Bristol Stag Do Place Goes for £1.21 On Ebay

2 members of a stag party doing West Country GamesA Stag Do going to Bristol had a last minute drop out so instead of a no show they decided to auction the place on eBay.

According to an article on the Bristol Post website, these plucky lads from Andover booked West Country Games, Indoor Crazy Golf, bar, club entry and 1 night’s accommodation for their Bristol Stag Do.

On their listing they included some advice for bidders saying that the person who agrees to go must be ready for the daytime activities dressed with trainers and socks for the West Country Games and must pay for their own food and drink all day. (Dressed in trainers and socks always makes me laugh!)

Apparently they had over a 1,000 views but the listing only went for £1.21 and was snapped up by a lady known as Josie. She couldn’t do the whole Stag Do so met them in town for the Crazy golf and a few drinks around town. One of the group said, “like them, she loved the idea of it and did it for a laugh”, however the group said the whole eBay stunt gave the weekend a great buzz.

Bristol is a fantastic UK stag destination and over the last couple of years has become extremely popular with stag and hen parties. With fantastic activities in the day and amazing nightlife, Bristol is possibly the busiest city for stags and hen travelling from other cities. For some  amazing stag packages get yourself over to the DesignaVenture bristol stag do section, where we have packages starting from £79.00 per person*, equally we also offer amazing hen party breaks starting from £95.00 per person*, you can view these packages here.

*Prices correct at time of publish

Bristol is Flying High

If you are looking at booking a Stag do in Bristol this year, you will not be disappointed.

Bristol is becoming a top stag weekend location; loads of stag parties are celebrating their last few days of single life in this West Country carrot crunching capital.

So let’s see why this is the case.

First of all, it’s an easy city to get to, whether you are travelling by train, plane or automobile you will have no dramas.

Then you have some amazing daytime activities.

If you are on a stag do you have all the top stag activities any self respecting stag party will want to do.

You can drive extremely fast rebel and rage buggy off road karts, race head to head on quad bikes or indoor karts or fly some hovercrafts around a challenging course.

OR, if you prefer a shooting activity, Bristol also you will also be catered for which include clay pigeon shooting, paintball and crossbows, which is regaining popularity and you will see why when you shoot a bulls eye.

The nightlife in Bristol is also extremely varied and should cover almost every group’s tastes.

If you’re a fan of big chain pubs, bars and restaurants you will find these in abundance. The waterside is a great place to hang with a fantastic atmosphere and in the summer outside seating areas over looking the busy waterways.

If you want a quieter night, head to Clifton for great student style pubs or independent bars and restaurants. Then you have Cabot Circus, which has loads of restaurants from Burgers and Grills to Asian modern style eateries.

All our bristol stag do packages include 4 star hotels with full breakfast each morning, how cool is that?

One stag told me “Bristol has everything London has except the traffic, now that’s a recommendation if ever I heard one!”

Bristol Stag Do

What can I expect to do on a Bristol stag do?

Well, I am glad you asked BLOOMING LOADS!

From racing karts and Rage Buggies to drinking and tasting cider, It’s a knockout to Canyoning (obviously not in the centre of Bristol), shooting clays to smithereens to laughing your nuts off at a Comedy Club.

At DesignaVenture in Bristol we only deal with 4 star hotels including full breakfast so from our Bristol stag do packages you only expect best, and that’s how we like to keep it.

All our hotels are also walking distance from the bars, clubs and lap dancing venues unless your in stilettos, well the fancy dress is getting more elaborate these days!

I suppose for me Bristol has everything, like London but without the traffic.

A Bristol Stag Do Christmas Offer

Book a popular Bristol Stag Do for any date in 2013 before Christmas, well the 21st December 2012 to be precise, and get a £10 per person discount.

One of our most popular stag dos to Bristol, “A Wheel Party”, is now only £105 per person if you book before the 21st, and you only have to stick down a £50 group deposit to book it.

Included in this fantastic stag do is 1 night in a city centre 4 star hotel with full English breakfast, a choice of 2 fantastic activities (see below) and guest list nightclub entry into either Oceana or The Syndicut.

Pick two of the following Activities:

Rage Buggies – Quad Biking – Hovercrafts – Clay Pigeon Shooting – Supakats – Blindfold Driving – Archery – Crossbows

So don’t delay, pick up the dog ‘n’ bone and give us a bell today (I am not even cockney).

Stag Activities in Bristol

Bristol has all the makings for an awesome stag weekend, need more convincing? Lets take a closer look.

So why has Bristol become such a popular stag destination?

Just having a quick look at the stag activities on offer in Bristol which includes racing Rage Buggies, shooting clays, thrashing around on Quad Bikes, taking part in the West Country Games, flying Hovercrafts, Canyoning, the list is impressive and that is just skimming the surface.

Apart from the amazing stag activities on offer, Bristol is also a laid back city with gyrating nightlife and a city centre oozing with coolness.

Take a trip down to the waterside for bars and restaurants overlooking the docks, full to the brim with party goers and an atmosphere that picks you up and gives you a nice warm hug.

You then have the old cobbled centre of Bristol with great clubs, bars and restaurants giving your stag weekend a different taste to this great West Country city.

Whilst in Bristol go cider tasting (when in Rome and all that) or let your hair down at the infamous Bristol Bierkeller or learn the art of cocktail making.

Whatever happens on your Bristol Stag Do, I am absolutely positive you’ll return to this fantastic city for another go!

Bristol Stag Weekends May Need A Different Currency

Soon Stag Weekends to Bristol will be needing to take a trip to the foreign exchange before travelling to this West Country city due to Bristol getting it’s own currency.

Over 100 traders have signed up to the Bristol pound, from bakeries to more importantly restaurants and bars. Luckily they will also be excepting the good old Bristish pound so stag groups needn’t panick!

The Bristol pound exchange rate is fairly simple and you won’t need Carol Vauderman to work it out as it’s; one Bristol pound is worth exactly one Bristish pound.

According to the BBC Website “the Bristol Pound will be printed in notes, and also traded electronicly”.

So, the next time you book a stag do to Bristol see if you can fill up your stag kitty with Bristol Pounds, as it may help their local economy and it’s also a bit of fun too.

Get Your Bristols Out For The Stags

If you take offence from blogs talking about lap dancing clubs then what are you doing reading stag do news and possibly it’s best not to read on.

A Bristol stag do is spoilt for choice if lap dancing is firmly on the itinerary as it houses some of the best fully nude lap dancing clubs in England.

And if that is not enough, Hooters has set up shop ready for stag parties with open arms and low top crops.

Walking around Bristol on a Saturday night wanting to get your stag a lap dance you will have a pick of 4 lap dancing clubs all within easy walking distance of each other, so if you don’t think too much about one of the clubs move on, they’re all open until 4 / 5am so there’s plenty of time.

And if lap dancing is not your thing you can easily avoid these clubs and get down to some serious partying in one of Bristol’s many banging nightclubs.

So with or without a gentleman’s club you are definitely guaranteed a banging time on your Bristol stag do.

Stag Do Ideas for the Summer of 2011

You thought it would be easy but now you’re puzzled and perplexed by the daunting task of arranging your mates stag do?

Well look no further my friends; I have put together some ideas for a UK stag do that will help you on your way to an incredible weekend.

The 2012 Olympics are to be held in London so why not opt for our tongue in cheek alternative the Ooh aah Olympics, this amazingly fun package takes place in Bristol and you’ll get to participant in games like Cow Pat Wheel of Death! This is the perfect package if you can only spare one night or you’re on a limited budget.

Bournemouth really rocks and this package will keep the petrol heads in your group more then happy, activities included in this superb package are Rage Buggies, Quad Biking, Blindfold Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery and for good measure two nights hotel accommodation and club and lap dancing entry, check out DesignaVenture’s Bournemouth Rocks package.

Nottingham has been right on target again this year especially Designaventure’s Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie package which is both full on and great value for money, click the link for more details.

The above packages are just a few tasters of the currently packages going down a storm you will find hundreds more on the Designaventure website.

Other stag do ideas outside of the UK include Running with the Bull at Pamplona, Oktoberfest in Munich, Bobsleighing in Riga, Red Light District Tours in Amsterdam and the Burning Man event on the Nevada desert.

So if you need any more help, information or just want to book call Designaventure experts for the latest what’s what who’s who in the world of stag dos.

Wipeout Stag Do

If you love Wipeout on BBC 1, you will love the It’s a Knockout packages we have for our stag and hen parties in Nottingham, Bristol and Bournemouth.

Similar to the TV show your aim is to get from A to B as fast as you can whilst getting wet and covered in foam.

The last time you had this much inflatable fun was on a bouncy castle at your 5th birthday, however this is strictly for adults and there is definitly no childs play.

In the 80’s there was a show on TV called It’s a Knockout, it was so popular even the Royals got involved and had their own Episode, check it out on YouTube.

So click on Wipeout stag do Bristol for the It’s a Knockout package in Bristol, Wipeout stag do Bournemouth for well Bournemouth and you got it, click on Wipeout stag do Nottingham for Sheffield, only joking for Nottingham.

These packages can be tailor made to suite your groups requirements.

Bristol Stag Dos Really Rock

Stag dos in Bristol really do have the cream of the crop.

The hotels in the city centre are plush, great value for money and give stag parties exceptional service.

Activities in Bristol are phenomenal, whether you’re a motor head, paintball crazy or love the cider, there’s an activity that will suit your group.

The town centre has had a face lift so get yourself down the waterside for the bars, restaurants and clubs or stay in the city centre for the comedy club, great pubs, bars and lap dancing clubs.

I have just bigged up Bristol, if you have been there and want to try something different have you considered Bournemouth?

Check this article out Bournemouth is a Peach.