Be a good stag do organiser

So you have decided your stag do pose should head for Nottingham for the Stag do of the year, and you know there are loads and loads of pubs and bars there so it ticks the boozy stag do box. So, what about breaking up the booze marathon on what will be known as the forgotten stag do with an activity?

DesignaVenture a leading stag weekend organiser offers stag dos with activity packages in Nottingham from as little as £59.00 per person. You couldn’t even get a round of drinks in London for that!

A spokesman from DesignaVenture explains “this is one of our extremely popular bargain packages, the Nottingham Special which includes paintball with 100 rounds, 1 night’s mid range hotel accommodation and guest list entry into Nottingham’s best nightclubs, Oceana”.

He added “it’s good to do something different from your day to day norm and paintball is a great activity for the stag parties, it keeps the group together and bonds the people that don’t really know each. So, by the time you go out on the gad around the bar and pubs in the evening you will all be like brothers in arms. We have stacks of deals like this, up and down the country and they prove to be very popular”.

So if you’re worth your salt as a good mate and a stag do organiser, book something everyone will remember as you can sit in the pub all day anytime.

Wat-er Wake Up Call!

The perfect stag do hangover cure is a great watersport stag do activity! A watersports activity will certainly get your adrenaline flowing and keep everyone laughing until the evening; for inspiration check out the following selection of watersports stag weekend favourites:

White Water Rafting is definitely a firm favourite with stag dos because you get the thrill of riding the rapids at break neck speed and knowing that, if you are in the stag’s raft you are guaranteed a dunking. Wet suits are provided with helmets and raft guides to keep you safe.

Gorge Scrambling is also known as Canyoning, with this stag activity getting wet is a certainty, jumping into deep pools from increasingly higher ledges as you traverse the beautiful gorge, some gorges have small caves that you can check out. Walking behind waterfalls is a real memory clincher!

Canoeing down river is perfect for the stag party looking for the more gentile weekend. Take in amazing scenery as you glide down river catching up with friends passed and present. Packages can include camping but all include canoes, transport, paddles and life jackets, you will also be given a waterproof map and watertight barrels which will keep your stuff dry.

Head for the coast for a surfing stag weekend, Newquay is one of Europe’s top hot spots for Surfing weekends and has Atlantic Rollers most surfers dream about. Stag groups are usually beginners to this sport so start out by just lying down on the board, however 50% will be standing up on the board by the afternoon! Hire of board, wetsuits and instruction all included.

Coasteering is as the name suggests is a coastal activity and is similar to gorge scrambling. Clinging on to the rugged cliffs at sea level and jumping into deep pools, makes an exciting and adrenalin infused activity. Some jumps will make you weak at the knees; no peer pressure is included in this activity well maybe a bit from your mates. We provide you with a wet suits (to keep you nice and toasty), helmets, and buoyancy aids.

Stag Dos gripped by World Cup Fever

World cup worries are hitting fever pitch in the merry world of Stag dos, our phones are ringing off the wall with the bestman, grooms and stag do organisers panicking which bar will have the best screen coverage and of course pint to watch the England matches.

Fortunately we are ahead of the game and have already sussed the best bar hot spots to watch the matches at all of our fantastic stag locations, so you needn’t worry about missing a game.

The England games that fall on the weekends include England Vs USA – Saturday 12th June at 19:30hrs (British Summer Time = BST). England Vs Slovenia – Friday 18th June 2010 again at 19:30hrs (BST).

If England makes it to Round 16 as Group Winners their next match will be played on Saturday 26th June at 19:30hrs BST. If England go through to Round 16 as group runners up, their next match will be played on Sunday 27th June at 15:00hrs BST.

Say England win their Quarterfinal match, their next scheduled match will be on Friday 02nd July at 19:30hrs (BST). Semi finals are midweek and should England get through to the Semi’s they are scheduled to play on Tuesday 06th July at 19:30hrs (BST).

Now if England make it to the final then Sunday 11th July at 19:30hrs (BST) should be an awesome date in your diary that you will never forget!

However if we loose our Semi final don’t forget we have 3rd place to play for, this will be held on Saturday 10th July at 19:30hrs (BST), but we expect England fans will all be crying into their pints by then!

So if you have booked your stag do with DesignAventure and need advice on where? What? How? Pick up the phone we are ready to tackle you world cup match questions.

The Crown Princess of Sweden kidnapped for her hen party

According to Expressen, one of two nationwide evening tabloid newspapers in Sweden, last weekend Crown Princess Victoria was kidnapped by her friends whilst enjoying a celebratory meal at Drottningholm Palace Near Stockholm and then taken on her hen weekend.

In Sweden keeping the stag do or hen party a secret is tradition. They are then kidnapped and taken on their hen or stag weekend.

According to this Swedish tabloid, Victoria’s friends all wearing masks were smuggled into the Palace by the royal guards and she was then ambushed whilst enjoying a dinner to celebrate her brother’s 31st birthday, apparently the whole family were in on it!

She was then whisked away by a waiting boat and taken to Stockholm Archipelago to party for 2 days. An Archipelago is lots of islands in a large body of water.

Her Fiancé was treated to a champagne breakfast and then a day in a recording studio with all his buddies.

I feel passing down tradition for the whole of the wedding including the hen and stag weekend is extremely important and gives you an identity, wow that’s deep for a Friday!

Stag Dos Love the Sun!

This weekend (21-23 May) according to the weather folk is going to be a cracker perfect for our stag do and hen party groups off on their adventures.

So all the stag dos heading for Bournemouth can look forward to hitting the beautiful 7 miles of award winning sandy beaches, which are sure to be covered in scantly claded ladies, in the smug and content knowledge that they can don their swim shorts without turning the colour of Stilton Cheese!

A spokesman from Designaventure has advised us “May is one of our busiest months and we have thousands of people attending outdoor activity weekends, we always wish for good weather so our stag and hens groups have an even more awesome time.”

He went onto say “we have lots of groups going surfing this weekend in Newquay, they will love the fact that it’s going to be around 23 degrees, perfect for this “off the Richter sport”, we also have groups going white water rafting in North Wales and Scotland, Gorge Scrambling in South Wales and Coasteering in Cornwall, we are sure these groups will enjoy cooling off in the water!

DesignaVenture offer lots of other outdoor activities including Cliff Jumping, Deep Sea Fishing, Rib Safaris, Jet Ski-ing, Watersports Fun sessions and all the other usual suspects such as Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Paintball, Golf etc.

For more information go onto or call them on 08456 43 22 44.

Louis Walsh spills the Beans on Simon’s Stag Do

News and gossip is really hotting up about Simon Cowell’s forth coming stag do, speculation is rife.

However amidst the rumours and tabloid gossip Louis Walsh has been letting slip again and when he starts chatting you know three things; he will tell it how it is, he will be mean about Simon Cowell and he will ramble like a hill walking couple called Colin and Clair.

Louis is reported to have said to the Star Magazine “Simon Cowell will bring along a few girls to his stag party.”

He then went on to say “I don’t want to plan his stag do, though. I think his brother Nicholas will be doing that. Simon wouldn’t like to do much on his stag do. He’s not into going out and getting drunk. It’s not really him. I’m sure he’ll like to go out for a nice meal, a few drinks and a bit of fun, and maybe bring along a few girls!”

Louis reportedly jovially rambled on as only he can “She’s gorgeous! She’s far too good for him. I’ve liked all of his girlfriends, but Mezhgan is so real; so nice. In fact, she’s everything he’s not! I think Mezhgan could do much better than Simon. She’s a lovely person and so gorgeous, too pretty for him. She could do better than this 50-year-old man with a funny haircut. Simon could pay anyone in the world to cut his hair, he could even buy new hair It’s weird but he likes it and she must, too. She loves him for being him. She likes his funny heels, his funny hair and his funny face.”

I rest my case.

Keeping on the right side of the Ash Cloud

Who would of thought that we would be battling with an ash cloud to leave the UK, unfortunately these ash clouds could put the kibosh on all the weeks of planning and organising your friends ready for your stag do or hen party adventure so, if you are thinking of booking your stag do or hen party abroad in the near future just consider the hassle of that ash cloud, which will keep returning into our air space until the Eyjafjallajokull stops erupting, the last eruption in the 19th century lasted 14 months.

A confirmed stag weekend date with 20 of your closes friends is a momentous occasion. Getting your friends together all at the same time has been a logistical nightmare, so rebooking your weekend to another date at short notice before the wedding day due to the Icelandic volcanic cloud cancelling your flights will be virtually impossible.

So why not take the less risk option of staying on the right side of the ash cloud and consider going somewhere you do not have to fly to? The UK has plenty of brilliant stag do options and although you may not guaranteed the weather you are more likely to find the weekend will go ahead without a hitch or disruption eg cancelled or disrupted flight.

A spokesman from DesignaVenture said, “at the moment our biggest headache is this ash cloud which doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon! We know just how important it is that stag weekends go to plan, so booking your stag weekend without flights to a great stag do location within the UK probably is the best option at this difficult time.”

Little Britain’s Little Stag Do

As previously mentioned in this stag news section under the header David Walliams Stag Do is Turning Japanese, Little Britain Star David Walliams stag night went without incident, not a stripper in site and he avoided being tarred and feathered by his comedy friends and colleagues.

The stag do took place as advised in London’s celebrity hang out, Nobu before moving on to The Met Bar which is another popular venue for the stars.

David Walliams was joined by his Little Britain co star Matt Lucas and other comedy greats such as Steve Coogan, Jimmy Carr, James Corden and David Baddiel.

Natalie Imbruglia broke Stag Do tradition by joining the party, but I expect no one complained and I am sure you wouldn’t complain if she joined your stag night out!

Dos and Don’ts on a Stag Do

Do have a Kitty and give it to someone who is not going to get trashed or likely to wander off with it.

Do take a Card from the reception of your hotel so when you go out at night you know where to return to, especially if you are on a stag do abroad.

Do use the taxis companies your hotel recommends, you are less likely to get ripped off or taken for a long ride!!

Do eat on your stag weekend, try and get up for breakfast and then go back to bed if you wish, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Book a restaurant for the night or talk to DesignaVenture they can recommend or book you a table.

Do have a meeting point, should people get lost or fancy dipping out for a couple of hours have a pub or bar where everyone can meet.

Do look after the Stag, after all he is the reason why you are on your fantastic break.

Do organise a prank or two but make sure they are in good taste, see don’ts below.

Do look after the boys, have a surprise for the stag during the weekend to keep spirits up and give everyone something for to talk about after the stag do.

Don’t peak too soon, drinking all day sounds great but most “Grooms To Be” we have spoken to would rather do an activity in the day and then party at night.

Don’t keep ringing or texting home (unless you have a valid reason), this is deemed as rude and against the rules.

Don’t be a nag, if you have a large group to organise sometimes it can feel like herding cats so delegate jobs to ushers to remind people of what to bring, where to meet, passports etc.

Don’t organise a stag do prank which is likely to hurt or mark the “Groom To Be” permanently.

Don’t be rude to bouncers as they are your ticket into the venue, when you are in a big group some doormen don’t like large groups of lads, be courteous and this will increase your chances of entry.

These are just a few pointers for your group whilst you are on your stag do, if you would like more details on the points raised or would like to more help in the arrangement of your stag do, please do not hesitate in calling or emailing DesignaVenture

David Walliams Stag Do is Turning Japanese

In just under a week David Wallliams, the Little Britain star who is famous for his cross-dressing roles is to marry his supermodel fiancé Lara Stone. However so far there has been hardly any mention about his stag do.

Mark Morriss the front man from The Bluetones is helping to organise David Walliams stag night and revelled to the Sun “It should be the world’s biggest night out. So I thought a trip to Vegas might be on the cards. But instead, David is getting his pals together for dinner at posh London restaurant Nobu.” The critically acclaimed Nobu is one of London’s most fashionable restaurants and is often selected for high profile parties.

Apparently he eats there 3 times a week so hell, why break from the Norm!