We are offering an incredible offer where your stag can go for free, that’s right your stag will pay NOTHING, NADA, NOT A NOOKA, when you book any of our stag dos for 10 or more people – bear in mind this is usually 20 or more people, so it’s quite the saving.

Do I have to give the discount to the stag or can I spread the saving across the whole group?

It’s not compulsory that the discount has to be applied to the stag’s place, it’s basically up to the stag do organiser the person who books the stag do with DesignaVenture how this discount is applied.

Do I need to quote anything when booking?

Yes – when booking please quote: STAGFREE

Do I have to travel in May?

Not at all, you can book to travel in June, July or even May 2020, you just need to make your booking within the month of May 2019.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit to get a stag do booked with DesignaVenture is £30 in total. We have more details on our How To Book page including information on when your balance is due etc.

Does this offer apply to flight inclusive packages?

Unfortunately not. You can book a stag do abroad without flights and you would get the offer, just not a flight inclusive package.

So, don’t delay, call 01432 830000 and claim your stag free place.

An Environmental Update

Since 2015 we have been working on using less paper, and have achieved a 50% reduction in the use of paper in the office, which we feel is a good achievement.

However, “good” isn’t good enough and like most things we do, we want to excel in it and reducing our office’s environmental footprint is one of those things. So by the end of this year we aim to go almost 99% paper free.

There will be some clients who still like to receive their information in the post and an electronic gift voucher sometimes doesn’t cut the mustard, however in all other departments we hope to cut the use of any paper.

By not using paper, we will also reduce the amount of printer toner cartridges we use plus saving electricity on not having to turn the printer on and leaving it on all day.

We will keep you posted via our Environmental Statement plus this news feed.

Stag Do Ideas Coming Out Of Our Ears

If you’re looking for inspiration and options for your stag do, DesignaVenture has more stag do ideas than Boots The Chemist has headache tablets.

From Racing Rage Buggies, Beer Bike Tours to Canyoning to Stag Do Pranks, Beer Tasting and even Spa days, we have a huge array of activities to choose from.

The DesignaVenture website is a great place for inspiration and exploration giving you ideas on what you can do on your stag weekend. Once you have decided on your chosen activity you can either see which packages include your chosen activity or Build Your Own Stag Do adding and subtracting activities and accommodation as you go along.

We have made the DesignaVenture website a simple but powerful tool to use, helping you create and arrange the best stag weekend known to man.

Did you know that you can get the guys to pay us directly?

Don’t mess around knocking on peoples doors and chasing them for money, let our simple to use website take the strain. Once booked we will provide you with a membership area where you can share your booking and invite people to pay, alternatively we will send you a link where you can socialise it, put it up on a WhatsApp group or email it so everyone can click on it and pay, now that’s a load off!

As always to discuss options simply call us on 01432 830000 – we are always happy to help.

Booking Last Minute? Here’s Something Of Interest

Sometimes booking early is simply not an option and we understand this at DesignaVenture.

We know that whether you’re booking a stag do, hen party or an activity break trying to get time off work or getting money out of the group can hinder you from booking early, well don’t worry people DesignaVenture are masters of getting you in late, plus we can really help you collect the money in.


You don’t need to get your hands dirty, just get your smart phone or lap top out and share the link we send you, that way every member of your group can click on the link and pay, and every time someone pays you’ll get a notification.

You can share this link by email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or whatever platform you prefer.

Alternatively, go into your membership area of our website and you can share your booking from there, you will need everyone’s email address to do this.


It’s simple, we’ll just cancel the people off that haven’t paid and no extra cost to you.*


Let us worry about the availability, we manage to get 99% of all our groups booked into their chosen destination. That’s the great thing about booking through DesignaVenture, we have the contacts, know-how and patience to make sure your break happens and goes off with a bang, and we would say that’s pretty important when booking a stag do, hen weekend, birthday break or activity adventure!

*Some activities may need a minimum number, we will make you aware of this at time of booking.

Booking Your Stag Do Could Not Be Easier

Get your stag do booked now with DesignaVenture and tick that mother off your wedding list.

It couldn’t be easier all your need is a £30 deposit and we will do the rest; book your accommodation, your activities and that all important nightlife.


Absolutely not, you can then either share a payment link with the lads via WhatsApp, Messenger, email etc. or go into your membership area and invite them from there.

Everytime someone pays you then get a notification keeping you up to date on things, how simple is that?

So this summer don’t put things on the back burner, get your stag do booked and then let DesignaVenture do all the rest.

DesignaVenture offer 1,000s of stag do ideas from incredible stag activities to immense nightlife.

Alternatively we have some of the finest stag do packages known to man, discounted and situated in the most popular stag do destinations throughout the world.


Head over to our Build Your Stag Do section where you can literally build your own stag weekend from scratch. Whether you’re looking for 1 night, 2 nights, nightlife, adventurous activities it’s all there and the great thing is; you’ll get an instant price and can either send yourself the creation, enquire for availability or simply get it booked.

DesignaVenture, Stag Weekends Made Easy.

Our Stag Do Blog Is A Must!

Have you checked out our stag do blog yet? It’s a library of stag do ideas, great advice and a must for all budding best-men, who want to arrange the best stag do known-to-man for their best mate, the stag.

Recent posts include Stag Weekend Nightlife Advice, 15 fantastic stag do ideas plus tricks and tips on not blowing the budget when booking a stag do.

The idea behind this blog which has almost a million readers is not to be biased or trying to promote DesignaVenture, there are some shameful acts of promotion but it’s not really noticeable. This blog has also been created to give good advice and stag do ideas for best-men and grooms alike, as what is a huge part of the wedding the Stag Weekend!

There are also posts on stag do favourites such as Pranks, Games and Fancy Dress Ideas and not forgetting the excellent Stag Do Destination Guides.

So if you’re in need of some stag do advice or want some inspiration on where to go or what to do the stag do blog is a must for all legendary best-men.

£30 Get’s It Booked

Whether you’re booking an activity break for a 30th Birthday party or celebrating a stag do or hen party, booking your weekend couldn’t be easier with DesignaVenture because all we need is a single £30 deposit.

After that, you can then collect a £30 per person deposit off everyone or get your group to pay us directly with confidence knowing your stag weekend, hen party or activity day is booked and no one else can get the grubby hands on it.

Usually the per person deposits are due 2 weeks later after the booking date, however if you’re booking late or within about 8 weeks before departure a per person deposit won’t be due at all, just your final balance and guaranteed minimum numbers 5 weeks before you go.

Check out our How To Book page for further details on how to book, alternatively we also have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have lots of questions or would rather speak to a human, (we feel it’s best to chat it out) so call us on 01432 830000 we are ALWAYS happy to help.

Is Your Passport Brexit Ready?

If you are not aware and you’ve been hiding under a stone, Brexit is meant to happen this year on the 29th March 2019. Currently our Government and the European Union haven’t agreed on a deal yet….

So what does that mean to you and your hen or stag do travelling to the EU?

That’s a very good question the only thing you need to check is your British Passport, according to this article on the Telegraph’s website, providing you have at least 6 months validity on your passport on the day of travel you have nothing to worry about.

Bear in mind that if you have a passport which is valid for more than 10 years, those extra days do not count – there is also a statement on the home office website about this, and a passport checker which tells you if your passport will be OK to travel to the European union after Brexit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding this.

Book Early For This Summer

Listen this isn’t a sales ploy, you can take this advice with you even if you don’t book with DesignaVenture.

Looking at recent trends, the forthcoming summer weekends are going to be busy, very busy.

So that really means most weekends in May to September will get booked up, so make sure you get in there first and book early.

If you do book your stag do, hen party or activity event / weekend with DesignaVenture we only need a single £30 deposit*, giving you peace of mind that your important weekend is booked.

That’s all, you can now carry on with you day.

Good luck.

*All packages or activities, not including flights.

The UK Is Hot Right Now!

Within the next few months every man and his dog will be looking to book a hen or stag weekend and currently the UK is flavour of the month. So far this January we have seen an increase in enquiries and bookings for good old Blighty compared to last year.

So forget renewing your passport or buying Euros get your google maps app up and see where you can drive to.

From booking the FASTEST ZIP LINE IN THE WORLD to racing Rage Buggies which have actually featured on Top Gear, the UK has some of the best activities in the world so it’s no wonder hen and stag parties are opting for this Great Isle.

Not looking to get so active, then there are some superb hen and stag destinations by the coast where you can chill out in the day and party hard at night, with Newquay and Bournemouth being our most popular stag do seaside destinations.

Popular city hen and stag destinations for 2019 include Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

North Wales is also pretty popular this year and if your hen or stag party is looking for adventure there is no better destination. White water rafting, quad biking, loads of zip lines, canyoning and so many other activities await your group.

So if you’re looking for inspiration head over to our stag do ideas page for a plethora of adventure and put that passport away!