam Cooper all the luck in the world.