Stag Do Adventure Weekends For Petrol Heads

Stag Do and adventure goes together like strawberries and cream, Ant and Dec and Spain and Sangria.

So I have quickly compiled a list of fantastically mad stag dos with crazy petrol driven activities to keep the petrol heads amongst you happy.

First of all we have the Petrol Heads and Calamity Clays stag Do in Bristol, an awesome array of full on motorised activities including the amazing Rage Buggies and the versatile Quad Bikes. You then get to finish off with a bash at clay pigeon shooting – this is one of our most popular packages and for under £200 for 2 nights 4 star accommodation and entry into some great clubs this great value for money.

If that Stag do sounds amazing we offer a similar package in Nottingham called the Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie, and for under £150 per person this is a real bargain.

Fancy a bit of Mini Racing (old style supped up rally prepared Minis with roll cages), Quad biking and Hovercraft racing? This Mini Madness package in Bournemouth will totally satisfy your petrol fumes craving!

Our Berlin Bangers package is not for the speed freaks but for the stag groups wanting to drive around the streets of Berlin in old 2 stroke, communist style Trabants. You will love the adventure and the funny looks!

Other petrol driven stag activities include motorized Beer Kegs, indoor karting, SuperCats, Tanks, Honda Pilots the world is your Oyster.

There are simply loads of Stag do ideas all over our website, but if you need that personal touch, pick up the telephone and give us a call, we are here to help.

Stag Do Berlin

If there is one Stag Do Destination for 2013, Berlin is definitely it.

We think Berlin is the new Prague, the Stag Destination every group will want to visit.


Well that is a very good question, apart from the fantastic stag activities available, Berlin really has a great feel about the place which is very hard to describe, but i’ll give it a go:

It’s an extremely clean city offering a kind of freedom, tolerance and cultural coolness currently like no other city in Europe.

It’s also cheap to fly there and the accommodation isn’t on the expensive side giving stag dos a European destination hopefully within budget.

Here are some Stag Do ideas for Berlin:

Berlin Beer Bike For a stag do

The Beer Bike Tour around Berlin is actuallya 17 seater bike bus where you sit, drink beer and pedal whilst the sober driver is in charge of the steering wheel and where you’re going. There is a 20 litre barrel onboard with a sound system banging out tunes and grabbing the attention of every person you pass.

This activity is an amazing amount of fun and is a must!

A great and fun way to get around Berlin is by Segway.

The Segway Sightseeing Tour takes you around the old andnew city, negotiating daunting stairways and tricky paths and boy do they whizz. Surely 2 wheels will topple over? Not on these machines they are designed not to and don’t, unless you drive like an idiot!


Trabant Driving Berlin Stag Do

Another unique Stag Do activity in Berlin is the Trabant Driving Experience.

Your convey of 2 stroke engined cars (don’t know what 2 stroke means, but is sounds slow), driving around Berlin in this beaten up vintage car is an absolute ball, and is close to a Top Gear Challenge as you can get.

Then by night take advantage of our Multilingual female guides, they will help you discover this incredible city without getting lost, ensuring you do not miss the best bars.

Then you have the nightclubs, from trendy electronic beats to lap dancing clubs and wild super clubs, you will be spoilt for choice.

Don’t be stuck for a European stag destination in 2013, choose Berlin.

Crazy Berlin Stag Dos

Berlin is a fantastic stag destination packed full of wild activities and full on nightlife, it’s no wonder stag dos flock here for a bit of schnitzel shenanigans.

Crazy stag activities available in Berlin include The Beer Bike, The Trabant Driving Experience, shooting handguns and Oil wrestling with topless waitresses.

Other activities which are true German stag do style activities include sexy maid wake up service which is a stripper waking up the stag and dominatrix show with special pain treatment for the stag, so you may want to keep that one quiet.

The city itself is clean, lively and packed full of restaurants and bars which will keep the stag parties looking for total nightlife happy.

So if you are looking for a top stag destination in Europe, Berlin will not let you down.