Stag Do Movies The New Trend

Never has there been a better time to bring out a Stag Do movie.

Ever since the popularity of the Hangover trilogy, loads of stag movies have made the cut and 2013 is no different.

Two must see Stag Do movies in 2013 are:

Simply called ‘The Stag’, it’s about an Irish groom who is persuaded / forced by his fiancé to go on a camping Stag Do trip and to also invite her brother, simply known as ‘The Machine’.

As you can expect loads will go wrong and after seeing the trailer this film looks absolutely hilarious.

You then have an American movie called ‘Stag’ (it’s mad how our American cousins have adopted Stag Parties instead of Bachelor Parties).

This is about a groom who was the ring leader of many Stag Do pranks on all his mates stag parties and is now in the firing line.

With many funny scenes and great acting, this is also a quality film.

So get the lads and get yourself to the cinema and get some Stag Do Ideas!