Comical Stag Dos

Amongst many stag do stories there are some real gems of Grooms being put through an experience of what can only be described as friendly torture!

I have heard stories of grooms ending up on a slow boat to Calais days before the wedding, this is a good case of booking your stag do, weeks before the wedding and not on the next day or week.

Other stories include stags being defaced by his mates by either shaving his eyebrows or writing crudities in sun cream on their forehead, another case for having the stag do a month before the big day.

I have also heard of a story where a stag was dressed up in a mankini and made to do all the daytime activities including paintball, staying in this Borat Style fancy dress is perhaps a good daytime prank as at night lap dancing clubs and nightclubs would laugh and then frown at such revealing costumes.

There was also a very good story online of a stag on his four day stag do handcuffed to a midget who was painted blue (to resemble a smurf) for the whole duration. The groom had to sleep, eat, drink and everything else men do on a stag weekend, handcuffed to a blue midget.

Whatever you do to the poor unsuspecting stag, look after him, unless he did something terrible to you on yours!