A Christmas Party To End All Christmas Parties

I recently went on a Christmas Party which was just what can only be described as madness and mayhem.

95% of the group were drunk as skunks (I’ve never seen a drunk skunk, but heyho) and there was no orginisation or structure for the night whatsoever, so people were leaving with no memory of what they got up to and by 9pm it was just me and my mate!!!

Now, this must be like a stag do which meets up in the pub on a Saturday afternoon with nothing planned then a boozy afternoon / night.

I would hate my stag night to end like this, now I like a tipple like most British people, however I would prefer it to be a part of the celebration and not the main focus.

Stag dos to me are for catching up and laughing with mates, doing something memorable and having a ball.

So when you are 3 years down the line knee deep in nappies, you can remember that special night or weekend and laugh, and maybe one day do it all again on a reunion style stag do, I know I will and do.

Our Christmas Party

This year the DesignaVenture team has decided to go to their local outdoor karting track to find out once and for all who is the Lewis Hamilton of the office.

They are then booked into a great Thai restaurant before hitting the the town, so watch out people, garlic smelling cackling girls heading your way!

They put loads of Christmas Party Ideas ideas on to the conference table including a comedy night, clay shooting, river cruise, bar crawl, champagne night etc. (luckily this is our domain so have loads to choose from) before coming up with the 2011 masterplan.

They also have the added benefit of booking other companies Christmas Parties which include the above and Murder Mystery Dinners, Rage Buggying, Indoor karting, paintball, cocktail tours of the West End on Rickshaws to mention but a few.

So if you have left it to last minute for your Christmas Party give us a call we can give you loads of Christmas Party Ideas.