The Unbelievable deal

Have you been on stag dos that cost the earth? Well looks no further then this amazing stag do Bournemouth deal DesignaVenture are currently offering which will rock your stag weekend world.

This Bournemouth stag weekend deal was £158.00 however DesignaVenture are giving this package a massive 25% off, so you’ll only pay £119.00 per person, fan flaming tastic.

What does this deal include then?

For starters you have 2 Nights in an amazing 3 star city centre hotel with breakfast.

Followed by some gusty activities on Saturday, which includes Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Human Table Football and Blindfold Driving.

To finish off you will be put onto the guest list of Bournemouth’s most happening nightclub, no need to queue your with DesignaVenture.

Milton Keynes is Growing Up

Milton Keynes stag dos, you what?

In the 1980’s and 90’s Milton Keynes had this reputation of being a synthetic town, one where concrete cows roamed the fields on the outskirts and every street looked the same, so why on earth would I recommend you spend your last days of freedom here?

Even though the streets do look similar Milton Keynes is ultra modern and boasts more facilities then the average historical town in the UK.

Where else can you ski or snow board on proper snow in the middle of summer, then after you have had your alpine fix go indoor sky diving, each sky dive equivalent to 3 proper ski dives!

On the outskirts of town there are the usual activities including paintballing, karting and Clay Pigeon Shooting etc

Don’t get me started on the amazing nightlife there are more uber cool bars and clubs that you can wave a stick at.

For up to the minute trendy stags and hens Milton Keynes is definitely the in place to be seen on your stag or hen do.

Masks for a stag do

We all want to loose our identity sometimes especially on stag dos when the stag is better looking then you.

Stag do masks have really taken off in a big way, as they have so many positives.

First of all the price is good, we all know fancy dress can become very expensive sometime and it can be quite common to spend over £50 per person just for a night out and that’s before the beer!

Well for just under a fiver you can slip on either a mask of the stag himself or a celebrity face of your choice.

When you get to the nightclub just take the mask off put it into your pocket for stress free entry, try and do that with a mankini!

The Hangover Cure

Stag dos are a fantastic way to spend time with your mates, but the dreaded hangover is a real downer. No amount of pills, remedies and hair of the dog will ever come close to the following hangover cures we can include on your stag party.

Our number one cure is White Water Rafting; you will be thrown around a raft before being dunked into freezing cold water, but hey this seems more like a punishment than a cure? Well I can promise you all that this will help the blood circulate around the body at speed getting rid of all those toxins you collected the night before, so a dip in the water will refresh you and get you ready for the next night!

Gorge scrambling / Canyoning is our next tip to beating that stinking hangover. You will get the thrills of jumping into deep pools, get lung fulls of fresh air and a good dose of that all important adrenalin to get rid of the headache from hell. Scramble across the gorge, walking behind waterfalls and traversing sheer rock faces will build that all important testosterone for another night out.

Our last tip is Coasteering, set on the coast in Newquay this activity gives you fresh sea air, which will clear your head, and whilst jumping into deep frothing pools you will get lashed by sea waves massaging your body into a fighting fit state.

Other activities can help, but water based activities are simply the best way to clear your head.

Pensioner saved by Hen Party

A hen party from Cumbria saved an elderly man from Holland after he got into difficulty whilst swimming in the hotel pool where they were staying.

The bride to be nurse Lyndsey Wojcik went on her hen weekend to Majorca expecting a wild hen weekend in Magaluf however after only a couple of hours of relaxing by the swimming pool they recognised that a fellow holidaymaker was having a heart attack in the pool.

The quick thinking girls who are fully trained cardiac nurses jumped into the pool and pulled the elderly Dutch gentleman out of the water and administered mouth to mouth resuscitation along with chest compressions and inserted an airway, as his breathing came back and he quickly regained consciousness.

Later when the Dutch man was discharged from hospital he went to thank the hen party and especially “the angel” who saved his life.

The gentleman and girls will certainly remember this Majorca hen party weekend.

A bestmans best friend is the kitty

If you, like most best men have to cater for everyone’s budget whilst on stag dos then you should be thinking about the Best Man’s best friend the kitty.

This is kitty comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be a normal boring old wallet to a more extravagant diamante purse. One thing is for sure, it’s the must have stag do accessory for all seasons.

The key is that everyone puts in the same amount of cash and then the kitty pays for everything; rounds of drinks, transport, entry into clubs, late night curries, the lot. You will then have less stress with group finances and whether or not Matt had rice with his Vindaloo and Dave ordered a VK Blue which cost 6p more than Tony’s pint of Boddies becomes irrelevant.

The kitty bonds the group, and is an excellent way of keeping everyone together all night long, and if you are all feeling particularly generous, the stag does not put into the kitty, simples.

Streak and Chips

A groom and his best man who had just returned from a Las Vegas Stag do, where pictured running down the A590 in Dalton, Cumbria in their birthday suits.

The stag do prank ended with the naked pair running towards Ulverston Road searching for a bit or warmth and perhaps their clothes.

According the North West Evening Mail one of the pair who wants to remain anonymous told a reporter that they hoped their actions did not to offend anyone and added “we decided to run from The Green in Lindal to the Golden Ball in Dalton, it was freezing!”

A spokesman from the police said that they had not received any complaints to date.

Creating the best stag do for your best mate

Being asked to be Best Man certainly is a proud moment and for most Best Men the first thought is the stag dos.

Most grooms these days will want a big stag do away with mates and close family members and then another stag night at home with Dads, Uncles and the guys that couldn’t make the big stag do.

The majority of Best Man duties take place the days before and on the big day, however the stag do will usually be a arranged a month or two before the wedding and will take a lot of arranging.

Using a stag do tour operator such as DesignaVenture will help you in more ways than one, firstly they can help you collect the money in from all the boys and more importantly they have the experience and know how on creating the best stag do for your best mate.

Some hotels will turn away stag groups just because they are a stag group, so getting booked into four star hotels with rooming lists taken care of seems like a luxury, but that’s what you get when you book through DesignaVenture.

Nightclubs are a nightmare to get into without the mighty force of a stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture so that’s another headache taken care of.

Your groom bless his heart won’t want to be leathered by 4pm so daytime activities are always a good call.

Choose your location and then see what you can do in that location by calling DesignaVenture or checking on their website.

Alternatively, you can always decide on which activity or activities you would like to do and then see where you can do them again, the know how will come from a stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture.

So my advice to all you best men who want to do the best by your best mate, check out it might be the best decision you make.

Germans ban the beer bike

The beer bike known as the pedal pubs or mobile conference tables ideal for stag dos has been banned in Germany.

This fantastic beer bike tour can take up to 16 people who sit around a beer barrel table, help themselves to on tap beer, listen to music and tour cities has been an amazing success story in Germany and has now been banned by a court in Düsseldorf after complaints about rowdiness.

German drivers have complained about the Beer Bike, saying that the longer people sat on the bike the less they pedalled and the bikes were getting slower and slower causing traffic jams.

Stag groups from the UK and other European countries including Germany make up half of the beer bike’s clientèle. Groups are restricted to 18 pints of beer an hour with regular toilet breaks built into the tour.

A spokesman from DesignaVenture told me that “the beer bike tour is extremely popular with our stag and hen parties and it’s a big shame about the German court ruling”.

Superhero Stag Do for Murray

Andy Murray, Britains current number one tennis player took a break from centre court to organise a superheroes stag night for his tennis playing brother, Jamie.

The party theme was superheroes and the fuel was Champagne, Jamie was dressed as Superman as they partied at Prince Harry’s favourite nightspot, Mayfair’s Whisky Mist nightspot.

The party went on until 3.30am with other well known tennis players attending from the ATP tour, the highlight of the night was the Whisky Mist Batman Show where four dancers put on Joker masks and the waiter dressed as Batman wheeled out ten bottles of Dom Perignon, a source told the London Metro.

The hangover comes ahead of Jamie’s best man, this year’s Australian Open finalist getting him to the secret location in Scotland on Sunday to marry his Colombian fiancée Alejandra Gutierrez.

Both Murray’s seem loved up at the moment Andy has recently reunited with his long term lover, 22-year-old Kim Sears, she has moved back into Murray’s £5 million gated community home in Surrey after a 6 month split.