Book Early for 2015

Man Drinking Wine After Booking Stag DoBook early and avoid disappointment, it’s that old cliche again, however it does make a lot of sense especially when you are booking something as important as a hen or Stag Do.

So why do you need to book your hen or Stag Do early?

At the moment hotel managers, after a bumper year in 2014, will be sharpening their pencils and inflating their prices, so if you have 20 lads who have all said they will go on Dave’s Stag Do, book it now and get 2014 prices for a booking going in 2015.

Availability is also another factor which is completely in your favour when booking early. Another scenario is if you have 25 girls who all want to go to the Royal Ascot next year, Royal Ascot gets extremely busy and fitting 25 girls into one hotel can be a problem, booking early should and will, resolve this issue.

So to conclude booking your hen or Stag Do early will save you money and guarantee you availability… brilliant!!! Another useful tip to help you arrange the best Hen or Stag Weekend known to man / woman from DesignaVenture.

So get started head to our stag do section of our website or hen party section and book, book, book!

Check Out Our Stag Do Blog

Image of the stag do blog homepageIt’s all very well being asked to be the Best Man however, this role comes with some responsibility and there is no bigger responsibility than arranging the Stag Do.

That’s where the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog steps in, giving you more advice, tips, guidance and stag do ideas the you can shake a stick at.

You have more top 10’s then a Radio 1 DJ including Top 10 Stag Do Pranks, Top 10 Stag Do Games, Top 10 Stag Accessories… you get the picture.

You can also find a 101 guide to booking and going on a Stag Do, Stag Do Ideas for the older group and the incredibly popular post on “Should the Groom Pay for His Own Stag Do?” Take our poll, currently stag groups are saying no he shouldn’t.

And if that’s not enough how about Fancy Dress Ideas, Stag Do Challenges, Ideas for the Non-Drinker, the list goes on.

All this Stag Do Advice is free of charge and just a click away.

So, with out further delay get yourself over to our Stag Do Blog and become the BEST, Best Man, known to man (try and say that after a couple).

DesignaVenture, we are the Best Man’s Best Man.

Book Your 2015 Stag Do Now

Stag drinking a glass of wine and chilling

It’s July 2014 and the Stag Do season is rocking like a rowing boat in a force 9 gale (one for the yachting enthusiasts), this is a great time to reflect and compare on stag groups booking last minute and groups booking their Stag Do early.

Stag parties booking last minute are fine, we are finding availability, however it’s harder to find their first choice of activities, hotels and even nightlife as a lot of the beds and activity sessions are booked up. We are also finding stag groups  are smaller as not everyone is available last minute.

So in hindsight, stag groups who book early will be more organised, all their first choice of activities and hotel are available and more people will attend as you are giving them a lot more notice.

Here’s your chance, if you are looking for a Stag Do for 2015 to ‘grab the bull STAG by the horns’ and get your weekend booked now.

If you are looking at a UK stag destination or an abroad Stag Do without flights, then booking early couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is stick down a £60 deposit, advise us of a rough idea of group size and then share the booking online with your mates and get them to commit by paying a £30 per person deposit online.

Booking this early, WE don’t need to know your definite numbers and YOU don’t need to get your fingers dirty by having to collect all the cash in off the boys, they can pay direct, online or over the telephone making it even easier then a Peppa Pig Puzzle.

So use hindsight, book early and get your 2015 Stag Do licked.

Our website has more Stag Do Ideas then an Ice Cream Man has sprinkles, so get yourself over to the stag section of the DesignaVenture website and get well organised.

World Cup Hangover? Get A Hangover Worth Having!

Sexy Lady Dressed Up As A RefereeAs England bow out of the world cup without a single win under their belts, maybe putting off your Stag Do wasn’t worth it.

It’s time you got back to reality and organised a more worthy cause, sending your best mate off on the greatest Stag Do known to man.

Don’t worry, DesignaVenture are here to help with 1,000’s of stag do ideas throughout the UK and Europe you’re in good hands.

If you just want to get somewhere fast and party like it’s 1966, book a basic package of accommodation and clubs and get your dancing shoes on, it’s going to be a heck of a weekend.

You can even build your own Stag Do – choose a destination and whatever activities you fancy day or night or just simply plump for accommodation or activities only, the world is your Oyster.

And just think, at the end of the day, it’s a game of two halves, the boys worked hard, they put their stalls out at half time, it was end to end stuff, there were no easy games and on paper we had a good side – let DesignaVenture put all these football cliches to bed for you!

Enjoy the rest of the world cup and don’t keep any food on your shoulders, you don’t know who’s around.

Keep The Stag Happy

For years, stag do pranks has always been a popular past time on a stag weekend.

From making the poor man drink his own weight in Jägermeister to dressing him up in a Borat mankini and parade him around some square in a foreign city.

Well we think this is all well and good and do not want to come across as if we are discouraging these sorts of practices, after all a little bit of humiliation for the stag will make it memorable.

However, there must also be an enjoyable part of the stag weekend that he will love, here’s your chance to explore some popular stag do ideas.

If he is interested in football take him to see Barcelona, if he likes to shoot guns take him paintballing and if he was a bit of a lad before he decided to settle down take him lap dancing!

Whatever you decide to do on his stag do, make sure there is an enjoyable element for him before you tar and feather the poor fella!

Roundtables Want To Create The Ultimate Stag Do Guide

Roundtable organisations throughout the UK have taken it upon themselves to put together the ultimate stag do guide for their members and maybe to draw a younger crowd in.

The Hereford, Banbury Cross and Sanbach Roundtables are all advertising in local newspapers wanting stag do stories and stag weekend tips.

I think they need to look no further then this stag do news blog written by DesignaVenture experts and the DesignaVenture Blog – Stag Do Ideas.

There are also some fantastic websites out there that give out plenty of stag advice and true stories such as

For years there has been loads of wedding websites advertising mainly bridal interests however, are the times a changing?

Are grooms to be wanting a more active part in the wedding?

No not really, I think most grooms will show interest for the wedding however, the stag do will be filling their heads a lot more!

Kick Back, Relaxing Stag Dos

Most people tend to tarnish a stag do being loud and full to the brim with testosterone, and they are usually near the mark, however not all stag dos want to be brash.

Some stags / ‘grooms to be’ want a quiet more chilled affair, not full of banging clubs and naked strippers.

So here are a few stag do ideas for a sedate stag weekend.

Canoeing and camping down the River Wye is one stag weekend that will chill you to the horizontal position. Just think stunning scenery, clear air and not a traffic jam in site.

Get onboard a Skippered Yacht and do as much or as little as you like, with accommodation onboard you can explore the sea all the way to Cowes. The world is your Oyster well, the Solent is and if you fancy a tipple or two you have the Isle of Wight to explore.

Be a beach Bum in Valencia, with great beaches a beautiful city and stunning weather you will be truly relaxed on your flight home.

There are thousands of stag do ideas to choose from and just remember ‘it’s what you make of it’.


The Stag Do has become something of a necessity, an integral part of a wedding. To most of the groom’s party (and maybe a couple of the grooms) it is the most important part of the whole wedding!

DesignaVenture understand that with all the stress of arranging a wedding, you simply want to turn up and have fantastically memorable time.

Whether you decide to go abroad or stay in the UK this is your chance to get away with the lads and have a stag weekend to remember without bumping into people you know. It is also your chance to have a private weekend with just you and your closest friends so make sure that you have a blast, remember what goes on tour, stays on tour.


To have a stag night or stag weekend away is certainly the best way to go out with a bang. Remember, your new life awaits for you on the other side of the wedding so say goodbye to your old life in style.

When possible, let your friends pull together and fund the stag do as you have enough to pay for with the up and coming wedding.

Once you and the best man have decided on what and where, turn to DesignaVenture who are extremely experience in arranging stress free stag dos.

They can organise everything from stag friendly hotels, popular stag activities and nightclubs to gentleman’s clubs, transport and even an evening meal before hitting the bars and clubs on your big night out. It is a one stop stag shop (try and say that after a few flaming Sambuca’s)!


From the moment you got the chance to be part of the wedding let’s be honest, all that was on your mind was arranging a kick-ass stag do.

Now this could bring a chill down your spine and a sweat on you brow but stop – there is no need to panic DesignaVenture is there to rescue you.

All you have to do is decide, communicate and enjoy. Round up the troops to see how many want in and then sit back and let DesignaVenture take the strain.

There are so many stag packages and top stag destinations to visit so pick wisely. You have to make sure your man, the stag, has the best weekend as a single fella, as it won’t be repeated.

An Olympic Struggle

From the 27th July to 12th August the London Olympics will be hitting our TV screens and no doubt will unite the country into total euphoria, well that’s what our political counterparts are leading us to believe.

But hey! The Last weekend in July and the first 2 weekends in August are always humongously busy with hen parties and stag dos alike, what does the humble stag wanting his last days as a single man to do whilst this massive sporting event is going on?

London and it’s surrounding cities and towns will be choca block with Olympic tourists and every company including hotels will be cashing in.

So here’s the thing, if you intend to go on your stag weekend in those three weeks either keep away from from the South East (that includes Brighton), book early and / or expect to pay a much higher rate for your accommodation.

My advice is go on your stag do to the South West (Cardiff, Bristol, Bournemouth, Newquay) or head up North to Nottingham, Wales, Newcastle or Edinburgh.

At least you won’t get bogged down in traffic and hit by Olympic prices (pardon the pun).

No Interruptions Please We Are On A Stag Do

Are you sick of going on a stag do with your mates and half the time they are on their phones yapping away and sucking all the atmosphere out of your stag night?

There is a game becoming popular with stag parties up and down the country and it’s called ‘Phone Bar-d’.

On your stag night out if you are caught making or taking a phone call it’s you are sent straight to the bar to buy a round of drinks.

This will stop the lads who cannot put their work or life down for 1 day just so the groom can have a relaxing stag night out with his best mates.

It doesn’t have to be for the whole stag weekend, it can be for just the main night out, this will stop people leaving the group and taking the atmosphere with them.

Get ‘Phone Bar-d’ for your next stag do, it cost nothing unless you are caught talking on your phone!