A Happy Stag Do Year

This is the time of year where the whole hen and stag do world closes down for the festive period given us all a chance to re-charges our batteries ready for the onslaught of stag dos and hen parties for 2011.

Our parties have endured a fabulous summer with great weather (better then 2009, anyway) and a winter colder then an Eskimos garden.

Top stag activities this year has been quad biking, rage buggies, white water rafting and clay shooting, lets not forgot the ever-popular paintball always a favourite so deserves a mention.

Great stag do destinations this year have included Bristol, Riga, Bournemouth, Wales, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Nottingham.

Now 2010 is coming to an end, here’s to a fantastic 2011, with even more hen and stag ventures, even more amazing activities and the best packages money can buy, courtesy of DesignaVenture.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2011

Fit the Best – Everest Stag Party

We are appealing to stag do parties that popped into the The Tan Hill Inn at the weekend who may of taken the famous Everest feather as a bit of fun or dare, to return it.

The Tan Hill Inn one of the highest pub some 1,732ft above sea level was the location of a piece of TV advertising history.

Let refresh your minds, if they go back that far; the late Ted Moult, a farmer and TV personality demonstrated how good Everest window products were by dropping a feather in front of a window in possibly the draughtiest pub in the UK as a gale raged outside. Viewers watched it fall vertically onto the sill

Owner of the Tan Hill Inn Tracey Daley told a reporter “I am gutted, I would say 85 per cent of our new customers at some point mention the advert, it’s a piece of TV history. People look at the picture and say, I remember that”.

Tracey has even offered a reward for the safe return if the plumage. So come on lads if you have taken it you’ve had your fun now show a bit of stag do Christmas spirit and return.

The best stag activities to do in the Snow

Its wintertime in stag do news land, and we are 8 days away from Christmas and would you believe there is snow on the ground. Weather forecasters have said that this spell of cold weather could last well into 2011.

We could still have snow on the ground in February, March and even April, so what activities would be best to book for my stag do, I hear you ask?

Well first of all I need to sort these voices out in my head and then get to work with some suggestions.

My first suggestion is quad bikes, an old favourite and an ideal candidate. These machines were built for this weather and will rip through snow, ice, water and mud like a hot knife through butter.

The second suggestion I have for you is would you believe, Hovercrafts! These machines are excellent fun on compacted snow and will keep going all day long.

White water rafting sounds freezing and would be the obvious choice of not what to do, but just imagine shooting down river in beautiful countryside covered in crispy white snow, with proper white water frothing all around you. Don’t worry you will have wetsuits to keep you nice and toastie we are in the 21st Century.

Paintball is an obvious choice and also a good one, the bullets will hurt a little more then they usually do but wow hiding in a snowy scene is virtually impossible, so making the games a lot more fun for the trigger happy stags.

We haven’t mentioned karts yet, because they are simply awful on snow, but you still have the indoor karts, which will never get affected.

Whatever the weather a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised me that their staff can advise you on which activities will be running, information on daylight hours (its gets dark very early in the winter months especially in Scotland) and suitable alternatives should you activities get cancelled.

“Its so hard to get everyone on a weekend so you don’t want anything to get in your way, we keep the party going is, this is our forte”, he added.

Blow the bleeding doors off your stag budget

The iconic London Savoy Hotel would make the perfect stag do stay over for Prince Williams friends to rest there weary heads after the most talked about stag do of 2011

The Savoy doors have re-opened after a hugely ambitious restoration project that was completed 18 months later than scheduled and cost well over a £200 million. At least it’s open in plenty of time to iron out any creases before William party.

The newly created 2-bedroom Royal Suite is truly a suite fit for a future King, with suites an absolute snippet from £10,000 per night including breakfast, a stag do in London would seem lame without a night at the Savoy!

Who could resist having one or two of the legendary bartender Harry Craddock’s classic cocktails in the newly renovated American Bar or even a sip or two of one of the finest Champagne in the city in the new Beaufort bar? Before heading off partying hard around the city.

This legendary British hotel first opened its doors 1889, the opulent hotel is a stunning eclectic blend of the original timeless Edwardian and Art Deco glamour with a modern twist of new elegance and to top it all off its fabulous location on the River Thames.

Its proximity to the city means The Savoy is ideally placed for the perfect stag do weekend, book early to avoid disappointment!

Beat the Vat Man (not with a club, thats illegal)

On January the 04th 2011, VAT goes up to 20% on almost everything you buy including stag dos.

Whilst every body talks about big ticket purchases such as Ipads, Ipods and everything else that starts with an I, holidays and breaks are one of the only purchases you can have deep into 2011 whilst only paying the VAT for 2010.

So get the boys together, figure out your stag destination and what stag do activities you want to include and get your stag do booked before Christmas, saving you and your friends that all important dough you need to spend whilst on your stag weekend.

Most companies if booking your break within the UK will allow you to change your numbers up until 4 weeks prior to departure, so you don’t even need a firm yes from all the boys, just the main players!

3 Stag Dos fit for a Prince

Prince William is planning three stag dos according to reports on the net.

As the Prince has country pals, royal relatives and RAF colleagues he will need at least three stag dos just to get around his mates.

According to the People newspaper a source told them “William loves a good tear-up and each stag do will be absolutely full on, ending deep into the night, if at all.”

He then added, “Prince Harry will be at the Highgrove crawl, as well as organising the London stag do and anything he is involved with will not be for the faint-hearted.”

Prince Harry being a party animal will probably take part in all three of the stag dos, lets hope he keeps his fancy dress at home!

Snoop Dogg getting Royal

There are stories regarding the up and coming Royal Stag Do all over the net and tabliods.

The latest story is that Snoop Dogg has been busy tweeting not only offering his services for the official Stag do but also dedicating one of his new tunes “Wet” to the royal bachelor party.

Prince Harry, who is organising Will’s stag do is famous for loving hip hop and rap, according to the Daily Mirror has actually asked Britain’s Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg to play at the stag party.

Snoop has responded to these reports by saying “when I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William’s marriage, I knew I had to give them a little something.

“Wet is the perfect anthem for the Prince or any playa to get the club smoking” he added.

Not snow cold in Newcastle

If ever there is a stag do location recommendation then Newcastle is definitely the place to go, the local beauties wear next to nothing in the winter even when the temperature drop into the minuses.

One stag group told me that “Newcastle is full of scantily clad women, even when it snows”.

The Daily Mail published a load of pictures today showing scantily clad women walking through the toon in high heels, short skirts, bare skin and not a warm coat in sight.

There is also the 2009 survey voting the Geordie women the sexiest in the whole of the UK, so there is another reason to get your stag do up there to party.

So whatever time of year you decide to go to Newcastle you are guaranteed of an eyeful.