A Nottingham Stag Weekend

A Nottingham stag weekend can consist of so many unforgettable moments you’ll need a head-cam to record them all and then show them off at the wedding, umm maybe not, WGOTSOT.

I have spoken to one of the sales team members of DesignaVenture and she told me that “Nottingham has always been a fantastic place to celebrate your stag do however, this year has seen a bit of a revival in groups wanting to party here”.

“One of our most popular packages has been in Nottingham, Rage Buggies, Bikes and Boogie weekend” she added.

“This package is so popular because it includes 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, Rage Buggies (obviously), Quad Biking, Laser Clays and entry into Nottingham’s biggest and best nightclubs, Oceana”, she also advised me..

Nottingham does not just offer fantastic daytime activities, at night this vibrant city has loads going on including comedy clubs, Hooters Party Meal, Medieval Banquets, Lap Dancing Clubs, tons of bars, great restaurants covering a multitude of cuisines and much much more.

Situated right in the centre of the UK mainland, Nottingham is also a good place to party if your stag group is scattered all over the UK.

By the way WGOTSOT means what goes on tour stays on tour.

So for an unforgettable stag weekend head to Nottingham, see, no mention of Robin Hood, damn I’ve just said it.