Russell and his band of merry men

Russell Brand has revealed his forthcoming stag do is set to be in Nottingham. The legendary womaniser is closing the chapter on his little black bookie wookie days. And to celebrate he’s planning a Robin Hood-style bash with his mates.
The Mirror reports that Russell said: “I’ll do adventurous things and activities. My mate who’s my best man says we’re going to go white-water rafting and shoot arrows. We’ll be like merry men. Perhaps we’ll become outlaws, bandits for a while.”
Apparently his bestman and manager Nick Linnen is sorting out the Nottingham stag do and guests include James Corden, Jonathan Ross, Noel Gallagher and Declan Donnelly

Designaventure arrange amazing stag dos in Nottingham from start to finish, with cracking daytime activities including mud buggies, quad biking, archery, clay pigeon shooting and horse racing. Plus awesome nightlife activities include themed restaurants like Hooters, comedy clubs, greyhound racing, lap dancing, bar crawls and umpteen nightclubs

With all this in mind we are certain Russell and his band of merry men will end up with some great stag do stories to tell.

A Stag Do Prank

You have got your stag weekend booked, everyone has agreed on a date, location and package, now, what are we going to do to the Stag?

On my stag do, we actually played the joke on one of my mates Matt, first time abroad Matt was green to everything, so why not play the prank on him?

At the airport before catching our flight to Prague everyone got out their home made visas (made by me), everyone except poor Matt who went white as a sheet when the realisation set in that he didn’t have one of these fake visas. We all advised him to just hand in his passport and not to mention it or draw attention to himself.

Eventually we got to Prague and a unplanned prank happened, he was stopped and interviewed by police as pick pockets were in operation and they were trying to clamp down, so whilst questioning him my best man pulled the police officer aside and asked her to ask him for his Visa, poor Matt couldn’t get his words out and advised the officer his passport was in his room and his room mate had gone off with the key, which was a fine fib made up on the hop. She then told him once he could get into his room to take the visa to the nearest police station and hand it in.

He felt like a wanted man all weekend and we didn’t let on until the flight home!

This was a fantastic prank and worked really well especially with the unexpected brush with Prague’s constabulary.

My top tip: If you are the groom try and shift the prank to the easy target of the group!

Stag do reveller swept off his feet

The Coastguard has warned against so-called “wave dodging” after a man had to be rescued from the sea off Tyneside.
The 20-year-old male reveller, who had been out celebrating a stag do, slipped into the North Sea at Whitley Bay shortly before 10am yesterday
The stag party member, from Rotherham who has not been named, was swept off a 15ft (4.5m) sea wall at Whitley Bay on Sunday.
Rescuers eventually managed to lower a rope line off the promenade and down to the man, who slowly pulled himself along to a set of steps where he was helped up.
Humber Coastguard described the man’s antics as “foolish and reckless”.
A lifeguard who went in after the man was also overpowered by the strength of the sea, but was able to scramble back to shore.
Humber Coastguard watch manager Mike Green said: “This man not only put his own life at risk, but those of his rescuers.
“The sea is unforgiving and is a powerful force.
“His stag weekend and that of his colleagues has been spoilt by his actions. I hope this is a lesson that he and others take note of and learn from.”
The rescued man was taken to North Tyneside Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Bournemouth A Stag Weekend Oasis

A great recipe for a brilliant stag do in Bournemouth must be the nightlife, the daytime activities, availability of city centre hotels and a unique selling point.

Most extremely popular stag do destinations have a unique selling point, for example Nottingham apparently has 3 women to every man which as you can imagine draws in stag parties. So what has Bournemouth got to offer, well apart from 7 miles of beautiful golden sandy beaches it has a fantastic choice of nightlife and some of the best day time activity sites in the country.

There is a quad trekking site where there are 14 tracks running over 20 miles and a fleet of over 40 bikes. On this site you can also have a go at clay pigeon shooting, rage buggies, power-turns and a fantastic paintball site.

If you fancy getting wet you can try out the new manmade surfing reef, creating surf all year round. There is also a water park where you can have a go at water skiing or boarding and then have a zip around on the ringos and banana boats.

Multi activity sites are also very popular just outside Bournemouth and include activities such as rage buggies, blindfold driving, clay pigeon shooting, archery and human table football. There is even an It’s a Knockout site for inflatable and foam based fun.

The massive nightlife choice in Bournemouth is friendly and well organized, doormen are all in touch with each other so if there is a group causing trouble they won’t get in anywhere, keeping the bars and clubs trouble free. This also helps with large groups of lads being able to get into places rather then being turned away.

There are stacks of restaurants serving food from across the world including excellent Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines. If you are after a quick snack there are noodle bars, pizza parlours and your usual American fast food outlets.

The other great selling point Bournemouth has to offer is the amount of hotels that are all within easy walking distance of this amazing seaside town. Quite a few are within 5 minutes walk of the nightlife leaving you extra cash to spend on your night time pleasures rather then forking out on expensive cabs, now that’s environmentally friendly!!

Stag Do Cheese Roll

Cheese rolling on Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire usually attracts up to 15,000 adrenaline junkies and spectators this year it also attracted a stag do.

This historic event was cancelled this year however. Hundreds of people still turned up as a tribute to this ancient spectacle ignoring cheese rolling cancelled signs and the large police presence. The “Unofficial” event was indeed very well organised!

There were four downhill races as normal, starting exactly at the Official starting time of Midday. The “Organisers” of this unofficial event had arranged their own Master of Ceremonies and a fine line of catchers at the foot of the hill. A Double Gloucester Cheese is traditional used dressed in white with the customary blue and red ribbons. The cheese used this year was somewhat smaller than usual, to reduce the danger of injury if the cheese went astray!

An heroic groom to be Nima Nasseri from Sheffield decided to add cheese rolling to his stag do frivolities and told the reporter from Gloucestershire Echo “I’m getting married in six weeks so if I get injured I’ll have plenty of time to recover!”

His mates Andrew Goodrick and Tom Helliwell who were attending his stag party also had a go “we thought it would be a great idea for a stag do, and we are really looking forward to it.”

All members of the stag group made it down this hill in one piece.

No Stag Dos For Katie’s Husbands!

Katie Prices ex-husband Peter Andre has revealed that Kate banned him from having a stag do before their 2004 wedding – just like she has done with Alex!

Pete wrote in his new book “Kate did a lot of the deciding – as always, she knew exactly what she wanted.

“Kate had a hen do but for me there was no stag do – Kate didn’t want me to have one.

“She begged me not to because she didn’t trust me 100%. She thought I’d have a stripper or that I’d get up to something.

“She made it clear that if there was even a picture of a girl with her arm around me, or just next to me, the marriage would be off.”

The daily star reported that Kate Price threw a hen party this weekend, guests included Katie’s 2 year old daughter – Princess, Michelle Heaton, Emma B, Gary Cockerill, Phil Turner, Kate’s mum, Amy and sister, Sophie.

The group, who wore matching black T-shirts emblazoned with ‘Kate’s Hen Do’ in diamantes and their names on the back headed to Nilam Patel botox and beauty clinic, Milton Keynes, in a huge limo for the booze-free bash, to spend the afternoon being pampered with beauty treatments including Botox and pedicures.

Katie wed Alex Reid, in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony in February but is throwing a UK wedding blessing bash next month.

Surely as the saying goes ‘What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?’

Amanda Holden would like to be on Simon Cowells stag do guest list

Britain’s Got Talent judge saucy Amanda Holden has revealed that she fully plans to be at Simon Cowell’s stag do, one way or another.

Music mogul Simon is currently engaged to Mezghan Hussainy and is reportedly planning to get married in 2011.

Despite being the wrong sex, Simon’s pal Amanda is determined to help celebrate the end of Simons single era by attending his stag do and
she told The Daily Star: “I’m one of the boys when I’m with Simon and Piers, so I should definitely be there. “If Simon reckons I’m not allowed
to go, I’ll get naked and jump out of a giant cake to surprise him.”

Hot stag do offers to keep you warm this winter!

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Look out for more DesignaVenture winter warmer packages deals for 2010/2011 at popular locations like Nottingham, Bristol, Newquay, Chester and Shropshire North Wales.

Stag Do Blow Out

Stag do’s love to kit the stag out with an inflatable item for the stag night. There is no explaining it, but at some point someone always seems to buy the stag an inflatable item. We have no idea why but they do. And the stag is forced to either wear it or carry it around with them all night. Here are the current top 10 blow-up favourite thingies

Inflatable sheep: The ultimate stag do accessory. The jokes of men and sheep are legion. Dolly the sexy inflatable sheep; ewe’ll never want another partner.

Blow up dolls: Your truly inflatable friend she will make the perfect wife, okay she can’t cook but she can’t complain either and she always goes down. Perfect for taking on a stag do bar crawl and leaving at your last stop with a pint in her hand.

Inflatable giant ridiculous hair: Rasta hat and dreadlocks, Afro, Mohican or Elvis quiff you are certain to stand out from the crowd with some amazingly big hair.

Blow up animals, birds or reptiles: Pigs, snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, crabs, sharks, elephants, giraffes, parrots and flamingos are all extremely popular stag do accessories

Inflatable Baywatch float: The stag will be running in slow motion to the theme of Baywatch wherever he goes, you may want to add some Pammy or a Hoff essential Baywatch swimwear?

Inflatable Sumo wrestler costume: means you can be a sumo wrestler without the need to get fat, wear a thong or tie your hair in a bun. The stag will still be able to stand, sit, do the limbo, or boogie on down in this sexy number!!

Blow up banana: An over sized inflatable banana will surely make the stag the King of the jungle.

Blow up oldies Zimmer frame: The No. 1 mode of transportation for the stag that is a bit old before their time!

Inflatable musical instruments: guitars, saxophones, even microphones, ideal for would be stag rock legends or karaoke kings.

Blow up giant boxing gloves: Probably not the best inflatable for a stag to wear as makes having a pint a bit difficult

BGT contestant wants to perform on Simon Cowell’s Stag Do

Alesia Vazmitsel, a pole dancer originally from Belarus now based in London wants to perform at Simon Cowells stag do and states “it will be a performance he will never forget.”

Alesia got three yeses from the judges and is due to perform live tonight on ITV hoping to reach the finals tomorrow night.

Her audition performance included incredible flexibility and skill to book herself into the finals, Simon said after the audition “I’ve never seen anyone do that with a pole before.”

Tonight the Pole Dancer from Belarus has promised a life threatening performance “Im using a very high pole that I’ve never used before, I could fall and crack my head” she advised a journalist.

We wish her all the luck and hope she finds herself in pole position, how cheesy!