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Stag Do Adventure Weekends For Petrol Heads

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013

Stag Do and adventure goes together like strawberries and cream, Ant and Dec and Spain and Sangria.

So I have quickly compiled a list of fantastically mad stag dos with crazy petrol driven activities to keep the petrol heads amongst you happy.

First of all we have the Petrol Heads and Calamity Clays stag Do in Bristol, an awesome array of full on motorised activities including the amazing Rage Buggies and the versatile Quad Bikes. You then get to finish off with a bash at clay pigeon shooting – this is one of our most popular packages and for under £200 for 2 nights 4 star accommodation and entry into some great clubs this great value for money.

If that Stag do sounds amazing we offer a similar package in Nottingham called the Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie, and for under £150 per person this is a real bargain.

Fancy a bit of Mini Racing (old style supped up rally prepared Minis with roll cages), Quad biking and Hovercraft racing? This Mini Madness package in Bournemouth will totally satisfy your petrol fumes craving!

Our Berlin Bangers package is not for the speed freaks but for the stag groups wanting to drive around the streets of Berlin in old 2 stroke, communist style Trabants. You will love the adventure and the funny looks!

Other petrol driven stag activities include motorized Beer Kegs, indoor karting, SuperCats, Tanks, Honda Pilots the world is your Oyster.

There are simply loads of Stag do ideas all over our website, but if you need that personal touch, pick up the telephone and give us a call, we are here to help.

Last Minute UK Stag Do

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Big news people, May 2013 is going be a scorcher, apparently it’s not going to rain for the whole month of May, so if you haven’t booked your Stag Do yet, now is the time.

You are going to see popular stag do destinations such as Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay and Nottingham basking in sunshine or unlike last year, dry!

There is plenty of late availability around and as you are booking so late, if you are having trouble getting the money out of all the lads why not try our individual payment service*.

In the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website why not try out our last minute enquiry form, or if you are working to a budget try the budget finder also found on the Stag Do Home page.

So if you need to book a last minute Stag Do let DesignaVenture share the load so you can take all the credit, we don’t mind!

*Lead person books and pays for 2 people, we then give you a unique reference number and a set deadline and group members can either call up or go online and pay. Please note that there is a £2 per payment transaction charge for this service.

Top Gear Stag Do To North Wales

Friday, April 26th, 2013

The Melton Times has reported about a Stag Do to North Wales where the guys set themselves a top gear challenge before arriving at their rented in barn in North Wales.

They split up into teams and waited for their first part of the challenge….

The challenge was to buy a banger (an old car, not a sausage), with tax and MOT for less than £400.

Points were deducted for spending more or gained for spending less.

The teams then had to transform their beaten up cars into something with style, one team chose the Back to The Future DeLorean.

Others chose a Jurassic Park style jeep and the other team made a Limo out of a funeral car!

They then drove from Derby to North Wales with various challenges on the way.

What a fantastic Stag do idea, loads of fun and totally unique.

If you have any stories like this one please do not hesitate to contact us on

Need Some Stag Do Inspiration For 2013?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

If you need inspiration for your stag do, DesignaVenture has the website jam packed full of stag do ideas.

Anything from white water rafting to racing Rage Buggies, horse racing weekends to just plain and simple partying.

Stag Do packages start from as little as £47.00 per person*.

Our customer focused team can help you choose your destination, give you ideas on what to do whilst on tour and help you with the overall organisation.

So start with out website have a good look around and then simply give us a call or send us an email and we will pick you up and give you a big bear hug and let you know everything is going to be OK.

We all know arranging groups of people can sometimes be a pain, booking your stag do through DesignaVenture will help you share that burden.

Let’s just say the DesignaVenture website has stag do ideas coming out of it’s cyber ears and a customer experience better then a cuddle.

*Based on Jan 2013 prices.

Advice On Booking Last Minute Stag Weekends

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Have you left it late to book your last minute stag weekend?

Did the Olympics take your mind off things and once the closing ceremony finished the penny dropped, you haven’t arranged Dave’s stag do!

Well first of all don’t panic, the more we move away from August the better the availability is, although the first weekend in September (7th – 9th) is extremely busy and some popular stag destinations are extremely busy.

So for a last minute stag weekend, give DesignaVenture a call with your dates and requirements and let them take the strain.

No longer will you have the heavy burden of arranging 15 hairy blokes a stag weekend away, DesignaVenture have loads of stag do ideas and will have you packing your bags in the knowledge that you have it sorted.

Now you can watch the ParaOlympics in a relaxed state of mind, come on team GB!

Abroad Stag Destination Recommendations For This Winter

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Riga, a stag favorite, when winter arrives so does the snowso ideal for a snow mobile safari, an amazing stag do experience.

If you loved the film Cool Running’s you will love the one of the most popular stag do activities in Riga, Bobsleighing. Yes people, you get to shoot at lightning speed down an iced up track, that is why winter in Riga is a must.

If you prefer a little heat then Spain should be on your stag destination list, places such as Barcelona and Valencia reaching some very respectable temperatures throughout winter plus has some fantastic nightlife.

One stag destination that doesn’t currently get much of a mention is Dublin. The Irish capital is a fantastic stag do haunt that has so much character, you will fall in love with the place, I did!

So, for some great stag do ideas in and around Europe head to DesignaVenture’s website.

Stag Do Winter Sales Starts Today

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

This is not a reflection on the current weather conditions this is a genuine sale for stag dos looking to celebrate this winter (2012/13).

We currently have 5 stag destinations all offering fantastic activity weekends at amazing prices.

In Bournemouth you are saving a whopping £49 per person keeping your stag do well under £140 per person and includes loads of activities, 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast and guest list nightclub entry.

Reading is another stag do pleaser and includes 1 night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 amazing activities and nightclub entry all for £89 per person – it’s a deal, a steal, it’s a sale of the century!

If you prefer Bristol then we have a stag night £35 cheaper but with no loss of quality. Again staying in a city centre 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 activities and guest list nightclub entry, lovely jubbly.

However, if you prefer to get away from it all, and don’t mind travelling down to Newquay, you can book a blinder for just £75 per person.

Fantastic stag do ideas by DesignaVenture.

Royal Ascot Begins

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

I have no doubt that this year’s Royal Ascot is going to be a special one; well this is the Queen’s jubilee.

Ladies and gentleman have today turned up dressed to impress and the outside of this famous Horse Racing Venue is cloaked in huge union jacks.

The reason why there is so munch emphasis on what people are wearing is that the venue has tighten it’s dress code laws for the Royal Enclosure.

We have many hen and stag parties visiting the venue this weekend and we are sure they are going to have the time of their lives.

Here’s a dress tip for you; don’t wear a cravat, no one looks good in a cravat.

The New Stag Do Uniform

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

We have had the 118 guys, the stag dressed as The Top Gear Stig (which caused quite a stir), The Lycra Morph Suit for those who dared now you have the Olympic Torch Bearer.

The Olympic torch is currently being paraded around all the towns and cities of Britain, if you watched the news or click on to the BBC website you would have seen celebrities and the great people of this land bearing the torch in front of millions on lookers.

Take this theme on to your stag do and get the stag to carry the torch.

Dressed the main man all in white, preferably white tracksuit bottoms and a loose white polo shirt, the rest of stag party surround him as the torch bodyguards and his entourage.

Tour your popular stag destination and be the talk of the town, job done.

Ooh Aah Olympics

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

As the Olympic torch hits the streets of our popular stag do destination of Bristol, let’s take a look at the Bristolian’s answer to the Olympic games called the West Country Games.

Set in a massive grassy field 25 minutes south of Bristol not dissimilar to Mount Olympia this amazing venue holds what can only be described as Vicky Pollard’s ideal Olympic Games.

Games include Cider Run, Bristol Chavs and handbags, Pitchfork Duel, Welly Wanging (obviously), Wurzel Knockout, Tractor Tyre Rolling, Mangold Dangling and many more West Country themed classics.

Also included in this amazing stag activity is a typical West Country Picnic lunch which will of course include a pasties and cider.

The games will last for 3 hours, which again is similar to the proper Olympics if you condense it down and take out the sports you dont like!

So if you want a unqiue stag activity or weekend you cannot go wrong with the Ooh Aah Olypics / West Country Games, right now where did I put my pitchfork and pasty.