Man Cliff Jumps In Newquay The Wrong Way!

Cliff Jumping / Coasteering in NewquayAccording to an article on the Get Surry website, Garrey Ashton whilst on a Stag Do to Newquay survived a 100 ft fall down a cliff, without serious injury.

Now we arrange Coasteering in Newquay in a safe environment as a popular Stag Do activity however he has taken it to a new level.

All jokes a-side, he was very lucky and this a warning to other stag parties celebrating in Newquay to only visit the cliffs whilst coasteering.

According to this article, Garry wasn’t messing around, he had just taken back to his hotel, a disabled member of the stag party and was walking back to the 20-strong stag group when he decided to take a slight detour and take a quick peek at the sea. He stepped over a 3ft fence and suddenly slipped on gravel and tumble 100 ft.

He woke up on the beach 4 hours later with the sea lapping at his feet and in total shock on what just happened. He managed to get to his feet and climb some old staircase leading out of the cove to find his mates, who put him straight into an ambulance for Truro hospital.

He told the Get Surrey reporter “It was only supposed to be a little trip to the beach, I just took a bit of a shortcut, anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit clumsy. I guess it was a typical Stag Do overall!”

If you are interested in Coasteering for your Stag Do, you can find stag packages in Newquay including coasteering, here.


Stag Do in Newquay Anyone?

Newquay is without doubt one of the best stag do destinations in the UK, Stag on a Surfboard on a stag do in Newquayoffering a humongous amount of unique daytime activities.

However, if you prefer to lie on the beach and watch the peaches go by, Newquay is also awesome for that.

Then there’s the nightlife, banging bars, crazy clubs and a party atmosphere madder then Mad McMad who lives in a madhouse in Madchester.

In the day try your hand at Surfing or Coasteering both unique to Newquay and equally both, excellent fun.

Surf the Atlantic rollers whilst getting first class tuition from a genuine surfing champion. Wet suits, and boards are included you’ll need to bring with you swimwear, a towel and balance.

Coasteering is an activity for the stag group looking for excitement and adrenalin. Travel up the rugged Cornish Coastline clinging to sheer rock faces, jump into deep pools and explore water caves. The jumps get higher and higher, at the end of the session you will meet the mother of all jumps which is a 60 footer, no peer pressure!!

Another stag activity which Newquay does extremely well is the old favourite, Quad Biking. On a track just shy of a mile long you can race your mates head to head. You will love the chicanes, adverse chambers and a long straight with a jump where you can go flat out and get some air.

Newquay is also home to an amazing outdoor karting race track. These twin engine karts can reach speeds of up to 70mph and the track includes a flyover, fly under and an extremely fast straight, 70 mph is extremely quick when you are that low to the ground.

The nightlife in Newquay mainly focuses around the square and the old sea road down to the beach. You will find an abundance of clubs and bars and some really good live bands*.

On some of the DesignaVenture Newuay stag do packages we include a guided bar crawl, you also have the option to add this in the enhance section, I cannot recommend this enough. This great nightlife activity includes entry into 4 bars with a shot and then club entry at the end of the night.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic stag do destination in the UK with a great climate and amazing activities, Newquay is a fantastic choice, after all I had my stag do there!

*Live bands mostly play in high season

Stag Do Fancy Dress Banned In Newquay

Don’t worry not all stag do fancy dress has been banned in Newquay only one outrages item which only the brave or poor stag is forced to wear, the Borat Mankini!

They have also banned hen party favourite, faked penises!!

The police now have the power to send you back to your hotel to get changed.

The Mankini is now classed as offensive clothing, and one officer had told the press; “we have had a real crack-down on fake penises” (sounds like a line from a Carry On movie!!).

So if you are heading to Newquay next summer for your stag do or hen party, best unpack your Mankini and throw away those fake penises.

Newquay Stag Dos Rock

It’s January and everyone in the UK are planning their holidays and breaks for twenty 12, stag dos and hen parties included.

So where do you go for your last nights out as a single man or woman?

I went to Newquay on my stag do and boy what a weekend. We hit Newquay by about 3pm on the Friday afternoon, checked in to our hotel before running down the steps into the sea!

Now that is the beauty about Newquay, most of the hotels are within 5 minutes walk of the beach and loads of the bars and clubs have stunning sea views.

The atmosphere in Newquay at night is amazing, bars pump out music all night long with some bars serving cocktails others with outside seating areas overlooking the beaches or in the bustling square.

If you are looking for stag activities not necessarily available in other top stag destinations, Newquay takes the crown with full on activities such as Coasteering, Surfing, Beach Volley ball, Zip Wire to name but a few.

Newquay is also a place to chill, the beaches are clean with crystal clear waters ideal for taking a dip or messing around in.

Stag parties wanting to play 5 a side football, the beaches are perfect, there is ample of space and the playing surface is ideal for sliding tackles and diving fanatic goal keepers.

Popular stag activities in Newquay are also some of the best in the UK. Newquay boasts one of the best Quad Bike racing circuits in the UK, with over 30 bikes, even the biggest stag parties can all have a go at the same time.

You then have the outdoor karting, with twin engines, flyovers and fly-unders this racing track is nuts, furiously fast and immense fun.

Newquay is quite a distance to drive if you live up North, however there is an answer; fly, Newquay Airport is extremely busy, with daily flights from most UK airports including London.

So, nothing should keep you from have a fantastic stag do to Newquay.

I’m A Celebrity Stag Do Style

Whilst we watch the last few episodes of I’m A Celebrity have you considered taking part in your very own trials on a Newquay Stag Weekend.

Taking part in several tasks including Zip Wire, clambering up cliff faces, assault courses and your very own beach tucker trial.

We can’t guarantee Jessica Jane Clement will be there but we can guarantee an unforgettable stag event.

Newquay will then be your Jungle to explore for a wild night or two, sinking shots and enjoying the unique Cornish atmosphere.

The Newquay stag do package in question is called I’m a Sea-lebrity, and it is awesome.

Sunshine for our UK Stag Dos

It’s only March and the press are already talking about a warm summer in the UK, which is great news for stag dos celebrating their weekend on this fantastic island.

No one has mentioned BBQ summer to date but I am sure that will be the next big headline in the Mail or Express!

If you fancy a stag do by the beach you cannot go far wrong with booking either Bournemouth, which has 7 miles of beautiful white sandy beach or Newquay which is a surfer paradise.

Activities in both these locations are unique offering Coasteering or surfing for stags in Newquay or Rage Buggies and Blindfold driving in Bournemouth, not forgetting a stag favourite Human table football.

So what ever you want to do at your top UK stag do location we are hoping the press are right with the weather for summer of twenty eleven.

Stag Dos Love the Sun!

This weekend (21-23 May) according to the weather folk is going to be a cracker perfect for our stag do and hen party groups off on their adventures.

So all the stag dos heading for Bournemouth can look forward to hitting the beautiful 7 miles of award winning sandy beaches, which are sure to be covered in scantly claded ladies, in the smug and content knowledge that they can don their swim shorts without turning the colour of Stilton Cheese!

A spokesman from Designaventure has advised us “May is one of our busiest months and we have thousands of people attending outdoor activity weekends, we always wish for good weather so our stag and hens groups have an even more awesome time.”

He went onto say “we have lots of groups going surfing this weekend in Newquay, they will love the fact that it’s going to be around 23 degrees, perfect for this “off the Richter sport”, we also have groups going white water rafting in North Wales and Scotland, Gorge Scrambling in South Wales and Coasteering in Cornwall, we are sure these groups will enjoy cooling off in the water!

DesignaVenture offer lots of other outdoor activities including Cliff Jumping, Deep Sea Fishing, Rib Safaris, Jet Ski-ing, Watersports Fun sessions and all the other usual suspects such as Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Paintball, Golf etc.

For more information go onto or call them on 08456 43 22 44.

Newquay Stag Do in Lift Drama

A Stag Do in Newquay escaped with minor injuries after a lift plummeted 100 feet from the lobby of their stag friendly hotel to the small cove below.

Six friends on a joint stag do just returned from a clay pigeon shooting trip found themselves in a near death experience when their lift got stuck between the first floor and the ground floor of their hotel. Once they had called for assistance engineers tried to manually ease it back to the lobby. The lift then dropped with the doors open a 100 feet to the small cove below.

Neil McCracken, one of the Grooms from Weybridge, Surrey, said: “Stag dos are supposed to be a bit of an adventure and a crazy time but we weren’t expecting this”.

“We got in the lift but it got stuck and they told us to be patient and tolerant and they’d wind it down and have us out. Then all of a sudden, with the doors still open, the lift suddenly started dropping. It went past one of the floors and just started gaining speed. We could see the wall flashing past. We realised something was pretty wrong and then it just went crash when it hit the bottom. We could see the sea at the end of the lift shaft the tide was coming in. It was pretty scary, we did not know whether we would drown trapped in this lift shaft. We were extremely worried. We were lucky no one was seriously hurt or killed and five of us managed to get to the pub as planned”.

They then had to contend with an incoming tide and feared they may drown as the doors were jammed shut and they could not escape the lift.

Over 80 sea and air rescuers where called out to free the men from the mangled lift. A coastguard agency spokesman said “It’s everyone worst nightmare when they get in a lift. It’s a miracle no-one was seriously hurt or killed.”

Only one of the stag group had to go to hospital with a torn muscle, the rest of the group managed to hit Newquay’s bar and clubs as planned!