What Happened On Harry Judd’s Stag Do

Harry Judd’s stag do was back to school with his McFly band mates, his other friends and Lilly I mean Robbie Savage (well it’s the same haircut).

After their stag night at the Six Bells in Felsham (we previously reported on) the stag party returned to Harry’s old boarding school, Old Buckingham Hall in Suffolk.

Because Harry doesn’t drink, once the group had sunk a few the attention soon turned to what stag do pranks they could do on him.

According to a famous tabloid, they managed to get him back in his old School uniform, amongst other things which can not be printed!

He was then treated to a pillow fight with Robbie Savage at three in the morning, you can imagine the carnage caused from 25 blokes sleeping in a huge dorm.

Apparently, the next day the group played Hockey, cricket and footie, wow about that was a little strained with bad heads.

Harry is due to marry Izzy at Christmas and once again we would like to wish them a universe of luck.