The Art of a Great Stag Do in Newquay

Being artistic on a Stag Do does not really go hand in hand, unless you are on a DesignaVenture Stag Do in Newquay that is.

DesignaVenture has a cracking stag weekend in Newquay unique and ideal for the group looking for something completely different. It is called Get Drawn In and includes 2 nights in a hotel with breakfast, Guestlist Nightclub entry and get ready for this, a still life drawing class of a lap dancer!

The artistic stag will get a chance of drawing the model / dancer in three different poses, whilst enjoying your afternoon with the boys. Your real life model will be using a pole in a private area of a well known bar in town so you can have a few drinks in the bar which will really get your artistic juices running.

The stag group will need enthusiasm, a sense of humour and mutual encouragement to ensure you have lots of fun.

Ant & Dec’s Stag Do Plans for Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell final ties the knot with girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy later this year. Those cheeky chaps, Ant and Dec have apparently already said that if they get the chance to add their input for Simon’s stag do they want to take him on a raucous stag night around London and are threatening to strip the music mogul and handcuff him to a lamppost.

Declan Donnelly told TV Biz: “We’d take him around London I think – and he’d have to end up handcuffed to a lamppost somewhere.”

He also said that they would not be taking Simon to a strip club as part of the stag event as “He goes to them most weekends anyway!”

Ant added that they would be very disappointed if they were not involved in any of the stag do arrangements. Simon Cowell’s brother Tony recently claimed that there would be four separate wedding ceremonies taking place in LA, Brighton, Barbados and Hollywood.

Quad Bikings Tops Stag Do Activity Chart

The four wheeled bike better known as the Quad Bike tops the stag do activity chart on all bookings made with DesignaVenture in March 2010.

DesignaVenture has compiled a report of all the bookings made in March and have found that Quad Biking is a clear winner, with over 30% of all bookings included this exciting activity. A spokesman from DesignaVenture, Marco Walker advised me “Quad Biking is a cracking Stag Do Activity and can be enjoyed by people of all sizes and ages, that’s what you get on a normal Stag Do”.

Also included in the DesignaVenture stag do activities chart are Rage Buggies, Indoor Karting, Paintball, Hovercrafting and Clay Pigeon Shooting. He also went on to say that “adrenalin infused activities really are the best way to spend the days on your stag do, as it keeps the boys out of the pub and bonds the group together”.

Stag Dos or Hag Dos

The Daily Star have recently reported that Charlotte Church is trying to talk Gavin in to having a joint stag and hen weekend after finding out about his planned stag do trip to Las Vegas, maybe she has recently viewed the hit film, The Hangover.

The tabloid’s article goes on to say that Gav called his old pals and concocted a plan of 5 days solid drinking and hard partying in the stag do USA capital, Las Vegas. However, Charlotte got wind of his plans and threw a spanner in the works by suggesting they have a joint stag and hen weekend!

Apparently she is worried that knowing his mates things might get out of hand and Gav could end up with his eyebrows shaved off or could get arrested doing something silly like being naked in the streets so now she’s trying to talk Gav into having a joint hag do so she can keep her eye on him

Now DesignaVenture loves organising stag and hen dos, and the occasionally hag do. Hag do’s kind of take away the reason stag/hens nights came about. These nights/weekends/even weeks away where invented so you can get away with the your mates and enjoy those last nights of freedom, it does not mean a night of betrayal or illegal vulgarity.

Say this a lot of hag do’s split up during the days allowing an element of freedom. The girls tend to go for tame activities like a pamper or dance class or crafty day etc while the boys go for a more adrenaline filled action like paintball, rage bugging, hovercrafting, coasteering or white water rafting etc then they all meet up in the evening and go a restaurant and comedy or/and nightclubbing.

We still feel a stag or hen do is the last bachelor/bachelorette adventure before tying the knot so come on Charlotte organise your own epic hen party and let Gav have his last days of freedom with his mates.

Heathrow, We Have A Problem

At last, the flights are resuming and everything should be back to normal within a week or two. When UK airports shut you know there is a problem and our stag dos are going nowhere, unless they are staying within the UK and travelling by other modes of transport.

So when the news broke that flights are to resume at 10pm last night there was a huge sigh of relief from the DesignaVenture team and the Travel Industry. Airlines will now be working 24/7 to get things back to normal, which will no doubt be chaotic to say the least.

There has been over 95,000 flights cancelled across Europe over the past week, Heathrow on a Wednesday in April usually handles 1,250 flights, this shows you the logistical problems the airlines face to get things back to normal.

Willie Walsh, British Airways Chief Executive said “We’re now at British Airways going to start the difficult task of getting our stranded customers back home, I think this is an airlift that is unprecedented but we will make every effort to get our people back home”.

DesignaVenture Gets Personal

The DesignaVenture team have personally experienced all our stag do activities from getting a lap dance in our fantastic gentleman’s clubs in Bournemouth to getting splattered by a paintball or two. They have also ripped up the rage buggies track in Bristol and got soaked riding the rapids down rivers in North Wales and Scotland and popped on a few pounds all for the love of the job.

Speaking to Jo and Emily after their mammoth trip to North Wales trying out some of our most adrenalin infused stag activities they said. “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!” This April they took part in a 4-day activity marathon which included white water rafting, paintball, quad biking, clay pigeon shooting, canyoning and abseiling.

Becki and Jason from our sales team travelled to Krakow in February to check out our how cold it really gets there in winter, oh and test out our accommodation, take part in umpteen activities, taste the food and play some mad drinking games just to warm their cockles. By day it was -20 degree so you can imagine how much they’d need a hot toddy by night. They’ve asked to go to Albufeira next!

We sent Marco and James to Bournemouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Nottingham and Reading to report back on stacks of daytime activities plus comedy clubs, bar and club crawls etc, they advised us how tough it was for them to check the girls out at the lap dancing club, however they’ve survived experience and are now veterans on the lap dancing club circuit.

Anna and Gill had the worst job of all going to London, to test out the chocolate making activity, they also stayed at one of our 5 star hotels and enjoyed a fashionista afternoon tea, before they hopped into a rickshaw to check out some amazing cocktail bars apparently they rolled in just in time for breakfast. After their London experience they could barely talk, however they did say that they didn’t like to speak with their mouths full.

Funnily enough the DesignaVenture team agree unanimously that first hand knowledge of an activity or accommodation is the key to providing top customer service. They are all looking forward to their next venture.

Stag Dos Up In The Air

Thousands of stag dos have been affected by Iceland’s lively volcano, the revellers have either been unable to leave the UK or stranded abroad.

One stag party member, made it to Berlin expecting to meet up with the rest of stag party group, it soon became clear to him on arrival in Berlin that the rest of party had were unfortunately grounded in the UK.

The stranded civilian police officer from Brighton decided to make the best of his lone stag weekend by taking a cardboard cut out of the groom to all the popular Berlin tourist sites and taking photos of it to show the other stag party members what they had missed! I wonder if he got the idea to do this from the film Up in the Air starring George Clooney.

He returned to Blighty late last night after making his way across Europe on several trains before catching the ferry at Calais.

Another stag group should have been indulging in the wonders of the sin city of Las Vegas found themselves stuck in the UK so rather than hanging around at the airport headed to sunny Bournemouth.

Mark Frost, one of the stag group members advised a journalist from the Bournemouth Echo “someone in first class had a heart attack and the plane got delayed, by the time they had got him off the plane it was too late for us to take off, because then the blanket ban on flying had come in due to the cloud of volcanic ash. Everyone was gutted”.

“Three of the group are already there as they’ve gone from different places around the world”, Mark, 29, added. “And they’ve been kind enough to send us photos of Vegas and the fake volcano at the Mirage Hotel just to rub it in!”

After getting off their flight, they went for a drink to decide their next move, Prague and Amsterdam was discounted due to the current transport problems so they opted for Bournemouth, luck it was a sunny weekend in the UK.

Kanye West asked to arrange Russell Brand’s stag do

Russell Brand has asked the famous US Rapper Kanye West to arrange his stag do.

The rapper told more magazine that they will start at Jayz nightclub in New York for one or two nights then move the party on to Las Vegas by private jet. I am sure there will not be a shortage of private jets as Simon Cowell has made it onto the guestlist, I am sure he is thrilled!

Russell Brand is marrying US Starlet Katy Perry who he popped the question to whilst on holiday in India, which is apparently where they will be tying the knot over the New Year. Katy Perry has asked US R&B star to arrange her hen do.

We wish them all the luck in the world, and if of Kanye needs any stag do ideas, he can give us a call or visit our website.

Stag dos in the UK

Would you believe after a depressing credit crunch and a proper winter the stag do in the UK is booming! With many hotels and activity sites already filling up for the up and coming summer months the stag parties in the UK is helping this country back onto it’s feet, by spending their well earned dosh in British establishments.

Rage Buggies are currently our most popular motorised activity, followed closely behind by Quad Biking, we are also doing a good trade in the ever popular Paintball and Clay Pigeon Shooting is also shooting up our popular activities chart, pardon the pun.

2010 is going to be a busy year for DesignaVenture so we have sharpened our pencils and got on the blower and added more hotels and activity sites to our website so don’t worry, you haven’t missed out yet! For great stag do ideas at a price which will keep the boys interested get on our website and give it a jolly good bashing, well not literally, just have a look around, decide which package you like and give us a call, it’s simple really.

Eclectic Cameron on a Stag Night

Our possible new PM for 2010, David Cameron has revealed he attended a stag do a few days before commencing with the Conservative election campaign.

Apparently half of the stag party were recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, “Half the table was dry, either AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and the other half of the table were very politely having a glass of wine,” Mr Cameron said.

Supposedly David described the night as one of the most responsible and civilised stag dos he has ever been on. The location of the stag do is not known

Mr Fawcess (the groom to be) is marrying the Tory leader’s younger sister Clair just 10 days before polling day.

The attendees of the stag party are unknown apart from David Cameron and Jem Fawcess (David’s soon to be brother in law), however on Mr Fawcess FaceBook page he has a mixture of friends including a trance DJ from Ibiza and a banker from New York.