Great news for Stag Dos heading to Bristol

There seems to be great news on the horizon for Bristol Stag Dos, the American chain Hooters may open at the Harbourside in the near future.

Hooters the American restaurant and bar chain which features a great jukebox, sports playing on huge screens and grilled food being served by girls dressed like cheerleaders is the perfect combination for a great stag party.

Hooters in Nottingham is a big hit with stag parties and is a must have on any stag do itinerary going to Nottingham.

Hey, stags don’t just go there for the food, as previously mentioned there are huge sports screens playing sports morning, noon and night and not forgetting the Jukebox playing oldies which will keep the atmosphere buzzing like a happy bee with a nectar card.

Noel Gallagher to attend Russell Brands Stag Do

Noel Gallagher the former Oasis rocker has confirmed to the press that he will be attending Russell Brands stag do before he ties the knot with Kate Perry. Noel told reporters that he has been invited to the wedding and he is going to be one of the ushers and will not be the best man.

He added, “On the stag do, I have no idea who is going. I imagine me the token northern and him, his mate Matt Morgan, all the people that work for him and his comedian mates.

Russell Brand had previously mentioned that he would be white water rafting and shooting arrows on his stag do, prompting all the press to think he will be going to Nottingham however there has been no official word on where he is going and what he is doing.

Russell has previously admitted that he asked Noel for a few tips on keeping his wife to be happy. He revealed: “I asked Noel how to get by in a relationship and he said, ‘Just say yes to everything they say.’ It works, I’ve been using that system and it’s working well.”

Best Man Duties other than the Stag Do

Arranging the stag do and making the speech on the wedding day are just two of the numerous tasks according to tradition a best man needs to attend to for his mates big day.

However, I feel most of the other tasks now get delegated out to other members of the family and congregation.

The suits, usually these days the bride to be has a colour theme so the best man and ushers/groomsmen don’t have to choose their attire, but it is down to the best man to get them to the fittings and to ensure there are no clothing malfunctions.

Night before, make sure the groom gets to bed early

Groom, on the day help him look his best for his big day

Organising the ushers/groomsmen, Make sure you delegate as many of the task you have as possible around the group

The dreaded speech, make sure you speak to as many family members as possible and his other best friends the groom may have, don’t forget his Uni buddies and work colleagues to get as many ideas as you can for the dreaded speech.

Carry an emergency kit, aspirin, mints, condoms etc

Rings, remember to take them with you on the day and guard them with your life

Buttonhole management, you are supposed to make sure all the key people have their buttonholes so liaising with the florist before the wedding is a must.

Clergyman or register office timetable, you are responsible for keeping to the time table, getting everyone there on time, photo shoot after, and for getting them away to the reception

Wedding Cars, apparently it’s your job to make sure that the cars arrive on time and every key person gets to the ceremony and the after wedding party..

Managing the wedding party seems to be a bit excessive but apparently you are there to make sure everyone has a good time and there are no hiccups, even down to making sure vegetarians don’t get the veal. This task could turn out as difficult as herding cats

Collect best wishes messages cards and emails to be read out at the reception

At the event, be in charge and be as attentive as possible, making sure the fathers and mothers are happy and enjoying themselves (as they are usually paying for the shin dig), do your speech and announce the cutting of the cake, looking after the bridesmaids and do a reply on their behalf in your speech. Disco DJ/Band, Go through the order of events and the bride and grooms choice of music

Above everything else make sure your best mate’s wedding goes to plan oh and you enjoy it, your not a best man everyday.

Stag do ideas for the adrenalin fuelled enthusiast

Most stag dos include enough booze to float a small ship however most stag parties want something memorable, competitive and exciting. So I have compiled a few of DesignaVentures most popular activities to help you out in creating your most memorable stag do.

On the competitive side of things there are loads of activities you can include in your stag weekend:

Indoor Karting seems to be the top competitive motorsport where the boys can race around a track head to head on several levels designed to get the best out of your racing skills. All karts have onboard computers which will not only tell you who has won but also your average speed and fastest lap. Most tracks will also give you a print out of all your stats, keeping the stat fans happy!!

Then there is Paintball, if you dreamt and played war when you were a kid then this is as close as it gets. Real paintballs will give away if you have been shot so a good plan with the boys before you set off will give you a good chance of winning and not getting shot! Despite what people say it doesn’t hurt that much and I am speaking from experience.

5 a side football may not be adrenaline fuelled but it is certainly energetic and competitive. Most stag groups will have many footballers in the group who will love nothing better then to have a kick around before a big night out. This is a great Friday afternoon activity and a bad Sunday morning idea!

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport for the country pursuit enthusiast however many stag dos love this activity for it’s competitive edge and the fact that you are using real guns that make a hell of a noise. Don’t worry all shooting grounds include earplugs, protective glasses and instruction.

If you are looking for something energetic and adrenalin fuelled then the following will not let you down:

Coasteering is done very well in Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and deep pools making it ideal for cliff jumping / tomb stoning done professionally. All specialised clothing is provided including wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid. You are then taken by instructors who know the coastline like the back of their hands to start from small jumps into deep pools ending up with massive jumps as high as a Victorian house!

White Water Rafting will certainly get your blood rushing as you paddle down stream avoiding rock boulders and hitting the water where its frothing like an outraged dog. Again all specialised clothing and equipment is included and I feel the best location is in Scotland, but if you feel this is too far for you then North Wales is an excellent alternative.

Rage Buggies may not be very competitive although there is a competitive element to the session, but boy can they go fast and whilst you slide your buggy around a mud track at speeds of around 50mph, adrenalin will flow through your blood stream like lava out of a very angry volcano.

These are just some of the great activities DesignaVenture organise every day, for a full list go to

Quad Biking takes off

Most stag dos and some hen parties are looking for an activity that will give them thrills, excitement, speed, adrenalin and let s face it mud!

Well this year DesignaVenture has noticed their quad biking activity really taking off with a large number of our groups opting for Quad Biking over Hovercrafting, Rage Buggies and that all time favourite stag do activity, Paintball.

Quad Biking is so versatile and if you have booked one of DesignaVenture’s extreme trekking safari’s you can really feel at one with the bike, taking on all sorts of terrain including deep gulley’s full of water and mud, through woods, up steep banks, across streams and flat out on level fields.

These treks are not nature trials and not for the faint hearted hence why they are such a huge attraction to DesignaVenture’s stag parties.

They also offer quad biking sites where you can race each other in head to head matches. Some of these venues including Bristol and Newquay you can really get the bike off the ground and swing the quad round chicanes making sure you look the business.

If all this sounds too much there is always Cup Cake Decorating and afternoon tea in London!

Robbie Williams Plays 5 a side football on his stag do

Groom to be Robbie Williams who is due to marry his stunning wife Ayda Field today, played 5 a side football on his very own football pitch in his back garden in LA with his mates for his Stag Do.

There is news leaking out everywhere on where he plans to get married, will or won’t his fellow Take That stars attend and who is going to be his best man, my moneys on Jonathan Wilkes.

This top secret wedding is somehow not so top secret and apparently the press are all saying that they are going to wed on at The Inn on Mount Ada on the romantic Island of Santa Catalina, which is 20 miles west of the coast of LA.

We have found 5 a side football to be a very popular activity to do on your stag weekend.

We wish him all the best!

Stag dos making the news

Just recently we have reported on a couple of stag dos, which have made the news for the right reasons.

There was the stag party who dressed the groom to be in a Stig from Top Gear outfit and the naked fishing trip in Swansea.

The naked sea fishing trip we reported on a couple of days ago keeps making the news and now, Mr Lloyd the Groom to be has told reporters that he told his future wife that they were going on a sedate wine tasting afternoon rather then a boozy sea fishing trip.

He told a Bristol evening news reporter “I told her we were going to be wine tasting but I was pretty sure she didn’t believe me. She had a bit of a shock when the pictures started appearing in the papers but to be fair she has been really good about it.”

His fiancée added: “I knew he wouldn’t be doing what he said all along because I know him far too well – I just think it’s hilarious that he got caught out so publicly.”

This has really taught all stags to be out there a lesson in telling the truth to their Bride to be and not to get caught with their trouser down, as you may get caught!

Stags and Hens in fancy dress

These days if you do not go out in fancy dress on your stag do or hen party you may stick out!

Fancy dress these days can cover anything from going out dressed like the 118 guys to personalised t-shirts or hen parties going out in personalised Sashes.

Sash wearing can include everyone in the hen party, for example the Mother of the Bride to be would say Mother Hen, hen would go out in Bride to Be, Mother in law in a sash saying Mother goose etc.

Most stags have a different look at fancy dress and really want either the entire group to stick out or the stag to look really great or a big fool.

Morph suits are becoming extremely popular to make the stag look a fool where the stag is dressed in an all in one type of gimp suit made of fabric where you can even drink through.

One Stag group made the groom to be looked fantastic and was dressed like the Stig from Top Gear, which even caught the eye of the media.

Themes are also hugely popular from everyone dressing up like Olympian athletes to Hen parties dressed in the Coronation Street Cast, other themes include wartime heroes, South Park Characters, Frenchmen or even as The Wallace and Gromit Cast.

Personalised t-shirts are also very popular and not just hen and stag nights, boys or girls holidays to the sun or ski, birthday bashes even if you going touring round Europe with your mates these t-shirts seem to be a popular must have.

Other fancy dress wear include naughty novelties, wigs and personalised masks. Personalised masks even turned up on Dragons Den, where everyone can go out with a mask of the hen or stag.

So remember, when you think of what to wear on one of the nights on your stag or hen weekend fancy dress is always a great option.

Wedding Tackle Exposed on Stag Do

A stag do from Bradley Stoke, Bristol have been caught with their trousers down whilst on their sea fishing stag activity weekend near Swansea.

The Mumbles Head coast guard spotted the naked stag party on a boat and thought something fishy was going on so asked a passing RAF helicopter to take a closer look.

Mark Thomas the skipper from the fishing vessel told a report from this is South Wales “There were 20 stags and 10 of them went on my boat, and the rest went on one of the other boats, I went to do something, and I turned around and somebody had dropped their shorts. The T-shirts then came off and they all egged each other on to take all their clothes off. I saw a helicopter hovering above us, and then they dropped a smoke flare into the water. The lads were jumping up and down, waving and having a good laugh. It was all good fun. They were like it for more than an hour-and-a-half and were well behaved. They did invite me to join in, but it was a bit chilly for me!

“I have had people taking their tops, off but I have never had anybody doing the full Monty on my boat before he added.”

Nick Woore the best man from the stag group said, “It was pretty much a spur of the moment thing. We decided to drop anchor and do some fishing. The skipper went into his room and we thought we would surprise him when he came out. We were all naked when the helicopter came over us. What started off as a quiet fishing trip with a few beers turned into naked madness.”

“It was one of the best fishing trips we have ever had, and we have some very memorable moments — many of which will come out in my best man’s speech, I’m sure he added.”

They carried on larking around on the beach after the fishing trip, cooking the Mackerel they caught on the beach and skinny-dipping, before get dressed up as sportsmen and heading to the infamous Wind Street in Swansea to continue there antics. Mr Lloyd is getting married to Catherine Ferguson in Cyprus in September.

We wish them good luck but advise them not to carry on their naked trend in Cyprus, the locals may not be so keen to see their wedding tackle.

Celebrities are queuing up to organise Simon Cowells stag do

It seems that every celebrity is queuing up to organise Simon Cowells stag party, according to the Star now Katy Perry is in the running and wants to team up with fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Cole to organise Simon’s stag do.

We recently advised you about first of all Ant and Dec wanting to organise the music tycoon’s stag night, then Amanda Holden and now Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole.

Katy Perry was in Kuala Lumpur when she reportedly stepped up to the mark and offered her services to become a great stag do organiser.

She told a reporter whilst filming for MTV World Stage Live “I know it’s not custom to have girls at your bachelor party but I know Cheryl and I could organise one that he would never forget. It wouldn’t exactly be a bad thing to have us both there, would it?”

She also told the reporter that Simon would probably become a dad very soon and said “I think he will make a great dad, I really do. People see Simon’s professional head on TV but that’s what it is, his professional head. Underneath he is a real softie. I think he is finally mellowing and would make a great family man.”

“I am not sure he will ever be a pipe and slippers man because he loves his work but I am convinced he will make a great dad and husband she added.”