Revenge Will Be Sweet

So Prince Harry has announced that his brother will be his best Man in a month’s time when he gets married to Meghan Markle.

When Prince William was quizzed by BBC reporters on how he felt about being best man, the future king of England said “revenge will be sweet!”.

So to help him out, here are some stag do prank ideas we have mustered up from our Stag Do Blog archives, so he can put his money where his mouth is and prank him a good-un!

Top 10 Stag Do Pranks

Stag Do Pranks – The Stitch Up Stories

One thing that we are pondering about is why he wants to get revenge, what did Prince Harry do to Prince William when he was his best man?

To be honest in those days, Harry was a wild dude, so the mind boggles!

I think we should be proud of William and Harry, they are totally personable and work hard for good causes – wow we are getting deep here.

Good luck Harry, sounds like you’re going to need it!

The Stag Do Stand In

Stag Do Story on the Daily StarWe have been chatting with Will Stevenson and his Badger Seth who are fast becoming a phenomenon around the world.

Will and Seth are basically Stag Do stand ins and we love them, if one of your mates drop out of your stag do, last minute, they will be your smart replacement, don’t worry the badger won’t need an airline ticket or an extra bed.

With a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, Will and Seth are now being following closely by daily national Radio shows and are also getting noticed by TV channels; these guys are becoming hot property, so we are extremely lucky and privileged to meet and ask them questions.

Before we go to the Q&A’s, let me just say that he has been on the Scott Mills Show (Radio 1) loads of times and also on his live tour, Heart FM, XFM (Now Radio X), Radio 2, Dave Fenning’s show on RTE2 (Ireland), Hit 107 (Australia), Radio New York (New York, USA obviously) and lots of other local stations – too many to mention.

Will and Seth have travelled well over 31,000 miles, attending over 16 stag dos, and have spent over an incredible £10,000 (mainly on booze – drinking responsibly, obviously), their full story can be found here.

OK, lets get on with the Q&A’s:

What’s your day job?

I’m an office manager for a same day courier company

How did you come about joining a stag group with complete strangers?

Seth & Will with Scott MillsI was looking at buying some festival tickets for that weekend. And in the recommended section on eBay it brought up a place on a stag do for sale . I clicked on it just to see what it was , don’t even know why I did. But it sounded great with all the activities they were doing . And it left locally from me so I thought I would bid. Never dreamed of winning it . I was actually outbid on it but later that day found out the guys from the stag do were actually out bidding me to try and get the money up . But after they confessed I paid them my maximum bid which was £400 and met up with them the next day .

How did the whole Seth thing start out? 

My email address has always randomly been willhasabadger so I decided to name My Twitter account the same as it sounded funny. I won a competition to meet Example from Pepsi and the guys at Pepsi asked me if I was taking my badger. So I got one and took it along. Unfortunately this badger was stolen at the Example gig. And so my son bought me another one as a present and we did a name deciding game on Facebook and Seth was the winner.

Did I see on your Facebook that you won him from one of those grab machines no one usually wins anything from?

Lol no. We were visiting an arcade and pretending that Seth was born there. Although i don’t know for sure where he was born

I know you’re 35, how old is Seth?

Seth was 1 earlier this year. But in badger years that makes him about 19

Is Seth a boob man?

Seth with ladies on a stag doSeth is a definately a boob badger. And girls just love the feel of his fur on their cleavage 😉

Who is yours and Seth most famous follower?

We’ve had lots over the last year , with Scott mills and Chris stark being there through the journey. Also George Ezra , catfish and the bottle men , and axwell and ingrosso regularly tweet us .

Is your boss cool with you taking so much time off?

Yeah I always make sure work is sorted before I leave and do sometimes work a bit from which ever bar I’m in

If I wanted to book you and seth for a stag do how much would it cost me?

It wouldn’t cost you to book me. I generally take the place of someone that drops out. I cover there costs of transferring my name , and will always help out with other costs such as the hotel room. I am also very generous when it comes to buying rounds. Seth however has the ability to get freebies 😉

Seth with a cigarette and a pintDo you and Seth only attend stag do’s or does he go to the wedding as well?

We’ve been to two weddings which is always an honour . For the guys to think I’m worth inviting after only knowing me a few days means that I must be doing something right

Have you got a Vegas stag do to go to yet?

Yeah I have Vegas to look forward to. Really can’t wait it’s going to be guys from all over the globe meeting up so it should be one long party

Do you only go to stags abroad or do you hit the uk hard as well?

Weirdly I’ve only been invited to one in the uk. Which was Blackpool . But I’m happy to go anywhere wether it’s the uk or abroad

Did you ever think it would spiral like it has? 

Never imagined any of this . I was hoping to just have a good weekend away and maybe make a couple of new local friends . But to be on numerous worldwide radio stations and news channels and nearly every newspaper and Internet blog is surreal.

 Seth the badger in Ibiza, Gran Canaria & Budapest

It was great chatting with Will and Seth and if you need to book them for your Stag Do then we suggest you contact Will via Twitter #willhasabadger .

Danny Dyer’s 4 Letter Word Stag Night

A Picture Of Danny DyerDanny Dyer the Katie Hopkins basher, the hard man from the East End is getting married to his childhood sweatheart next summer. According to an article in the Mirror, his best mate Kirk Norcross has spilled the beans on what he will arrange for Danny’s Stag Do, which apparently will be a night in with a Scrabble tournament.

Why must I mentioned Katie Hopkins? If you didn’t know, when Jo Mas proposed to Danny, Katie Hopkins tweeted “No woman should ever propose to a man. Certainly not one with a naff bum-fluff beard and dodgy squint.” which is completely an unprovoked attack, thinking about it, maybe the Hopkins was using a cunning angle for publicity, to stay in the public eye, more cunning then a fox with binoculars!

Danny tweeted back “@KTHopkins No I agree…especially when you look like ya face should be on the side of a gothic building..have a nice day ya daft sexist ya” – hilarious!

Anyway back to the Stag Do, Kirk I think you have this Stag Weekend all wrong, what Danny needs is a country house hotel with a fantastic restaurant, a late well-stocked bar and a lounge area for board games. Daytime activities should be effortless such as  Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Crossbows, Shooting Assault Rifles that sort of thing, something which involves shooting (well he is in Eastenders after all).

The evening should include a good meal, maybe some board games and then sitting up, all night, at the bar, putting the world to rights, the hotel also needs a sheltered smoking shed as apparently these boys smoke like tyres!

Kirk, if you any more advice just give us a call – 01432 830880.

Mark ‘n’ Miche Reveal Their Stag / Hen Destinations

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, the UK’s most Beautiful couple (she is a real stunner and he is more ripped then a pair of jeans from Latvia) have revealed where they are going to celebrate their pre nuptials.

I know you cannot take the suspense anymore, so thanks to The Mirror for spilling the beans I can reveal that Michelle Keegan, former Coronation Street Star who now commands roles in her very own ITV dramas, I cannot name any as I dont really like the ITV dramas or Coronation Street for that matter. Sorry back to Michelle Keegan who always looks incredible every time she sets foot into the public eye…..

OK, Michelle Keegan is going to Dubai for her hen weekend whilst Mark Wright celebrates in Vegas, where else?

There, you heard it here first, unless you read the Mirror’s article then this is possibly the second place you have read this amazing bit of celebrity news or gossip, now back to your corn flakes.


Sin City For Ant & Dec’s Stag Do

Ant and Dec have been spotted in Las Vegas on a mate’s Stag Do just before they picked up their National Television awards.

They were spotted cruising the infamous Las Vegas strip before eating at Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr restaurant which is in the Planet Hollywood Casino.

The popular pair was also papped playing golf and where also joined by fellow celeb Jonathan Wilkes.

Some people are saying Dec is getting inspiration for his up and coming inevitable stag weekend, however if he’s in need of inspiration he needs to head over to the DesignaVenture website, stag do section, where he’ll find loads of inspiration, activities and ideas for the best stag do known to man, in fact what am I thinking it should be Ant heading over to our website as there’s no doubt who will be Dec’s best man!

The above details are courtesy of an article on the Daily Mail website, you also find loads of great pics of the lads having a great time.

Zayn’s Off To Vegas For Stag

The internet is frantic with news stories on Zayn Malik’s up and coming stag do, Zayn Malik is in One Direction and is engaged to Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

The 1D boys were being interviews by an OK reporter when Niall Horan from the band blurted out that they are planning to take Zayn to Vegas.

Las Vegas is the mecca for British stag dos and American bachelor nights and even if your in the world’s biggest boy band and the world is your oyster, Las Vegas is still the destination of choice.

Remember a couple of years ago when Marvin from JLS was wandering around Vegas with a midget handcuffed to him?

We want to wish Zayn and Perrie all the luck in the world with their up and coming ceremony, when are they getting married anyway?

McKenna Hypnotic Request For Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell on the X Factor Stage stating thinking bubble saying I am the best man

Paul McKenna has asked Simon Cowell to be his best man and one of the best man duties is obviously to arrange the Stag Do.

Now you don’t need to be a mind reader or a spoon bender to know that if Simon Cowell is going to be arranging your Stag Do, extravagance and no expense spared is the name of the game.

First of all well done Paul McKenna you have picked the best man for the job!

According to an article on the Mirror’s website Simon Cowell’s plans for this Stag Weekend are pretty awesome and includes his private jet and Ibiza, what more do you want?

No doubt they will be staying in an amazing villa and will party like it’s 2099.

Paul is due to marry Kate Davey next year, with the Stag Do organised for May.

We would like to wish Paul and Kate all the luck in the world.

Tequila and Cigars – Clooney’s Stag Do

Restaurant Da IvoBefore wedding his British fiancee Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney has an old fashioned Stag Night the night before the wedding.

In Venice, Clooney’s Stag Do includes a rustic meal at his favourite restaurant Da Ivo, drinking copious amounts of Vintage wine (Sassicaia 2010) worth around £250 a bottle and bottles of Tequila he brought over from the States, his own label; Casamigos.

According to some online news blogs and articles he looked like he’d been partying all day and called the restaurant owner at around 10:55pm asking if it was OK if he and his stag party came over to eat.

Other diners looked astonished and refused to leave after finishing their meal as they wanted to be part of the world’s most famous bachelor’s Stag Do.

After the meal the stag do moved back to their hotel where they drank some more tequila and smoked cigars before retiring to bed.

The above is just an interpretation of loads of articles which have covered this story, the more featured articles can be found on The  Daily Mails website and UK Eonline.

I know George Clooney will be reading this article (sure) and we want to wish him and Amal all the luck in the world.

Clooney’s Stag Do Plans Revealed

George Clooney (according to the Daily Star’s website) has been planned the ultimate stripper Stag Do venue, Spearmint Rhinos in Santa Barbara.

His mates have apparently organised the gold package in this exclusive strip club which includes complimentary booze, buffet food and loads of dollar coupons to stuff in the girls garter belts.

The Stag Do pose includes A-List buddies such as Brad Pitt (best man), Ben Afflick and Matt Damon, what a stag party invitation list!

Apparently, George Clooney is well known for his “red-blooded” male parties so one last BLAST is probably right up his street.

He is due to marry Amal Alamuddin this year and if he’s reading this Celebrity Stag Do News Bulletin (more than likely not!), DesignaVenture want to wish him and his new bride all the best for the future.

Joint Stag and Hen Do Disastrous For Katona

According to the Irish Examiner Kerry Katona (from Atomic Kitten) had a huge bust up with her fiancé George Kay leaving all the members of their joint stag and hen do abandoned onboard a Thames luxury cruise liner.

Apparently the couple celebrated their pre nuptials together by having a spa day before having a disastrous argument in their hotel bedroom.

They planned to meet all the other stag and hen members onboard a luxury cruise member moored near the Hotel Verta in Battersea however Kerry refused to come down from her hotel bedroom.

45 minutes later the party was cancelled and everyone onboard was told to get off!

Apparently Liz McClarnon (another member from Atomic Kitten) valiantly tried to save the celebration and talk to both the stag and hen but apparently Kerry refused tom come down.

Joint hen and stag dos can go either way and unfortunately this celebration went the wrong way.

Find the full story here on the Irish Examiner.