Our Top 10 Adventure Stag Weekends UK

Adventure and Stag Weekends go together like Cannon & Ball (one for the 80’s), Brussels Sprouts and Christmas and Vodka Red ball.

So I have quickly compiled a top 10 (in no particular order) of DesignaVenture’s top 10 selling Adventure stag weekends all based in good old Blighty.

First of all there is no better place within the UK Stag Group White Water Raftingthan North Wales for Stag weekend Adventure, with loads of mountains, rivers and immense terrain for motorised activities such as Quad biking there is no wonder why our stag package White Water & Wheels is in our top 10.

Then you have Nottingham, situation right in the centre of Britain making it our most central stag location. Our Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie stag package not only has some brilliant motorised activities but also has fantastic accommodation and superb nightlife.

Down the M1 you’ll find Milton Keynes, not usually associated with adventure, but if you want snowboarding tobogganing or ski-ing all on real snow and then sky diving (both indoor) you will find adventure and some, with our most popular package in this American style town called Sledge & Dive Weekend.

Heading South to Bournemouth, there are two contenders both sitting at either end of the price spectrum however both extremely popular with our stag dos, they are Bournemouth Rocks which is full on and fantastic and The Bournemouth Offer Weekend, which is a cheap Stag Do as long as you can go out of season.

Heading even further South is the wild Cornish Stag Group Jumping Off Clifftown of Newquay, the contender which includes Coasteering, is our very popular Adrenaline Junkie weekend, first created in 2003!

Going up the M5 to Bristol there is one stag package that our stag parties looking for adventure loves and that’s the Bristol Gorge Weekend. This popular package includes Canyoning which is adventure with a capital A!

Going further up the M5/6 you have Chester and one adventure Stag Weekend which stands out a mile is the Non Stop stag package, with Rage Buggies, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and White Water Tubing this weekend sells by the bucket loads.

Moving up North again you have the crazy party capital of the North East, Newcastle. One stag adventure weekend which stands out a mile is the Guns, Karts & Dogs weekend. Paintball, karting dog racing and amazing nightlife will give you a Stag Weekend to remember.

Our furthest North stag destination where we offer full on adventure is Edinburgh and here you can find the extremely popular Absolute Splash Weekend. Not only does this stag package include white water rafting at one of the best sites in the UK but also cliff jumping which will get the heart pumping. You then have the nightlife of Edinburgh, which will then put hairs on your chest!

Stag Do Ideas For The Brave

If you are feeling like you need something to bond your stag party, an activity that puts the willies up the group (leave it) is a perfect solution.

Something like cliff jumping in the Highlands, Coasteering in Newquay or Gorge scrambling / Canyoning in Wales requires balls of steel and pure guts.

With loads of high rise jumps, traversing sheer rock faces and walking behind gushing waterfalls – any of the above mentioned stag activities will put hairs on your chest.

However, if you prefer to keep it motorized quad biking in North Wales is a hair-raising experience. The only thing between you and the bottom of a 60-foot drop is a narrow footpath and the grip of your quad bike.

White water rafting in the UK isn’t like racing down the Zambezi however, when its -2 degrees up in the Scottish Highlands I think Brave Heart comes to mind, surely capsizing in this weather is unthinkable?

So, if you are looking for more stag do ideas for the brave, look no further then the DesignaVenture website.

White Water Rafting Stays on Track

A couple of months ago I was asked by a client booking his stag do “will there be enough water in July to have some decent white water rafting in North Wales?”.

I explained to him that usually June and July don’t have a huge amount of rainfall however, dam releases by Welsh Water keeps the river levels up keeping it perfect for white water rafting.

How wrong were we both, we have had one of the wettest summers since records began (why is everything since records began, when did they begin 2007?).

The good news is no DesignaVenture stag parties has had their white water rafting cancelled due to dangerously high water levels, in fact water levels are perfect for some fantastic white water.

You cannot beat Britain for adventure weekends, so if that’s your aim for your next stag do, book Britain.

Stag Dos For The Very Fit

Most stag dos these days consist of activities, beer, bar and club, however there is a trend starting to emerge where the whole stag party take on an Iron man style event.

There are loads of different events going on around the country including Tough Guy in the West Midlands, Iron Man in Bolton, Galway (Eire) & Pembrokeshire and Commando Challenge in Devon.

They usually consist of running, swimming, obstacle courses and Tough Guys includes running through fire – not the sort of stag activity you would expect however more groups are wanting to do this sort of stag event.

Stag Dos are also becoming thoughtful and getting sponsored in aid of their favourite charities whilst doing these grueling stag events.

We wish them all the best and please get in touch if you have competed in one these events for your stag do.

Stay In A Pub On Your Stag Do

Stag Parties are renown for the odd visit to the pub, actually most stag weekends are based around the pub, but why not go one better and actually stay in a pub.

DesignaVenture offer superb stag packages in North Wales / Shropshire borders all based on staying above a pub in en-suite accommodation fit for, well a stag do.

This stag friendly accommodation is very clean and comfortable and serves huge breakfasts every morning and hearty evening meals (most of the DesignaVenture stag packages include an evening meal).

The bar is open until the last man sinks, gauranteed, and the Ale is cheap and plentiful.

You are then well placed for fantastic stag activities which include White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Quad Biking, Dirt Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Hovercrafts there are too many to name.

Once your warn out bodies need to sit down and relax after the amazing stag activities on offer this very special stag friendly accommodation will open it’s arms and welcome you in for a well earned pint and some bed rest.

2012 Sees The Stag Do Man Up!

Well it’s very clear that we Brits are a nation of action men. Jason Statham, Daniel Craig and Bear Grylls move over, the real heroes are clear to see from our latest stag do research here at DesignaVenture.

They have seen an incredible 20% increase for stag parties wanting daredevil activities that send them scaling heights, leaping off cliffs, navigating wild water and honing their survival techniques. What’s going on? Do some of you know of some global disaster that is going to strike when you might need to know these skills? Well, some do say that the world will end in 2012, so even if it’s just ticking off amazing things to do before you die, you’re certainly giving the SAS a run for their money.

Stag activities in these hard man categories include Canyoning; where you might trapeze across a river, traverse rock walls, dip behind waterfalls and discover dark caves and deep deep water pools. Obviously this is not a city centric pastime, you’ll be in rugged countryside like Wales, Scotland or even Valencia in Spain.

Coasteering will take your stag do down south to the Cornish Riviera, better known as Newquay. Recklessly throwing yourselves off cliffs, scaling rock walls at sea level and generally doing anything that makes you scream inside – and sometimes out!

Cliff jumping – need we say more. If your stag do is lacking a bit of hyperventilation, this will send you wild. Think Canyoning but a bit higher. Will you have the guts to actually jump? With the water below you to break your fall, we guarantee your next words will be ‘AGAIN, AGAIN!!’ or possibly, ‘Anyone got a clean wet suit?’

If you prefer to be in a vessel when you’re doing something wet and wild, then White Water Rafting will still give you that danger factor, but at least there’s something extra to keep you afloat and to hang on to. And the object of this is to stay out of the water, not jump in. Roaring along the UK’s, or alternatively the Baltic states’, most exciting river runs, your stag do will have a very bumpy ride that will make you ignore the log flume at the theme park forever more.

Back on terra firma, a Bushcraft session in South Wales can easily expand your stag night into a whole weekend. If you can’t boil an egg at home, you’ll soon be able to do way more, including man’s greatest ever achievement, making fire. If you see your night getting a bit Blair Witch, at least you’ll have learned some survival skills to get you through.

Yes gentlemen, non of this mamby-pamby lightweight stag partying for you. It’s balls out, heart stopping, air punching activities all the way.

Adventure Weekends On The Up

Whether you’re looking for a stag do, hen party or activity weekend more and more people are turning towards adventure.

Adventure weekends are on the up, from jumping into deep pools, surfing the Atlantic rollers or shooting someone with a paintball the UK public have spoken and they love a bit of adventure.

DesignaVenture’s activity bookings are on the up and more customers are wanting more outward bound activities such as climbing, mountain biking and gorge walking.

Another popular adventure weekend is canoeing down the River Wye by day and camping under the stars at night (best not do it the other way round, it gets very dark in Herefordshire).

Raft building a popular corporate activity, is a hit with hen parties along with treasure hunts and obstacle courses.

Stag dos love the more dangerous activities such as Coasteering, Gorge Walking and white water rafting.

Whatever activities you go for on your adventure weekend, get stuck in as you know you will talk about it down the pub for days, maybe weeks to come.

Adventurous Stag Do Ideas

If your groom is a bit of an adrenalin junkie and likes to live on the edge, then below is a rough guide for adventurous stag do activity ideas I am sure he would like to get his teeth into.


Just Jump

First of all Coasteering, this is a wild activity with bells on, jumping into deep water pools obviously on the coast, hence the name. All the specialised equipment such as wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are included, all you need to bring is an old pair of trainers and balls of steel as the jumps get higher and higher.

Staying with water based stag activities; get yourselves to Wales or Scotland for some Gorge Scrambling action. Also known as Canyoning, this adventurous stag do activity includes walking behind waterfalls, jumping into deep pools, traversing sheer rock faces and in some locations exploring a cave or two. Again all your specialised equipment is included.

White Water Rafting finishes off the water based activity list in style, frothing water and a thrashing river awaits your group’s raft so get your paddles ready and prepare for a dunking. Most of the white water river sites are grade 2 – 4 however; there are some man made sites, which are also popular with the newest in Cardiff Bay.

Abseiling may not be the first activity on the stag do essential list but the one in North Wales is pretty special. SAS style abseiling from 80ft bridges will certainly get the blood pumping and the adventurous hungry stag happy.

Talking of the SAS, try out the mega assault course in Hereford with a high ropes course that will curl your toes, fly down a zip line and walking the Jacobs ladder.

To finish off without a snifter of motorised stag do activities in sight why not try Mountain biking in the Scottish highlands near Edinburgh or in North Wales. Cycle along stunning mountain paths with some high narrow ledges and some great down hill action.

All these adventurous stag do ideas can be done by themselves or in a DesignaVenture bullet-proof stag package, call us for details.