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Need a little help with your stag do?

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

If you are in a bit of a pickle on what to do Image of The Stag Do Blogon your Stag Do, help is on hand, DesignaVenture have a blog for that.

With over a hundred pages on Stag Do Tips and Ideas from Stag Do Pranks and Games to where to go, and what activities to book.

On this very popular Stag Do Blog you will find unbiased and extremely helpful posts and it’s all for free, you don’t even have to book your Stag Do through DesignaVenture to use it.

Currently our most popular posts are on pranks, games, fancy dress ideas, should the groom pay for his stag, stag ideas for the older man and stag activities in Berlin.

So for no nonsense Stag Do help, tips and ideas get yourself over to our blog, after all, you will need all the help you can get!

Watch Out For Big Events

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Thinking of going on a Stag Do in 2013 and have a destination in mind?Calendar on 10th date for stag do

Before you decide on a date pick up the phone and give DesignaVenture a call, we can make sure that the destination you have chosen for your Stag Weekend isn’t flooded out with rugby, cricket or music fans.

For example trying to book a stag party into Manchester when Man United are playing at home is very tricky, most 3 to 4 star hotels are full or selling at extortionate prices.

The same goes for stag dos wanting to party in Cardiff, forget trying to book into city centre hotels when there’s an international rugby match playing at the Millennium stadium, especially the 6 nations fixtures. Even Bristol struggles with availability when Wales plays at home at the 6 nations, well it is the next big city Bristol along the M4.

There are all sorts of events that can effect you Stag Do, including party political conferences in popular Stag do destinations such as Brighton and Bournemouth, motorized events like F1 at Silverstone and Valencia or Speedway in Cardiff and not forgetting the music festivals in Reading and Leeds.

Big Horse racing events can also affect your hotel price, Chester and Cheltenham attract huge crowds when the races are on, especially the world famous Gold Cup in Cheltenham, hotels know this and slap on a supplement. My advice for horse racing weekends is to book them as soon as you can.

So if you’re about to book a Stag Do and want to make sure the date you have chosen is available either call DesignaVenture or check out fixtures and events around your chosen destination.

As always if you cannot get into your chosen destination there are always thousands of other Stag do ideas kicking about the DesignaVenture website.

Are you being served?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

If you need a reason to book with DesignaVenture apart from the humongous amount of hen and stag packages and activities on offer then our first class, no messing customer service will be that very reason.

We believe in quality as well as quantity, we also know that cheaper is not always cheapest.

So, if you are looking to book a hotel in Nottingham for your stag do for example and there are two hotels available, the cheapest hotel is 2 miles out of the city centre, we will work out if the saving is cheaper than spending money on a cab in and out of the city centre. We will also give you the choice.

A new supplier approached us the other day with the mindset that he wanted to sell the cheapest stag activities in his chosen city. However, when we delved a little deeper, we found out that you only got 3 minutes on a quad bike, and only 5 shots whilst clay pigeon shooting, so we sent him packing.

Our top hen or stag do advice is; when booking, don’t just look at the price see what’s included in the package.

Advice On Booking Last Minute Stag Weekends

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Have you left it late to book your last minute stag weekend?

Did the Olympics take your mind off things and once the closing ceremony finished the penny dropped, you haven’t arranged Dave’s stag do!

Well first of all don’t panic, the more we move away from August the better the availability is, although the first weekend in September (7th – 9th) is extremely busy and some popular stag destinations are extremely busy.

So for a last minute stag weekend, give DesignaVenture a call with your dates and requirements and let them take the strain.

No longer will you have the heavy burden of arranging 15 hairy blokes a stag weekend away, DesignaVenture have loads of stag do ideas and will have you packing your bags in the knowledge that you have it sorted.

Now you can watch the ParaOlympics in a relaxed state of mind, come on team GB!

Advice To All Best Men or Grooms To Be

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Best men, grooms to be, stag do organisers people of the Internet.

If you are looking to book a stag do or group weekend away just one-piece advice before booking, try and gage your group’s budget.

Too many stag weekends are being affected by best men and grooms who want a full on weekend with all the whistles and bells, isolating some group members who don’t want to spend the money.

If you want as many people on aboard as possible, try and gage everyone’s budget and book the break that falls within that budget.

Alternatively give them options such as the package without accommodation or the weekend without the daytime activities, giving more people access to your stag weekend.

So the next time you book your stag do and loads of people drop out you have probably over estimated everyone’s budget.

Abroad Stag Destination Recommendations For This Winter

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Riga, a stag favorite, when winter arrives so does the snowso ideal for a snow mobile safari, an amazing stag do experience.

If you loved the film Cool Running’s you will love the one of the most popular stag do activities in Riga, Bobsleighing. Yes people, you get to shoot at lightning speed down an iced up track, that is why winter in Riga is a must.

If you prefer a little heat then Spain should be on your stag destination list, places such as Barcelona and Valencia reaching some very respectable temperatures throughout winter plus has some fantastic nightlife.

One stag destination that doesn’t currently get much of a mention is Dublin. The Irish capital is a fantastic stag do haunt that has so much character, you will fall in love with the place, I did!

So, for some great stag do ideas in and around Europe head to DesignaVenture’s website.

Now is the Time To Get Your 2013 Stag Do Sorted

Monday, August 13th, 2012

If you are getting married next year or have been asked to be bestman for a 2013 wedding, now is the time to do your research and get your stag do plans well under way.

Ask all the boys including the ‘groom to be’ what they fancy doing and get some stag weekends priced up.

And if you book with DesignaVenture you only have to stick a £100 group deposit down with a rough idea of numbers (does not apply to flight inclusive bookings) and voila you have your 2013 stag do sorted.

There are plenty of pros to getting it booked so early, you may find prices will go up by Christmas for 2013 stag packages so booking it now will save you plenty of Dollar.

You may also find loads of availability giving you choices over activity times and booking into the best hotels.

So grab the Bull by the balls, I mean horns and get your 2013 stag do sorted today.

Don’t Go For The Cheapest Stag Do Package

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Cheapest is not always best, if you are looking for the cheapest stag do package there is one golden rule to follow before comparing – is it like for like.

Does the package have the same standard of hotel, is the hotel in the centre of town or is it 3 miles out where it will cost £10 each way by cab to get you to the nightlife?

Are the activities options the same, for example; take paintball, some places offer 200 rounds and lunch and others just offer a 100 rounds, so going for the 200 rounds plus lunch may be a little more expensive at the start, but could be cheaper in the long term.

Does your comedy club include food, do you have queue jump entry into a club or just free entry?

These are just some of the questions you should be acomparing when looking for the cheapest stag do.

So, cheaper may not always be cheapest, so don’t be a part of a false economy people, put some effort into comparing your breaks, if anyone sings “GO COMPARE” I will shoot them, with a paintball gun obviously.

Your Stag Do Needs A Kitty

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Most stag dos these days are made up of friends and family with some people meeting each other for the first time.

So getting into rounds or just buying for your mates can sometimes isolate people and put some the guys backs up.

The answer?

Get a stag do kitty arranged at the very beginning of the weekend.

The Best man takes charge and has a money bag, woman’s purse or a big pocket where everyone puts in £20 at the start of the night. He then is in charge to buy all the drinks, food and anything else that the party may need.

Once the kitty starts to run dry, it’s another £20 each.

This paying option is a win win situation, and for most people they can just sit back, relax and watch the rounds come in.

Stag dos don’t need hassle, it needs to be a laid back affair, so don’t complicate it, get a stag do kitty started at the very start of the weekend, and then relax.

Communicate People

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Far too many stag dos go to pot due to bad communication which is a crime in this amazing digital age.

The stag do organiser needs to get the information out there, secure some commitment from the boys and communicate information so everyone knows what’s going on.

Set up a Twitter account or a Facebook page, other alternatives are Google + or simply build an email group so when one person emails everyone in the group gets it.

There is so much technology out there, from social websites, to fantastic apps so make use of them, the majority of these website services are free of charge so use them before companies start charging!

A great stag do needs good communication, so communicate people.