Bratislava Officially The Cheapest Stag Do Destination

Bratislava at nightThe International Business Times has released an article stating that Bratislava is the cheapest place in the world for a Stag Do!

The study, made by No 1 Currency, looks at Stag Do favourites such as beer, a fry up, MacDonalds, taxis, football match tickets, flights and accommodation. It shows that a Stag Do in Bratislava is £19 cheaper than Dublin, with Ibiza being a whopping £206 more expensive!

This article also compares a Stag Do to Bratislava to a Stag in Blackpool, travelling by train from London which does will sometimes work out to be more expensive, but I am sure if you drove to Blackpool your cost would be different.

We love Bratislava, lots of stag parties have returned with hugely positive feedback for this amazing stag destination.

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Below is how No 1 Currency worked out their costings: