Stag Do Ideas For The Rest Of The Summer

Stag Do Ideas Beers

Summer is upon us at last, and by now many bestmen up and down the country will be nervously looking for some Stag Do Ideas and inspiration thinking; they may have left it to late.

Don’t worry my friends (I hope you don’t think I am being over familiar), DesignaVenture are at hand to help you out of your sticky situation.

We have a highly trained customer service team who are used to laid back bestmen wanting ideas quickly and at a good price.

The best place to start is on the stag do ideas page on our website.

On this page you will find links to various help pages including Got a Budget, The Last Minute Stag Do Panic Button, and Stag Dos Under £100.

Also on this Stag do ideas page you will find excess to all our popular stag destinations, activities and more importantly a lovely picture of a lap dancer from Spearmint Rhinos.

Let’s face it, leaving booking your Stag do until the very last minute isn’t the brightest of moves but you are in this situation all the same, aBooking a large group of lads into a hotel can be difficult, however if you leave it to DesignaVenture they will call all their stag friendly hotels (ranging from standard to 4 star, depending on your budget) and will save your bacon.

You can then pretend you had the whole Stag do heavily planned months before!

Last Minute UK Stag Do

Big news people, May 2013 is going be a scorcher, apparently it’s not going to rain for the whole month of May, so if you haven’t booked your Stag Do yet, now is the time.

You are going to see popular stag do destinations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay and Nottingham basking in sunshine or unlike last year, dry!

There is plenty of late availability around and as you are booking so late, if you are having trouble getting the money out of all the lads why not try our individual payment service*.

In the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website why not try out our last minute enquiry form, or if you are working to a budget try the budget finder also found on the Stag Do Home page.

So if you need to book a last minute Stag Do let DesignaVenture share the load so you can take all the credit, we don’t mind!

*Lead person books and pays for 2 people, we then give you a unique reference number and a set deadline and group members can either call up or go online and pay. Please note that there is a £2 per payment transaction charge for this service.

Rage Buggies, The Perfect Stag Activity

If you are in need of inspiration and are in desperate need of some fantastic Stag Do Ideas then karting and shooting is pretty much up there.

We are not talking about grass karts here or karts that could barely pull the skin off a rice pudding, we are talking about the RAGE BUGGY.

Rage Buggies are extremely fast and can reach speeds of up to 50 – 60mph, they also Stag Do friendly as they can take the humps and bumps of what a competitive stag group can throw at them.

The Rage Buggy will also stick to the track like jam on a piece of toast, you can really wrap them around corners with confidence knowing they won’t roll or skid like Bambi on ice.

Available in loads of popular destinations including Bournemouth, Bristol, Reading, Nr London, North Wales, Nottingham, Leeds and Edinburgh, these fantastic karts are the perfect activity for any Stag Weekend.

So if you would like to do Rage Buggies on your Stag Do, go to this page here for a list of locations and popular packages.

Stag Do Ideas in The Algarve – Not Just A Golf Course

The Algarve is infamous for great weather and golf courses however, there are a lot more Stag Do ideas in The Algarve then just the golf.

Staying in Albufeira (the liveliest resort on The Algarve, fantastic for stags) has a huge advantage, beautiful beaches and more nightlife then I can shake a stick at, and I won the stick shaking championship in 2011.

With a massive range of bars from cocktails wine bars, themed pubs to sports bars where you can get a sneaky pint and watch the match before dinner.

Restaurants in Albufeira are varied and full of fantastic quality dishes, even though you may not of booked your Stag Do to Albufeira for that reason at least you can get some decent nosh.

Then there’s the huge mixture of lively clubs, from open air to air conditioned and gentleman clubs to clubs playing banging music  you can loose your mind to.

In the day there are loads of unique and popular Stag Do Ideas to keep the boys well happy.

One of the most popular Stag Do activities we offer in The Algarve is shark fishing. With hooks as big as your hand and reels strong enough to pull in a double decker bus you will be kitted out and ready to land Jaws.

Another activity popular with our stag parties traveling to the Algarve is the Captain Hook Cruise, spend the day chilling on deck with a couple of beers then dive into the crystal clear waters showing other stag and hen parties you have what it takes to dive in the next series of Splash.

When us Brits are in a hot country we tend to stay near water and what better place then at a water park. Bomb down spiraling chutes, float on lazy rivers and race your mates down large slides water parks are fantastic fun.

If you do like to spoil a good walk then The Algarve is renown for some excellent golf courses. With the sea breeze to contend with and no sign of rain this is a little different to playing in the UK, dare I say it, it’s better!

So if you are in need of some amazing Stag Do Ideas and Inspiration for 2013, The Algarve / Albufeira is a great place to go.

Full To The Brim With Ideas – The DesignaVenture’s Website

If you are looking to book a Stag Do and need ideas and inspiration may I just advise you that the DesignaVenture new website is packed to the rafters with ideas, fantastic stag packages and activities.

When you arrive at our Stag Do page you are greeted by some amazing images of what our stag weekends are full of, and that’s full on activities, whether it’s in the day or by night.Epic Stag Do

Above these fantastic images you have the navigation menu which stays with you pretty much throughout the website, with a little “You are here” sign which tells you which section you are in.

Below the images you have our top 10’s, everyone loves a top 10 so we have gone with Top 10 stag Do Packages, Destinations and activities.

Then further on down the DesignaVenture stag do homepage you can find little widgets such as Got A Budget, Stag Dos under a £100 per person, tempting offers, customers comments and so on.

The Knowledge centre covers all our sections (Stag Do, Hen Party and Activity Breaks) and is a VAT of information from details of how to book, to organising tips, best man advice and your peace of mind when booking your Stag Do through DesignaVenture.

In the next few months we will be adding even more features to our website which includes a customer sign in section where you’ll be able to view your booking, paying on line for you and the party (optional), your wish list,  your build your own itineraries and much much more.

So if you are looking to book your Stag Do for 2013, rest in the knowledge that you have found the right place.

Did we mention that we are currently one of the only Stag Do companies with a 5 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot?


Best shut up then, we don’t want to blow our trumpet too much, gets annoying.

And They’re Off!

One of the most popular stag weekends in the UK we sell, is the Horse Racing Weekend.

Whether you choose Ascot, Chester, Bath, Cheltenham, Chepstow, Newcastle, Nottingham or Newbury one thing’s for sure, you are more or less guaranteed a fantastic Stag Do.Horses Racing

I say more or less, as you might back a donkey or two, but hey don’t let that put a downer on your weekend, the thrills and spills of a Horse racing event will cheer you up.

You don’t have to be an avid racing enthusiast to back a winner, and if there are a few Pro’s in the party, get some tips.

But let’s just make one thing clear here, it’s just not all about the racing, there are bars, restaurants and groups of hen parties adding to this popular stag event.

One of the top racing events of the horse racing calendar year is Royal Ascot. The best of British days out with an appearance from the Queen, well it’s not called Royal Ascot for nothing you know.

Dress up smart and really impress the ladies, as they will be looking outstanding in high heels, summer dresses and weird fascinators or posh hats.

Other race days, which are extremely popular, are Plate & Ladies day in Newcastle and the infamous Cheltenham Gold Cup.

On most of DesignaVenture’s Horse Racing Stag Do Packages you will find 3 – 4 star hotel accommodation with breakfast, return transport to the Races and maybe a club or two to visit in the evening.

So if you are looking for a stag do which is a real winner, pick one of our popular horse racing weekends in 2013.

Stag Dos in March

What should we do on a Stag Do in March?

Good questions Derrick, here are some amazing stag Do ideas for you and your geeky mates:

White water rafting which ever country you party in is a good call. Loads of frothing water from melting snow and spring showers, and White Water Rafting is the perfect hangover cure, forget alka seltzer.

Quad biking is great fun and when you throw in mud and water you got yourself an awesome activity. Thrash across fields, climb steep inclines and hope for the best through rivers, making quad biking a perfect Stag Do activity for March.

Don’t want to get muddy but still want fast, furious and competitive action? Then indoor karts is a great choice, the new breed of indoor karts are faster, sleeker and have the acceleration to bout. These circuits are all computerised, giving you up to the minute standings and who has done the fastest lap.

Man Canyoning Stag Do ActivityThere is one activity which has been created only for the hardiest of stag parties, Canyoning. Walking up a raging river which has cut through a rock creating a the perfect playground for exploring and activities for the daring. Jump into deep pools from ledges as high as 60 foot (the high ones totally optional), shoot down slides created by Mother Nature and climb rock faces with nothing below except a raging river.

If none of the above wet your whistle and you just want some full on madness, then you can’t go wrong with the Stag Do favourite of Rage Buggies, in my mind a perfect motorised activity for a group of speed hungry men.

So if you need some Stag Do Ideas for March, head over to the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website and get your fix.

Stag Do Ideas For The Summer

There is no other month in the year than January when we start to yearn for the summer, and there is not better place to look for some fantastic Stag Do Ideas then the DesignaVenture website.

If you are looking for the sun then the Med should be your Stag Do destination, choose Spain for closeness and to make the most of your weekend.

For a lively destination Benidorm fits the bill, bars upon bars, clubs on clubs you won’t have time to sleep. However, if you prefer a little culture Valencia is a great place to visit, amazing restaurants surrounded by a colourful old town and a lively beach.

Need to keep it local?

Then the UK has some of the best Stag Do destinations in the world. Beach side towns such as Bournemouth and Newquay are jammed packed with daytime activities and full on nightlife.

Newquay has buckets full of Stag do ideas from Surfing and Coasteering to some incredible Quad Bike racing. Alternatively, Bournemouth offers the always-popular Rage Buggies, Assault Rifle Shooting and some wicked Paintball sites.

The nightlife in both these seaside towns is pretty awesome and when the sun is shinning by day and is warm by night, a cheeky party on the beach before hitting the bars and clubs is always a great idea.

Two other popular stag weekend destinations spring to mind is Cardiff and Bristol. Both these cities have awesome lively waterside areas to party the night away in.

Cardiff Bay has some great bars and clubs with an atmosphere hard to beat. Bristol also has an area called the waterfront with loads of bars and restaurants overlooking the busy canals and harbour side, by night the atmosphere is immense.

So if you are in need of some inspiration and wanting loads of Stag Do Ideas head over to the  stag do part of the DesignaVenture website where you will find hundreds of stag weekend packages and activities.

Need Some Stag Do Inspiration For 2013?

If you need inspiration for your stag do, DesignaVenture has the website jam packed full of stag do ideas.

Anything from white water rafting to racing Rage Buggies, horse racing weekends to just plain and simple partying.

Stag Do packages start from as little as £47.00 per person*.

Our customer focused team can help you choose your destination, give you ideas on what to do whilst on tour and help you with the overall organisation.

So start with out website have a good look around and then simply give us a call or send us an email and we will pick you up and give you a big bear hug and let you know everything is going to be OK.

We all know arranging groups of people can sometimes be a pain, booking your stag do through DesignaVenture will help you share that burden.

Let’s just say the DesignaVenture website has stag do ideas coming out of it’s cyber ears and a customer experience better then a cuddle.

*Based on Jan 2013 prices.

Stag Do Ideas For Prague

When you mention Prague and stag do to your best man there is only one reaction, high 5!!

You are not just there for the cheap beer boys, there are loads of stag do activities on offer, possibly the most in Europe apart from Riga!

From shooting AK47’s to Bobsleighing in the day, Absinth Nights to naked Mud wrestling by night.

Old favs are still there including karting, paintball and quad biking however if you prefer to keep your days free and your nights full on, Prague has an abundance of clubs, pubs and gentleman clubs.

At night, best place to start is Wenceslas Square, then head into the old town where you will find loads of lively bars and great restaurants.

If you prefer a pretty girl to hold your hand, we always recommend an escorted bar crawl on your first night, you will be taken to the best clubs and bars in town and will get bearings for the rest of the stag weekend.