Bournemouth is a peach

Holding your stag do in Bournemouth really is the Mutts Nutts. This stag friendly seaside location offers amazing activities, lively nightlife and a fantastic beach.

Motor Mayhem
There are so many motorised stag activities in Bournemouth a weekend is not long enough, you have Mini Racing, Rage Buggies, Quad biking, Outdoor race karts to name but a few.

Nightlife a plenty
With loads of great restaurants serving dishes from around the world you will be spoilt for choice, and then there’s the bars and clubs most of them are stag friendly and have party atmospheres friendlier then a randy dog.

Peach front
Bournemouth has one of the most beautiful, clean and white sandy beaches in Britain, and with the microclimate making it warmer then most places in Britain every time there’s a heat wave half of the press head for Bournemouth’s beach to report from.

So if you are toying with the idea of going to the Med and worried about peoples budget, try Bournemouth for your stag do instead, you won’t regret it.