Best Man Saves Bride’s Father

There’s a fantastic article in the Mirror sharing a story of a group of guys on a stag do to Bournemouth and whilst they were karting the bride to be’s father had a heart attack!

The story doesn’t currently sound too fantastic, but what happened after makes it a story to learn from and shows how important the message from the British Heart Foundation is trying to get across, in their campaign a Nation of Lifesavers.

The best man Michael Scott put together a brilliant stag do to Bournemouth which included outdoor race karting and whilst they were in the middle of the race, he watched John Statham, father of the bride’s kart veer off the track, through the tyre wall and straight into a tree, John had had a heart attack.

Quick thinking by Michael (best man) and Stewart Jones (a former paramedic), issued CPR  until the paramedics arrived saving John’s life and he was able to walk his daughter down the Aisle just three weeks later.

Luckily, the best man Michael, three weeks earlier completed a free British Heart Foundation CPR training course at his local fire station.

If you would like to know more about how you can learn CPR go here you will never know when you’ll need it!

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Image of the stag do blog homepageIt’s all very well being asked to be the Best Man however, this role comes with some responsibility and there is no bigger responsibility than arranging the Stag Do.

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A Bodged Stag Do Tattoo

According to an article in the Gazette Live website, Mark Bythway had a tattoo done on a Stag Do in Majorca, which seems pretty normal, a nice souvenir from a Stag Weekend he is suppose to remember for the rest of his life, but not when the tattoo up his arm states:

“Bodge Loves Car Boots”.

Mark Bythway who’s nickname is Bodge, as his grandfather named him a bodged baby when he was born, has now been ordered by fiancé to either get it covered up or removed before their wedding in August.

This unforgettable stag tattoo is now on the dedicated bad tattoos on twitter and has caused quite a stir.

In this article he also admitted that this body art doesn’t tell a lie, he actually loves car boots, every cloud!

Nail Your Best Man’s Speech

Being a best man is more than just the stag do, you have another important role to fulfill, the dreaded best man’s speech.

Here are a few tips on how to nail yours:

Don’t just stick to your speech – show flexibility and if you can bring a story from the day, this will show fresh content and also show you haven’t just downloaded the speech from the net.

Keep Calm and Carry On – Take in a deep breath to calm the nerves and go through the speech slowly and surely, making damn sure you bang those jokes / stories out clearly in order to maximize laughter. Once you get the crowd on your side you’ve made it.

Stories from the stag do should be funny and clean, remember the old saying what goes on tour, stays on tour.

Short is Sweet – give yourself 5 minutes as any longer people get fidgety and want to get to the bar.

Finally – you are the best man so make sure you live up to your name, be on hand so you can help if things stray from the master-plan.

Best Men Watch Out For Football Manager Syndrome

The majority of Premier League football managers have a very short shelf life and some don’t even make it to the end of the season, so Best Men Be Aware and don’t get sacked before the stag do.

It’s a huge honour being asked to be a best man and organising the stag do should be the highlight, so do a decent job or you might get the sack.

First things first, I would suggest you use a professional stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture, they will make your job 90% easier.

Secondly, make sure he has a great stag weekend, be his wing man, if he wants a drink make sure he gets one, if he needs food urgently, get yourself to Macdonalds and feed him, if he needs to make a phone call ask which make of smart phone he would like to use, you get me drift.

Thirdly, what goes on tour, stays on tour – make sure no stories gets back to the bride about the stag do, I am not talking about unfaithful behaviour, I am talking about other stories which may freak her out, 99% of stags stay faithful so stick that in your pipe and smoke it Daily Mail readers.

Fourthly, as Best man your job is more then just arranging the stag do, namely looking after the Bridesmaids, enough said.

Extremely Tough Stag Do

Most stag dos include a couple of daytime activities and then a life time of booze, drunk in one weekend.

But not Paul Hamilton’s stag event, oh no, he’s going to divid his stag group into two teams to compete in a 31 mile bike race around the Brecon Beacons, a 7 mile canoe and then a SAS style 24km walk across the beacons with a 32lb of weight on their backs.

According to the Northern Echo, Paul Hamilton’s is no ordinary groom and nor is his best man Michael Dicks.

Paul is about to compete in a top class Premier League Thai Boxing fight and world title bid.

And Michael Dicks is Paul’s best man is also his trainer!

Each member of the stag party will be paying for their own share of the trip but will also be raising money for the NSPCC.

This is currently a new trend happening in the UK, some grooms are swapping their drinking trouser for a stag do for charity.

We at DesignaVenture want to wish Paul Hamilton, his best man and stag party all the luck in the world and HOPE the weather on 28th February is good.

A Positive Financial News Story Amongst The Global Negativity

Are you just getting sick of the global money crises?

Will China bail Europe out?

Who will bail Greece out if they vote no to the referendum?

DesignaVenture has come forward and made a pledge: ‘We will bail out all best men when it comes to arranging the stag do.’

‘We won’t be taking referendums or having a revolt in the office, we will take care of all your stag do needs by keeping our prices low and our quality of products and service high, that’s our pledge to all best men.’

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For a stag do that is quality assured, look no further then DesignaVenture.

The Art of Getting The Stag Do Right

Take 12 lads from Liverpool, a stag weekend in Prague with flights, transfers, accommodation and guides what could possibly go wrong.

Well, if you have all the essentials booked then things are looking up, you don’t have worry to much about logistics and not knowing where to go at night, the guides will take care of that.

However, take 12 lads from Hartlepool, flights and accommodation booked and every thing else is left to chance, “let’s play by ear” the best man said.

Everything starts well, get to the airport a few beers and board, once at Prague airport, “how come our cab cost eighty euros and every one else’s cost forty?” the best man asks.

“Right to the night life” the best man shouts, “where is it then?”

Moral of the story is, with a stag do, don’t leave anything to chance, get things booked and sorted, especially in a foreign city, also get a guide, you’ll be lost without one.

Yeovil Round Table Wants to Help Best Men

Yeovil Round Table is creating a guide to help all budding best men to perform their duties to the best of their abilities including the stag do.

They are asking people in the Somerset area for video clips of excellent best men speeches and stories.

These can be emailed to them at

“Our aim is to use the responses we receive from people in Somerset and those from Round Table’s network of more than 500 tables, to produce a simple, but authoritative guide to delivering the perfect best man’s speech, created by those who know best – the men who’ve been there” a spokesman from the Yeovil Round Table told the Yeovil Express.

The Yeovil Round Table has always looked to provide help 18 to 45 year olds since 1927, so they have plenty of experience.

As well as the best man’s speech, they also want to help the best man with his personal development skills, public speaking and of course the very important stag do!