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Tequila and Cigars – Clooney’s Stag Do

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Restaurant Da IvoBefore wedding his British fiancee Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney has an old fashioned Stag Night the night before the wedding.

In Venice, Clooney’s Stag Do includes a rustic meal at his favourite restaurant Da Ivo, drinking copious amounts of Vintage wine (Sassicaia 2010) worth around £250 a bottle and bottles of Tequila he brought over from the States, his own label; Casamigos.

According to some online news blogs and articles he looked like he’d been partying all day and called the restaurant owner at around 10:55pm asking if it was OK if he and his stag party came over to eat.

Other diners looked astonished and refused to leave after finishing their meal as they wanted to be part of the world’s most famous bachelor’s Stag Do.

After the meal the stag do moved back to their hotel where they drank some more tequila and smoked cigars before retiring to bed.

The above is just an interpretation of loads of articles which have covered this story, the more featured articles can be found on The  Daily Mails website and UK Eonline.

I know George Clooney will be reading this article (sure) and we want to wish him and Amal all the luck in the world.

Clooney’s Stag Do Plans Revealed

Monday, September 1st, 2014

George Clooney (according to the Daily Star’s website) has been planned the ultimate stripper Stag Do venue, Spearmint Rhinos in Santa Barbara.

His mates have apparently organised the gold package in this exclusive strip club which includes complimentary booze, buffet food and loads of dollar coupons to stuff in the girls garter belts.

The Stag Do pose includes A-List buddies such as Brad Pitt (best man), Ben Afflick and Matt Damon, what a stag party invitation list!

Apparently, George Clooney is well known for his “red-blooded” male parties so one last BLAST is probably right up his street.

He is due to marry Amal Alamuddin this year and if he’s reading this Celebrity Stag Do News Bulletin (more than likely not!), DesignaVenture want to wish him and his new bride all the best for the future.

Joint Stag and Hen Do Disastrous For Katona

Monday, August 18th, 2014

According to the Irish Examiner Kerry Katona (from Atomic Kitten) had a huge bust up with her fiancé George Kay leaving all the members of their joint stag and hen do abandoned onboard a Thames luxury cruise liner.

Apparently the couple celebrated their pre nuptials together by having a spa day before having a disastrous argument in their hotel bedroom.

They planned to meet all the other stag and hen members onboard a luxury cruise member moored near the Hotel Verta in Battersea however Kerry refused to come down from her hotel bedroom.

45 minutes later the party was cancelled and everyone onboard was told to get off!

Apparently Liz McClarnon (another member from Atomic Kitten) valiantly tried to save the celebration and talk to both the stag and hen but apparently Kerry refused tom come down.

Joint hen and stag dos can go either way and unfortunately this celebration went the wrong way.

Find the full story here on the Irish Examiner.

McBusted Celebrate Stag Do In Ibiza

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

McBusted Stag Do Picture

It’s that time of year when every celebrity and his dog are seen celebrating their hen or stag do in Ibiza and Danny Jones from McBusted is no exception.

According to an article on the MailOnline, Danny Jones has been seen in Ibiza soaking up the rays and drinking with his McBusted boys generally having a fantastic time.

The stag group has been seen in the VIP area of the Hed Kandi Beach Pool party taking selfies with fans, walking around with their tops off and laughing and joking with each other, how a stag do should be celebrated.

The boys were seen at Ocean Beach, San Antonio which is a huge  hit with other celebrities over the years such as Abbey Clancy, Professor Green, Sheridan Smith, Tinie Tempah, Jack Whitehall, the list goes on.

Danny Jones is due to marry log-term girlfriend Georgia Horsley later in this year, we at DesignaVenture want to wish them all the luck in the world for the future.

Left Footers Sort It Out For Stag Do In Vegas

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

According to an article on the Daily Star online, two of England’s ex left-backs have buried the hatchet and have gone on a Stag Do together to Las Vegas.

Wayne Bridge who is about to wed the Saturday’s singer, Frankie Sandford, has invited one of Frankie’s rumoured ex’s, Ashley Cole.

According to this article Shaun Wright Phillips persuaded Wayne to invite Ashely onto the Vegas Stag Do after hearing about Ashley’s tough past few weeks; not getting into the England side and getting in to trouble with the LA police, but that’s another story.

Apparently the Stag Do consisted of staying at the Encore resort and hitting the 10AK nightclub where they had 20 bottle of Dom Perignon delivered to their booth, how the other half live eh!

Bill Murray Gives Good Advice To A Stag Do

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Bill Murray crashed a Stag Do in South Carolina the other day giving the group some priceless advice.

He starts by telling the stag group that funerals are not for the dead but for the living!

He then explains to the bachelor party; if you meet a girl and you think she is the one, before getting married, buy 2 plane tickets and travel around the world to places which are hard to get in and hard to get out.

When you arrive back into JFK and you still love that woman, marry her at the airport.

We think that is great advice but it’s a bit late for the groom on his Stag Do!

You can watch the video here

Prince Harry Offers To Buy A Pub ON A Stag Do

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

According to an online Mirror article, whilst on a Stag Do, Prince Harry loved the Maritime Inn, in Devon so much he offered to buy the pub from landlady, Pat Sedon.

The prince was enjoying a stag do with his mates when he visited this quirky pub in Brixham, he was having such a great time he offered to buy the pub from the landlady who was only to pleased to offer him the pub for £650,000!

He quickly withdrew his offer and told her he only had £6.50 in his pocket.

She was impressed with the stag group and said they all behaved themselves wonderfully.

The Prince is currently promoting a Paralympics-style event for wounded service personnel. The Invictus Games will be held in London in September, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the games an extremely successful event.

JLS Muscle Out On Stag Do

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

According to a Daily Mail recent article the JLS boys are on a Stag Do in Spain, stripped off and are looking more rippled than a the Mediterranean Sea!

Hanging out at pool bars and drinking Champagne these boys sure know how to party and that’s just in the day.

If you’re a hen, check out the article you will love the images, if you are a stag, I wouldn’t bother if I was you, especially if you have a body complex!

JB Gills is due to marry Chloe his fiancé this year and may go into farming following other pop stars including Reni from the Stone Roses and Alex James from Blur.

We would like to wish JB and his new fiancé all the best for the wedding and future.

Mark Wright’s Banned From Marbella

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Mark Wright the man of the moment is up for his Stag Do this year and Michelle Keegan, according to an article on the Heat’s website, has banned the hapless Essex boy and his mates from his first choice stag destination of Marbella.

Apparently, he is treated like a king in ‘Marbs’ and “has whatever he wants, any time of the day”.

Mark Wright went to Marbella in May 2011, when he was celebrating Timothy Langar’s Stag Do, where apparently he got food poisoning and missed the biggest night of the tour, so perhaps he wants to go back and make amends.

Anyway it’s not all bad for the fella with a new TV show on ITV2, Party Wright Around The World, I expect he will be able to use his new contacts to find another stag destination to party in.

A One Direction Stag Do

Monday, November 25th, 2013

According to an article on the Metro website, Zayn Malik, who has recently got engaged to Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards has already started talking about his Stag Do, well his band mates have!

Liam from the band told one of the Metro reporters “we should spring it on him one night. All of us pick him up. We could kidnap him, put a bag on his head and make it really real.”

“And then he’ll get there and then it will just be strippers and stuff. We can all dress up in monkey and clown masks. Real guns and real strippers” he added.

Kidnapping the stag has been a tradition in Sweden for some time, however some it can go wrong sometimes such as the stag we wrote about in July, when after his ordeal developed shingles!

Harry Styles from the band also told the Metro reporter we might just throw multiple stag dos.

Zayn told the reporter seperately that the band had been discussing the Stag Do but no plans had been made.

We wish Zayn all the luck in the world!