William and Harry On A Very Stately Stag Do

According to an article on the Daily Beast website, Prince William and Prince Harry joined friends to celebrate Tom Van Straubenzee’s stag do in a pub in Hedley on the Hill.

With not a stripper or Flaming Sambuca in sight the Royal brothers and their friends all bought rounds of drinks at the bar and had a meal in a very quiet celebration for their mate Tom, who is due to marry Lady Melissa Percy later on this year.

Tom Van Straubenzee is one of Harry’s oldest friends and Lady Melissa is the daughter of the Duke of Northumberland, whose house was used as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.

Tom was also an usher at last year’s Royal Wedding and Lady Melissa is friends with Pippa Middleton, so lets just say they have friends in high places.

So, back to the stag do then. Well there is really nothing really to report, they sat and had a meal, bought drinks at the bar and chatted. The chef at the Feather’s Inn in Hedley on the Hill tweeted that he had just finished making tea for William and Harry and they were both lovely boys!!

So we will be back with more stag and hen party news as it happens, or in this case doesn’t happen.