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Build Yourself Up A Wicked Stag Weekend

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Build Your Own Stag Do Example

Have you looked at our Build Your Own section of the DesignaVenture website?

It’s an incredible feature and unlike many of our other fellow competitors you don’t need to sign up or sign in it’s there for you to create your very own incredible stag do.

You can then save your Stag Do creation, share it with your mates, book it online or enquire about it via our amazing website.

From Prague to North Wales, you can choose your accommodation type, what you want to do in the day (Rage Buggies to Bubble Football) and your night time activities. You can also bypass any section if you don’t need accommodation or daytime activities.

You can watch your masterpiece add up on the right handside with the option of taking off activities or accommodation if they are no longer required.

I would say this, but I don’t think there is another build your own Stag Do section to a website like it on the net, it’s pure genius!



Book Early for 2015

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Man Drinking Wine After Booking Stag DoBook early and avoid disappointment, it’s that old cliche again, however it does make a lot of sense especially when you are booking something as important as a hen or Stag Do.

So why do you need to book your hen or Stag Do early?

At the moment hotel managers, after a bumper year in 2014, will be sharpening their pencils and inflating their prices, so if you have 20 lads who have all said they will go on Dave’s Stag Do, book it now and get 2014 prices for a booking going in 2015.

Availability is also another factor which is completely in your favour when booking early. Another scenario is if you have 25 girls who all want to go to the Royal Ascot next year, Royal Ascot gets extremely busy and fitting 25 girls into one hotel can be a problem, booking early should and will, resolve this issue.

So to conclude booking your hen or Stag Do early will save you money and guarantee you availability… brilliant!!! Another useful tip to help you arrange the best Hen or Stag Weekend known to man / woman from DesignaVenture.

So get started head to our stag do section of our website or hen party section and book, book, book!

Book Your 2015 Stag Do Now

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Stag drinking a glass of wine and chilling

It’s July 2014 and the Stag Do season is rocking like a rowing boat in a force 9 gale (one for the yachting enthusiasts), this is a great time to reflect and compare on stag groups booking last minute and groups booking their Stag Do early.

Stag parties booking last minute are fine, we are finding availability, however it’s harder to find their first choice of activities, hotels and even nightlife as a lot of the beds and activity sessions are booked up. We are also finding stag groups  are smaller as not everyone is available last minute.

So in hindsight, stag groups who book early will be more organised, all their first choice of activities and hotel are available and more people will attend as you are giving them a lot more notice.

Here’s your chance, if you are looking for a Stag Do for 2015 to ‘grab the bull STAG by the horns’ and get your weekend booked now.

If you are looking at a UK stag destination or an abroad Stag Do without flights, then booking early couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is stick down a £60 deposit, advise us of a rough idea of group size and then share the booking online with your mates and get them to commit by paying a £30 per person deposit online.

Booking this early, WE don’t need to know your definite numbers and YOU don’t need to get your fingers dirty by having to collect all the cash in off the boys, they can pay direct, online or over the telephone making it even easier then a Peppa Pig Puzzle.

So use hindsight, book early and get your 2015 Stag Do licked.

Our website has more Stag Do Ideas then an Ice Cream Man has sprinkles, so get yourself over to the stag section of the DesignaVenture website and get well organised.

Now is the Time To Get Your 2013 Stag Do Sorted

Monday, August 13th, 2012

If you are getting married next year or have been asked to be bestman for a 2013 wedding, now is the time to do your research and get your stag do plans well under way.

Ask all the boys including the ‘groom to be’ what they fancy doing and get some stag weekends priced up.

And if you book with DesignaVenture you only have to stick a £100 group deposit down with a rough idea of numbers (does not apply to flight inclusive bookings) and voila you have your 2013 stag do sorted.

There are plenty of pros to getting it booked so early, you may find prices will go up by Christmas for 2013 stag packages so booking it now will save you plenty of Dollar.

You may also find loads of availability giving you choices over activity times and booking into the best hotels.

So grab the Bull by the balls, I mean horns and get your 2013 stag do sorted today.

Mankini Banned From Popular Stag Do Destination

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

We have just had news from one of our providers who has their ear pressed closely to the ground that the stag favourite fancy dress item which doesn’t leave much to the imagination has now been banned from Newquay.

The Mankini made famous by Borat has become the ultimate embarrassment fancy dress item to dress the stag up in.

The Police in Newquay have banned offensive clothing with the Mankini being under that category and already there has been many banned.

So if you are planning your stag weekend in Newquay and are wandering what to the dress the stag up in, maybe think twice about the Mankini.

The New Stag Do Uniform

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We have had the 118 guys, the stag dressed as The Top Gear Stig (which caused quite a stir), The Lycra Morph Suit for those who dared now you have the Olympic Torch Bearer.

The Olympic torch is currently being paraded around all the towns and cities of Britain, if you watched the news or click on to the BBC website you would have seen celebrities and the great people of this land bearing the torch in front of millions on lookers.

Take this theme on to your stag do and get the stag to carry the torch.

Dressed the main man all in white, preferably white tracksuit bottoms and a loose white polo shirt, the rest of stag party surround him as the torch bodyguards and his entourage.

Tour your popular stag destination and be the talk of the town, job done.

What Makes A Great Stag Do?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

With the stag do season well and truly kicking off and many hundreds of thousands of partygoers hitting popular stag destinations worldwide, what makes a good stag do?

First and foremost your mates, everyone should be in good spirits and excited about a boys weekend away with their close buddies, so make sure they are all kept up to date with what’s going on and where you’re going as this will make everyone feel part of the group.

Lots to do in the day is also a good sign of a great stag weekend, if the guys want to drink all day you may find quite a few peaking by 4pm and not showing up for the evening’s entertainments, so try and book a stag daytime activity or two to keep the boys in check.

Bars and clubs booked for the evening will also help your stag do go off without a hiccup, the last thing you want to be doing is walking around a city at 10.30pm looking for a venue for your large group of lads to get into, so book your clubs and bars in advance.

Make sure the stag has a great weekend; after all he is the reason why you are celebrating.

Make Your Stag Do A Legacy

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The press and government are banging on about the Olympics and how it’s going to make a lasting legacy for London and Great Britain as a whole, that sort of speak should be used in conjunction with your up and coming stag do.

A legacy basically means information passed down to generations to come for them to be proud of, wouldn’t that be great if your stag do stories became a legacy not only down the pub but also through your family tree.

The story gets passed down to your kids and then their kids and so on.

What would you have to do to achieve such a feat?

I couldn’t possibly tell you as that is the best man or groom’s domain, if it was my idea it wouldnt be such a legacy!

If you have kids and one or more of them are boys their first questions to you when they book their stag do is what you got up to on yours, so make sure you have some good clean stories.

Just make sure your stag do is in good hands by booking it through a desirable and trustworthy stag do organiser such as DesignaVenture, and everything else will fall into place.

Stag Dos Are A Maze Of Different Ways

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Confused by the title? Stag dos are a maze and if you have never arranged one before there are now a hell of a lot of choices.

Where do you start?

Usually talking to the groom is the best place to start, after all it is his celebration, unless it’s a secret, then talking to the ushers, best men etc to find out what everyone has in mind.

Where do you go?

Ultimately this comes down to how much time you have off, budget and more importantly what you want to do, white water rafting on a stag do to Amsterdam is not an option.

How much is too much?

Your questions are now coming thick and fast!! Too much is down to how much people in your stag group can afford. Too much to me is doing 2 full days of activities, with drinking on top never mind about the expense you’ll be whacked.

The stag wants maximum people with minimum effort.

Demanding….Anyway, you should arrange something that will suit everyone. Booking a Golfing stag do is always a bad move, particularly if you want everyone invited to go as you are just tuning out all the non golfers.

Keep the price down and book something that everyone will enjoy, motorised is pretty popular or just bars, clubs and accommodation is also a great move.

The stag is not bothered about numbers, he wants something he is interested in

It’s his call at the end of the day, your job is to make it happen. Most of his close friends will do whatever he wants to do anyway.

Whatever your manifesto, using a professional stag do organiser like DesignaVenture will help your cause as they will have access to hundreds of hotels, activity sites and clubs.

Pain Vs Pleasure

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Walking around all night on your stag do and not being able to get into any bar or club, as you are an all male party.

Booking your stag do through DesignaVenture and walking to the font of the queue and getting in without any hassle.

Turning up at your hotel and finding out your not booked in, as Dave forgot to confirm it.

Dropping your bags off in your rooms of your stag do friendly hotel DesignaVenture booked for you, and heading out to the pub for a good catch up with your old mates.

Turning up at the wrong stag do activity site in Oxfordshire.

Turning up at the right activity site, as DesignaVenture emailed the details to your smart phone.

So what ever gives you your pleasure or pain, leave it in the bedroom and just use the pleasure option whilst booking your stag do.