Rage Buggies Are Still The Mutts Nuts

Rage Buggies and stag dos go together like Jack and Jill, custard and crumble, Stoke and Trent and G strings and lap dancing clubs, however I look awful in a G string even though I frequent a lot of gentleman clubs.

These amazing karts can get up to speeds of 60mph and the acceleration will sit you back in your seat and wake you up with a pure dose of adrenalin.

Slide these Rage Buggies round corners and you will see why these machines are made to race. Take on straights, chicanes and chambers and possibly have the best racing experience outside of formula one.

So for a fantastic stag do idea book Rage Buggies and get your stag party rocking.

Rage Buggies Rule Stag Dos

Stag dos love Rage Buggies, for a good reason.

There’s a good chance if you’re going on a stag do this year that rage buggies will be amongst the daytime activities on the weekend.

Without doubt they are one of the best activities you can book which don’t involve a pole.

Rages reach speeds of up to 60mph; the bad mother buggies acceleration will take the skin off your face!

Race prepared with stiffen suspension, fat tyres and a roll cage rage, these karts are the absolute “Mutts Nuts”, as described by “Top Gears” Jeremy Clarkson when he raced in one of these karts against other mad monster machines and said these where the best!

“Rage Buggies are certainly one of our top activity sellers,” a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised.

“Gone are the days when stag dos race grass karts around a easy oval track, stags love decent activities that get the adrenalin pumping, fortunately for everyone things have moved on an awfully long way” he added.