Stag Activities: Bobsleighing

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This has to be one activity that has so many variations that there are choices come rain, shine, home or abroad for whatever your stag do preference. Forget any corkscrew roller coasters, this is a real gung–ho lads sport as bobsleighing, or sledding, loves speed freaks who don’t have their foot on the brake!

In winter, torpedo down Olympic standard tracks in the Baltics with a leisure version of the bob, made of soft padding and rubber called "vuchko" (soft bob). This is on ice, not piloted and the bob takes five participants at a time. Come summer you can still enjoy this eye-popping sport on a tarmac descent in a bob on wheels. No less awesome and what’s more you’re piloted by an Olympic team instructor – thank goodness one of you is a pro.

Other variations include a bob on a slick metal shoot, where you’ll feel like a bullet down the barrel of a gun as you scream along breaking all the records. Or hark back to your childhood and winter days with an individual toboggan hurtling down a deeply snowy indoor track at up to 50kmph, no brakes, no steering wheel, no fear! The beauty of this one is it’s not weather dependent like some of the others.
Of course tuition, attire and equipment are supplied – just bring and a spare pair of pants!

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