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Mark Wright’s Banned From Marbella

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Mark Wright the man of the moment is up for his Stag Do this year and Michelle Keegan, according to an article on the Heat’s website, has banned the hapless Essex boy and his mates from his first choice stag destination of Marbella.

Apparently, he is treated like a king in ‘Marbs’ and “has whatever he wants, any time of the day”.

Mark Wright went to Marbella in May 2011, when he was celebrating Timothy Langar’s Stag Do, where apparently he got food poisoning and missed the biggest night of the tour, so perhaps he wants to go back and make amends.

Anyway it’s not all bad for the fella with a new TV show on ITV2, Party Wright Around The World, I expect he will be able to use his new contacts to find another stag destination to party in.

A One Direction Stag Do

Monday, November 25th, 2013

According to an article on the Metro website, Zayn Malik, who has recently got engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards has already started talking about his Stag Do, well his band mates have!

Liam from the band told one of the Metro reporters “we should spring it on him one night. All of us pick him up. We could kidnap him, put a bag on his head and make it really real.”

“And then he’ll get there and then it will just be strippers and stuff. We can all dress up in monkey and clown masks. Real guns and real strippers” he added.

Kidnapping the stag has been a tradition in Sweden for some time, however some it can go wrong sometimes such as the stag we wrote about in July, when after his ordeal developed shingles!

Harry Styles from the band also told the Metro reporter we might just throw multiple stag dos.

Zayn told the reporter seperately that the band had been discussing the Stag Do but no plans had been made.

We wish Zayn all the luck in the world!

30 Year Old Stag Night Picture Revealed

Friday, October 25th, 2013

The UKIP sacked MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has published his book showing pictures of his stag night in London 30 years ago.

The picture shows him with his face against the ‘compulsory stripper’s’ breasts with the stag party watching in the background.

The picture shows his stag group in black tie laughing at him frolicking around. Wow hasn’t stag parties changed since 1983. Most stag parties these day’s are either in fancy dress, stag t-shirts or dressed down and you would more likely see a lap dancer than a stripper on a Stag Do.

Godfrey Bloom was sacked last month for jokingly calling a room full of a women “sluts” at the annual party conference, that is hilarious, does he think he’s starring in Pulp Fiction?

A Messy Ant Leaves Stag Do

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

DesignaVenture’s news page has just gone tabloid with this story, Antony McPartlin (Ant from Ant & Dec) leaves a Stag Do with a massive stain down his blazer.

So what’s big news about that? Well to be honest, nothing however it’s made the Daily Mail’s website with a picture of him leaving Mahiki nightclub after a Stag Do with a massive stain down the front of his jacket.

If you want to see this picture you can find it here.

So why would this be big news?

Don’t ask me, however I was intrigued to see the picture and stain and so were loads of other people, and at the time of me writing this little news story (not really news worthy I grant you) there was over 80 comments from people that have read it!

It just goes to show that this lad from Newcastle can’t do anything without the media getting excited.

I would like to reiterate I still wanted to see the picture!

This is Ed Winchester, from DesignaVenture News signing out.

The Prince Surfing On A Stag Do

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Stag Sat On Surf Board In The Sea

We have always barked on at how fantastic surfing is as an activity on a Stag do, now this amazing activity has the Royal approval!

There are pictures all over the Telegraph’s website showing Prince William having the time of his life on a Stag do in Devon.

According to this article, a sunbather told a reporter that “you could see that he (the Prince) was loving every minute”.

As previously reported, The Prince and 15 other members of the Stag do took a train from Paddington to Exeter for a boozy Stag weekend.

We have some great stag dos, which include surfing which can be found here.

We also have details on surfing along with a video.

The Prince On Another Stag Do

Monday, August 12th, 2013

According to The Sun, Prince William has been seen on a train from London Paddington to Devon on another stag do.

Swigging from cans of beer and a table full of miniature gin bottles apparently the private carriage was rocking.

He is currently on paternity leave from the Royal Air Force and was given permission to go with 15 of his other mates on this stag do, the lucky boy.

I know my wife would have made me pay if we had just had a baby and I went on a stag do, mind you she wouldn’t have the help of the royal household!

Royal Brothers On Another Stag Do

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

According to the Mail Online website, Prince William and Harry have been seen dancing with inflatable toys on a Stag Do in London, last weekend.

The Royal Brothers were seen drinking cocktails, joking around with inflatable novelties and doing the Harlem Shake in the exclusive Tonteria nightclub, in Sloane Square.

The Stag Do started at Kew Pier on the Thames, they were celebrating Thomas Ven Straubenzee’s stag, he’s a close friend of Harry’s and went to their school at Eton.

The Stag Do ended up at Tonteria’s nightclub with the boys being papped on the way out looking a little worse for wear!

Even Royalty love a good Stag Do, and there is nothing better than celebrating with old school friends and dancing the night away.

Nice one boys. keeping the British Stag Do a tradition.


England’s Winger Theo Walcott’s Stag Do in Vegas

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

According to the Sun’s website; Theo Walcott was on his crazy stag do to Vegas last week.

Theo arrived in Vegas on Tuesday wearing a stag t-shirt and having a flutter on low risk casino tables, he’s a sensible guy!

The next day the stag party were seen and in by their hotel pool drinking Coronas, cocktails and shots, which nearly came to a halt when the guys all had to go up to their rooms to get ID!

Theo didn’t make it out on the first night, as the rest of the stag party experienced sin city apparently Theo stayed in his room.

He is due to marry his child hood sweetheart Melanie Slade later this summer.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

Rio in Marbella For Pal’s Stag Do

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Rio Ferdinand along with his brother Anton Rio Ferdinand + Stag Doand fellow football star Jody Morris have all been on a stag do to Marbella, celebrating their mates last days of the single life.

With posts all over twitter, from the famous footballers plus @boysiewise11, you can catch up on all their antics and pictures.

Apparently Rio has been pretty hardcore staying up all hours on this stag do which is incredible after a gruelling season he has just had, which saw his team celebrating as champions of the Premier League.

Stag dos in Marbella are becoming extremely popular these days, especially with celebrities including that infamous quote championed by the TOWIE* boys, no carbs before Marbs.

*TOWIE = The Only Way Is Essex

Professor Green’s Warm Up Stag Do

Monday, May 13th, 2013

According to the Daily Star’s gossip web page, Professor Green has had a warm up stag do with JB from the “soon to be split” JLS and the Rizzle Kicks in a swanky Mayfair nightclub in London.

Surrounded by bunny girls who poured the guys drinks all night and catered for all their needs, the boys must have had a whale of a night!

The Rapper Professor Green is engaged to Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh.

The warm up stag do took place at the launch of the Playboy Club’s new cabaret show called Baroque.

We wish the happy couple all the luck in the world and will report on Professor Green’s stag do as and when it happens.