The most sober stag do in History

Russell Brand had his stag do on the weekend watching West Ham in the afternoon and ending up in Stringfellows Angels lap Dancing clubs, escorted by the proprietor himself, Peter Stringfellow who described the do as the “most sober stag party in the history of his clubs”.

After all the speculation and rumour of what he would be doing on his stag do, the news finally broke of what Russell Brand did get up to:

He started the most talked about stag night in years at Upton Park watching West Ham beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0. He was pictured in a private box with David Walliams, Noel Gallagher and David Baddiel watching and cheering on his beloved Hammers.

He then moved the stag do on to the York and Albany gastro pub in Regents Park were they stayed for several hours chatting, eating and drinking.

The party then continued to Stringfellows joined by Jonathan Ross, Carl Barrat (from the Libertines) and Peter Stringfellow who told Russell Brand “do what you like”.

They were then picked up by a mini coach at 1:45am and taken to their North London hotel to end the night.

He tweeted later “Wes Ham beat Spurs and Stringfellow just told me ‘do what you like’ truly I am the Duke of Essex.”

Another Stag Party successfully rescued

A group of 10 guys wanting to celebrate their stag do in Swansea decided to cross the Bristol Channel in 2 high-speed RIBs from Devon, but broke down and had to be rescued 8 miles off Mumbles head, Swansea.

On Saturday afternoon the stag group from the Midlands set off from Ilfracombe and approximately 8 miles from the Mumbles Head one of the engines ran into trouble.

The other vessel tried to tow the troubled RIB, however with a strong tide (spring tide) and a very choppy sea after an hour they had barely made any progress towards the shore.

So at 17:00 BST a lifeboat was scrambled to rescue the group, 2 members of the stag party were suffering from exposure; the broken vessel and the other members were towed to safety by a local fishing boat, the Natasha Jane.

According to the BBC website Martin Double from the Mumbles lifeboat said, “luckily they were aware that water and alcohol don’t mix, although I got the feeling the groom to be was going to have a stag night to remember”.

Comical Stag Dos

Amongst many stag do stories there are some real gems of Grooms being put through an experience of what can only be described as friendly torture!

I have heard stories of grooms ending up on a slow boat to Calais days before the wedding, this is a good case of booking your stag do, weeks before the wedding and not on the next day or week.

Other stories include stags being defaced by his mates by either shaving his eyebrows or writing crudities in sun cream on their forehead, another case for having the stag do a month before the big day.

I have also heard of a story where a stag was dressed up in a mankini and made to do all the daytime activities including paintball, staying in this Borat Style fancy dress is perhaps a good daytime prank as at night lap dancing clubs and nightclubs would laugh and then frown at such revealing costumes.

There was also a very good story online of a stag on his four day stag do handcuffed to a midget who was painted blue (to resemble a smurf) for the whole duration. The groom had to sleep, eat, drink and everything else men do on a stag weekend, handcuffed to a blue midget.

Whatever you do to the poor unsuspecting stag, look after him, unless he did something terrible to you on yours!

Game, Set and Match for Jamie Murray

Recent winner of Wimbledon (mixed doubles) Jamie Murray is set to marry his Colombian fiancée next month and has asked his brother Andy Murray to be his best man and arrange his stag do.

Andy, the better know brother has been asked to arrange a stag do for Jamie a week on Sunday and is not exactly sure what he is going to do.

The stag night is going to take place in Scotland, which offers some of the best White Water Rafting in the UK, they could go for rage buggies and quad biking if they would like a bit of motorised competition before going out in Edinburgh.

If they don’t fancy a night of full on stag party in Edinburgh they can always opt for a quieter night with friends at a hotel in Aberfeldy or Pitlochry and enjoy the more tranquil celebration. In this area of Scotland they won’t just find fantastic scenery but some of the best activities in the UK albeit they do have some risk attached to them so Andy may not want to jeopardise his Tennis courier.

It would be great if Andy called DesignaVenture on 08456 43 2244, for some stag do advise they know everything you need to know about organising brilliant custom made stag dos.

Horse Racing Breaks are Jumping

A day at the races always brings to the mind glamorous ladies in gorgeous hats, champagne, excitement and a general day of frivolity, it is also a fantastic way to celebrate a stag do or hen party.

A day at the races is not just about backing your favourite horse, you have all the pomp and ceremony, the hospitality tents were you can eat fine food, the parade ring where you can check out the runners and riders before placing that all important bet, then there’s also the bar where we expect most stag and hen parties will congregate, lets not forget the most important thing the race itself the buzz and excitement of the actual race is amazing.

Placing a bet, deciding whether you want to bet to win (meaning the horse has to finish first) or each-way (meaning the horse must finish in first three or four, depending how many runners there are in the race) are probably the two most popular ways to bet. The Totes offer the easiest way to place a bet if you are a novices, they give you easy to understand odds whilst the bookmaker in the betting ring offer similar odds but speak a strange hand signal language which when seen in action is an experience in itself.

DesignaVenture offer horse racing package all over the UK and most packages include an excellent standard of hotel accommodation, transport to and from your hotel, a unique entry package, evening party meal and nightclub entry.

So don’t just go for the day, make a night or weekend of it!

Stag Dos hit the Shetland Islands

The Waterfront Nightclub in Wick on the Shetland Islands, has just been granted a licence to stage erotic dancing for groups such as stag dos and hen parties.

The sexy shows was approved by the Sutherland and Easter Ross licensing board at a town meeting.

So this is great news for Stag and hen parties who live on the Shetland Mainland, however I am not sure if it will be an attraction for stag and hen parties to head to the Shetlands from the British Mainland.

The Shetlands are extremely beautiful and would be a perfect get away from it all stag night!

Stag Do and Hen Party Masks

Fancy dress these days is a must on a stag do, popular clobber in the past and present is the 118 boys, mankinis, Baywatch, The Flintstones and many many more.

However trends are always changing and evolving and there are loads of ideas and themes to really make your night out a memorable one.

So what better way to stand out and really please the Stag then to all have his face on yours. Face masks are an up and coming trend, they have even been on Dragon’s Den on BBC 2. DesignaVenture are offering face masks on line for £3.75 per mask, go to Stag masks for full details.

A spokeman for DesignaVenture has told me that they have sold like hot cakes with pictures coming in thick and fast of hen and stags out on the town all cloned up.

“The great thing about these masks is after you have had enough you can take them off and put them in your pocket and not worry about getting into a nightclub in a mankini” he added.

Coronation Street Star and his Stag Do

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald celebrated his stag do in style by going Hovercrafting at our site in Oswestry and then for a booze-up in Llangollen.

Simon Gregson who also took a helicopter ride on his stag do is due to wed Emma Gleave in November, she is also the mother of his two sons.

Other Coronation Street stars who joined the stag do was Ryan Thomas who plays Jason Grimshaw, Craig Gazey who plays Graeme Proctor, Alan Halsall who plays Tyrone Dobbs and Jimmi Harkishin who plays Dev Alahan.

After their activities they headed for Llangollen for a night out before returning back to the cobbles the next day.

Stag Party Circus Drama

We told you about the stag do lift drama in Newquay, now there has been another lift moment in Bristol.

Luckily no one was hurt and there wasn’t really any drama just the fact the stag party was caught in a lift in Cabot Circus for half an hour before Avon Fire and Rescue opened the doors manually, this snippet of news caught the eye of the press and appeared in several papers, we thought it was funny enough to pass on.

We’re wondering what they did during their time in the lift, were they late for anything, did they need oxygen?

Probably not, but I do feel the press love a good stag do story as it always catches the news, like a “and finally” kind of story.

So “and finally, a stag do got caught in a lift in Bristol’s newest shopping centre, Cabot Circus”.

Cheltenham is an upcoming stag do and hen party location

When talking about popular stag do locations Cheltenham certainly isnt at the forefront of everyones minds, so why go there?

When mentioning great stag venues, locations such as Bournemouth, Brighton, Newquay, Nottingham and Blackpool always get a mention because that’s where the majority of stag parties flock to, DesignaVenture obviously offers all of these popular locations however, they don’t just offer for the masses, they use towns and cities where stag and hen parties are guaranteed a great standard of accommodation, excellent value for money activities and stylish nightlife like Bristol, Chester, Reading and now Cheltenham.

“On that front, Cheltenham certainly does not let you down” a spokesman from DesignaVenture told me.

“We can offer a great standard of accommodation right in the centre of the town. The activity sites are set in beautiful countryside and are some of the best we have visited they offer our clients exceptional value for money and more importantly an amazing time” he added.

Go to Cheltenham Stag Dos for a list of packages recently added to the DesignaVenture website.