Irish Stag Do Loose Their Groom

Barcelona BeachAccording to The Daily Mail, an Irish stag do turned into a man hunt then escape and invasion before being rescues by the Spanish fire brigade in Barcelona, and we are not talking about stag activities here.

The stag group had been drinking in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona (where all the stags and hens head to at night), on their way home they stumble across a tiny cocktail bar in the old town.

The revellers party for a couple more hours in this tiny bar before being turfed out, only to wake up the next morning groom-less!

They manage to trace their steps back to the bar where they had been drinking the night before to find the groom pocking his fingers through the hoes in the metal shutters . The groom had fallen asleep in the toilet when the bar owner kicked the group out. No one from the group realised the groom was missing (wow how drunk were they?) and the bar owner didn’t realised he had an unwanted guest in the toilet having a nap.

When the groom woke up he tried to get out only to find that he had been locked in with metal shutters between him and freedom, I could think of worst places to be locked into then a Catalan cocktail bar!

The stag group called the Spanish fire brigade who set the groom free so he could enjoy the remaining days of his holiday.

Did I mention he was dressed in a Tutu? What Else?

The lesson to be learnt from this funny mishap is – LOOK AFTER YOUR GROOM PEOPLE!

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1 Man, 16 Stag Dos, 3 Months

Seth WilliamsonWill Stevenson is plastered all over the tabloids at the moment for attending 16 stag dos, travelling 31,000 miles in three months.

According to this article on the Daily Star, Will Stevenson first started in June by bidding and winning to go on a Stag Do to Budapest putting him back £460 all in.

This story was then picked up by Radio 1’s DJ Scott Mills who covered the whole Stag Do event.

Will then became the man for the job to fill spare vacancies on stag dos. Grooms from around the country got in touch with him via his twitter feed (@Willhasabadger) requesting him to fill any space vacancies they may have on their Stag Do.

£10,000 later, and having visited Budapest, Ibiza 3 times, Barcelona twice, Munich, Blackpool, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Magaluf, Madrid, Rome and Amsterdam and apparently, he is even scared of flying.

He also had a companion who didn’t need a passport however at the start made some fellas on the stag dos feel uncomfortable, a stuffed toy Badger called Seth.

Seth features in many of the photographs and can be seen being held up by loads of sexy ladies, chilling out by the pool and even driving himself to Ibiza airport.

What’s the future for this “The Wedding Ringer” type of guy?

Well according to his tweets, he looks to be starting a blog and is looking for more offers of stag trips in October.

So if you know any spare seats going on a Stag Do within the next few weeks you can contact him on his Twitter handle, @Willhasabadger.

Stag Do Hold Up In Switzerland

Switzerland landscape mountains & churchAccording to a hilarious article in the Evening Standard, a drunken Londoner swapped a Stag Do in Munich for a day out in Switzerland courtesy of lackadaisical driver.

Jordan Adams a 33 year old from London, stumbles out of a Munich club looking for a cab to take him back to his hotel, somehow manages to clamber into a luggage hold of a coach and falls asleep. 4 Hours later he’s woken up by an irate coach driver “effing and jeffing” no doubt wandering what this silly Englishman is doing in the luggage compartment of his coach!

Jordan a company director who was attending his Brother in Law’s Stag Do had to ring “her in doors”, to get her to call her brother and explain where he was (she was very happy as you can imagine). He then had to go and speak to the Swiss police as he had no money, passport or phone to help him out. The Swiss police very kindly stuck him on a train back to Munich! Wasn’t this a prank they used to on the stag, stick him on a slow ferry to Calais or similar?

If you have any funny stories, please send them though to plus any images you may have to back up your funny story.

Swedish Stag Do Prank Results IN FIRE!

If you think our Stag Do Games and Pranks are mad over here in the UK, take a trip up north to Scandinavia where the Scandies are just as crazy.

An article on The Telegraph’s website today, shows a stag dressed up as a Panda picking up a chicken and running through a camp fire as a stag challenge. Unfortunately his panda suit is pretty flammable and his right leg catches fire, watch this hilarious video on the Telegraph’s website (link below) and see how he extinguishes himself!

No animals including the stag (GET IT!! – sorry an appalling joke) were injured.

To watch this very funny video go to the Telegraph’s website – here.

If you would like some ideas on stag do pranks or stag do games, all featured on our very helpful, enlightening and funny blog, follow the links.

THe Worst Hangover Ever

Daniel Clavin a software developer from Co Roscommon, Ireland woke up after a stag night with a bout of the hiccups, nothing new there really, except it’s now 14 month’s on and he still has them!!

According to an article in the Express, he has hiccupped on average every 7 seconds for 14 months, estimating at 5.25 million hiccups.

This poor fella has had to move into the spare room so his wife can get some sleep and some days the hiccups are so bad they make him vomit or even pass out.

He told the Express that on the Stag Do he drank more than usual, with a good mixture of beer and spirits and woke up the next day with a bit of a hangover and these pesky hiccups.

Well we at DesignaVenture would like to wish Daniel all the best and hope the hiccups stop.

Euromillions Winner’s Stag Do in Amsterdam

Matt Topham, A Euromillions winner who won £45m in February took his family and close friends on a stag do to Amsterdam.

Sporting antlers and a pink stag do t-shirts stating Game Over on the front and tanked up on the back, Matt fitted in with all the other stag dos in Amsterdam!

According to a nationwide tabloid’s website the stag party hit all the bars in Amsterdam, starting with teasers on the main drag from the central station followed by lunch at Macdonald’s.

Apparently he paid for all his family and friends and told them all that “this stag do is on me”.

Matt Topham is marrying his childhood sweetheart Casey Carrington and we at DesignaVenture want to wish them, all the luck in the world.

A Charity Cycle Ride To Brave Fathers Stag Do Town

Over 70 friends and family of the late great Rick Wheddon will cycle to the town in France where he had his stag do over 23 years ago.

Rick Wheddon father of 3 who battled with bowel cancer for three and a half years will be remembered for his uplifting spirit and courageous behavior.

70 people on the 22nd September will cycle ride from Calais to Le Touquet in France in aid of Bowel Cancer UK and are hoping to raise more than £5,000.

The 70 riders will include his three brothers, two sisters and his three children; Beth, Will and Rob.

We love a good stag do story at the DesignaVenture news desk and this one is pretty special, we want to wish all the 70 riders all the luck in the world.

If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause please go to Rick Wheddon’s JustGiving page.

The Hardest Stag Do In The World, Completed

A couple of months ago I wrote about Michael Dicks’ stag do which has been named as the hardest stag do in the world.

It has now been completed with the guys rasing thousands of pounds for the NSPCC.

The hardest stag do in the world equates to 19 friends competing in a 31 mile off road mountain bike race followed by a 8 mile kayak race and then ending with a 24 km trek across the Brecon Beacons with 20Kg backpacks.

This stag do has SAS selection written all over it!

Stag Dos have a certain stigma of partying and booze, some stag dos are just not like that and this stag do goes to the extreme to prove that fact.

Extremely Tough Stag Do

Most stag dos include a couple of daytime activities and then a life time of booze, drunk in one weekend.

But not Paul Hamilton’s stag event, oh no, he’s going to divid his stag group into two teams to compete in a 31 mile bike race around the Brecon Beacons, a 7 mile canoe and then a SAS style 24km walk across the beacons with a 32lb of weight on their backs.

According to the Northern Echo, Paul Hamilton’s is no ordinary groom and nor is his best man Michael Dicks.

Paul is about to compete in a top class Premier League Thai Boxing fight and world title bid.

And Michael Dicks is Paul’s best man is also his trainer!

Each member of the stag party will be paying for their own share of the trip but will also be raising money for the NSPCC.

This is currently a new trend happening in the UK, some grooms are swapping their drinking trouser for a stag do for charity.

We at DesignaVenture want to wish Paul Hamilton, his best man and stag party all the luck in the world and HOPE the weather on 28th February is good.

The MP And The Stag Do Fancy Dress Prank

We are here again; a stag do, a black SS uniform and this time a British MP.

Aidan Burley, MP for Cannock Chase was seen in a photograph on a stag do in the French Alps with one of the stag party dressed in a German style SS uniform.

Apparently and according to a British Newspaper he was also caught on Video with the stag group which some of whom were chanting “Hitler, Hitler” and other Nazi style words.

Mr Burley after this story got out tweeted his apology saying he deeply regretted the behaviour by some of the guests on the stag party.

Two things really, first of all I do not condone this sort of behaviour at all but when some one else in your group starts misbehaving should you get the blame?

Secondly, why is it now fashionable to apologise on Twitter?

Sometimes, Stag Parties can be unruly , it’s the nature of the beast and has been for hundreds of years, but as we become more politely correct, they stand out more!