Winter Wedding? Try our winter stag deals

Can you believe its August tomorrow, where has the summer gone? Stag dos have been and gone and all the days are getting shorter, the cloud is endless and the cold is due to set in.

Hey FELLAS, all is not lost, DesignaVenture a leading stag do organiser has got some cracking deals that will cuddle you like a Koala bear.

So if you are getting married at Christmas or on Valentines Day then these deals are perfect.

We are offering a fantastic deal in Reading offering 1 night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, Hovercrafts, Paintball including 100 rounds and Clay Pigeon Shooting for just £89.00 per person.

We also have the beautifully named Bournemouth Offer weekend, which includes 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, Human Table football and Blindfold Driving in Land Rovers for just £119.00 per person.

Soon to come are offers for Nottingham, Bristol and Newcastle.

Early bird stag do savings, Beat the Vat Man

As we are all fully aware VAT is set to soar to 20% on January 01st 2011, and you are now wondering what has this got to do with stag dos or hen parties?

Well, all bookings made during 2010 for a stag do or hen party taking place in 2011 will be bought at 2010 prices, hence you will miss any price increase which usually appear around January and will also save an additional 2½% by missing out on the VAT increase, you will safeguard your booking by booking early and the money grabbing VAT man will not get dirty hands on your hard earned cash. Booking early definitely has it’s benefits.

“So how do we go about booking my 2011 stag break, when I only have a really vague idea of who might come on the stag do right now” I hear you ask, well this is where our clever terms and conditions come in, all you need to do is put down a measly £100 deposit and give us a rough idea of how many people will be attending your super slick stag do.

Then, 5 weeks before you go when your balance is due, you can amend your numbers up or down and pay your remaining balance (minus your deposit).

I mean come on, how easy peasy is that? Now, get going go to the desired location you have in mind and pick one of our fantabulous stag weekend packages and get it booked and don’t forget to stick up your two fingers to the venomous VAT man.

The Stag and Stig Weekend

A Groom on his stag do dressed up as the stig has caused quite a stir in the media, even the BBC are having an investigation.

Top Gear has been in the news recently with regards to Hollywood Royalty in the shape of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz turning up and obliterating the “star in a reasonably price car” score board with viewers shouting “fix, fix”.

However, a sighting of the Stig at a petrol station is hardly ground breaking news! According to fans of the biggest motor show on the television worldwide, the stig was spotted with bodyguards getting out of a Porsche and getting into a Range Rover.

There is a twist in the tail, the fake stig was a groom on his way to his stag weekend and getting on with his day to day business of what stags do on their weekend, getting dressed up and standing out of the crowd.

We love this story because it caused such a ripple in the media, the stag group who, had a fantastic idea of putting the groom into a white boiler suite and helmet didn’t think for one minute it would catch the eye of the national press let alone the BBC.

Apparently the BBC is looking into the incident, licence money well spent.

The Last Minute Stag Do

It seems the sun has come out and woken up the disorganised best man, as according to DesignaVenture 7% of stag dos are being booked within 2 weeks to go!

Now imagine having to speak to 20 men, getting their opinions on where to go and what to do, then getting them to pay for the stag do, you’d need to be either a GroomZilla or a top Bestman to be able to achieve this within said time.

Most last minute stag do groups opt for the UK managing to get in somewhere, it may not be the exact package they originally enquire about but we always try to match their requests as closely as possible a spokesman for DesignaVenture advised us, he continued to say “Some best men have either left it until the last minute because they are slightly disorganised or have had a last minutes stag do sprung on them to arrange by an indecisive groom, deciding he does want a stag do after all”.

“We usually find the best late availability package possible to suit their budget and 9 times out of the 10 the group has an amazing weekend, we believe leaving it to the last minute is not really advantageous but being flexible with late options helps the last minute stag do have a great weekend away” he added.

Newcastle Airport ‘s stag dos take off

Never has there been a better time to fly from Newcastle airport to your favourite stag weekend abroad destination.

Jet 2 has just released details of their 2011 schedule and if you are a stag do in the North of the UK, happy days.

They plan to fly from Newcastle to Faro (which serves the Algarve in Portugal), Alicante (for Costa Blanca and Benidorm), plus stag do favourites Krakow and Prague.

Prague will be the first schedule to start at the beginning of November 2010 and then Krakow at the end of March followed by Alicante and Faro during April 2011.

Newcastle airport isn’t the only airport in the north to benefit from Jet2’s expansion programme, this summer they are now flying to Prague and Reus airport (Reus serves Barcelona South and Costa Brava) from Manchester.

This is great news as recently airlines have been cancelling routes due to the credit crunch; hopefully this positive move is a sign the sweet green shoots of recovery are on their way.

Sol leaves it to the last minute

Sol Campbell ex England and now Arsenal defender has left his stag do until the very last minute, the night before his wedding.

Sol is getting married to Fiona Barratt in Northumberland and wanted a very sedate, quiet send off, however his football buddies Ledley King and Jermain Defoe had other ideas.

According to the Sun a source had told them “Ledley and Jermain wanted Sol’s last night as a single man to be an eventful one, the last thing Sol wanted was a party, but he won’t have much choice”.

We always think having a Stag Do the night before your wedding is definitely a big no no, as the temptation for a stag do prank increases and you could find yourself on a slow train to Dover or have something noticeable shaved off.

Pamplona Bull Run Gores Brit on a Stag Do

A British man from Teeside was on a stag do watching the famous Pamplona Bull Run was gored by a passing Bull during this year’s festival.

Daniel Earl was on his Brother James’ stag do to Spain when a passing bull ran passed and then seemed to turn around and ram his horns into his groin and then tossing him into the air.

He had a very nasty gore, which was stitched up on the street by paramedics and then was taken to hospital in fear of infection.

The Landscape Gardner from Yarm on Teeside brother James saw the whole thing happen, he told reporters “it was absolutely horrible, the bull ran past Daniel but then turned back, I felt completely helpless”.

Daniel’s Mother Jackie, who is a councillor in Stockton said he is now recovering in hospital, I have been worried sick and so has his girlfriend.”

“We just want to get him home now and into an English hospital” she added.

Doctors have said Daniel cannot fly home for several days due to the severity of his injury.

Brands ultimate stag do

Russell Brand is well known for his shock humour, so it’s no surprise when he reveals his ultimate Stag Do, you know its tongue in cheek.

According to a Mirror reporter he revealed that he wants to get together with his future bride’s mates. “I’m gonna get Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift to perform a lesbian show on my lap” he said. “I’m gonna shrink them down till they are the size of dollies” he added.

He was obviously in one of his playful moods as in his previous comments that day he bragged to reporters that he had impregnated Helen Mirren.

Shock tactics or not we like to report on Russell Brand’s Stag Do News and gossip, as we like him.

Stag Do Fab re gas ted to celebrate the Spanish world cup win in Barcelona

Most of our stag parties in Barcelona watched the World Cup Final in the Las Ramblas area celebrating the historic win with the locals and other nationalities. Dave Morgan from Cardiff advised us “the atmosphere was electric, at the end of the match everyone went wild with jubilation, hugging everyone it was an unforgettable night for the group and best of all the stag”.

“The sun was coming out by the time we got back to our hotel this morning, the streets where still alive with football revellers and party goers” he added.

Spain beat Holland after a dramatic match, which went into extra time before Andres Iniesta’s late winner gave Spain World Cup glory. The game was full of incident with Howard Webb (England’s only presence in the final, a referee, yippee) giving out thirteen yellow cards and one red card.

The Dutch had a glorious opportunity with Arjen Robben but he could not get passed the Spanish keeper who wept at the final whistle.

Spain’s Sergio Ramos also had a fantastic chance with a free header from a corner but only managed to head the ball over the bar.

In the one hundred and sixteenth minute Fabregas put a killer ball through to Iniesta who struck the ball sweetly passed the Dutch keeper into the back of the net and the rest as they say is “World Cup history”.

A Must Have Reading Stag Deal

During 2009 DesignaVenture introduced some great winter stag do deals, these were popular off peak packages that were discounted for out of season stag dos.

As they were so damn popular they have introduced them again starting off with the brilliant Reading Deal.

This amazing package includes 1 night in a city centre 4 star hotel with full breakfast, paintball with 100 rounds, hovercrafts, clay pigeon shooting and guest list nightclub entry.

DesignaVenture are offering this red hot package for a snippet at £89.00 per person, the normal price for this package is £110.00 per person that’s over 20% discount…….sorry I just fell off my chair and had to be brought round with smelling salts and a stiff drink (any excuse).

All you need to do to qualify for this great Reading deal is travel between the 01st November 2010 and the 28th February 2011, perfect timing for stags and hens tying the knot at Christmas or Valentine’s days.